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Favourite Japanese

Favourite Japanese

Featuring Kushikatsu Tanaka, Sanpoutei Ramen (Shaw House), SAMA Curry & Café (Downtown Gallery), ToriYard, Ippudo (Tanjong Pagar Centre)
Daisy S.
Daisy S.
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Springy, chewy noodles, bamboo shoots and a ramen egg with a thick, delicious dipping sauce made from dried sardine and dried bonito.
This was actually the first tsukemen I tried, and it’s remained my favorite one!
They give u a pot of plain soup stock to add to the leftover dipping sauce so u can have a bowl of yummy broth to end the meal.

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To me, the very very best ramen joint in SG.
Comes with 2 slices of aburi chashu, nori, bamboo shoots, spinach. The broth is sardine based, so savoury and so satisfying.
Can never decide between this and the tsukemen, so I always get both and make the bf split them with me.
Eating here always makes me so happy 😁

This place was so much fun! And fairly affordable, bill for 2 came up to just slightly over $50, including a mandatory $3 pp cover charge for sauce + cabbage. Pic shows Oyster $2.50, Aomori Scallops $2.50, Mentaiko $2, Quail Eggs $1.50.
Kid friendly too, there were plenty of families with children when we visited.


A charming lil glass hut nestled within Bishan Park, I really enjoyed the ambiance during our late dinner. Nice place for a casual date.
Favorites of the night were the wing ($4), the tail ($4), skin ($4), pork belly ($5). Lobster ($7), Angus beef ($8), livers ($3) were disappointing.
This place served a complimentary cabbage salad appetizer, and they’ve got a sauce bar available to all, which is really cool. Help urselves to yuzu kosho, ponzu sauce, mentaiko mayo, yuzu salt, yakiniku sauce, amongst others.

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This was so good! I could drink bowls of the tasty, comforting chicken broth. It’s light enough that it’s not cloying, unlike other chicken ramen broths I’ve tried. The sprinkle of yuzu shavings really add another dimension to the flavours. Absolutely delicious, plus the menu says it’s a Singapore exclusive.

Got the Marathon Chicken, because who can resist a whole chicken thigh and drumstick! Chose the tomato soup base and the level 5 spice, which really wasn’t spicy at all. Will keep taking baby steps up the spicy ladder till I find the right level for me, haha.
I love soup, so this soup curry is especially appealing to me. Yum!

Daisy S.

Level 6 Burppler · 174 Reviews

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