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Featuring Ichiran 一蘭 (Tsim Sha Tsui), Yum Cha 朗豪坊, Sevva, Tai Hing 太興燒味, Lei Garden Restaurant 利苑酒家, Disneyland Hongkong, Cookies Quartet 曲奇4重奏, 翠華餐廳 Tsui Wah Restaurant - 香港國際機場 Hong Kong International Airport, Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant, 翠華餐廳 Tsui Wah Restaurant
Jx Eats
Jx Eats

hardly you can find nice looking food that taste good. Tried so many dishes here!
Some of the must order:
- BBQ Piggy buns ($49 HKD)
- Hot Custard Molten buns ($49 HKD) - Baked Pineapple Puff ($59 HKD)
- Doggy Sausage roll ($59 hkd)
- Steamed Rose Floret Buns ($49 HKD)

Yum Cha
Address: 3/F, 20-22 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11.30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00 daily

Having a feast!! They even have playful desserts:
Mango sago + cotton cloud ($49 hkd) and Pop heart chocolate ($49 hkd). _______________________________________________________
Yum Cha
Address: 3/F, 20-22 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11.30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00 daily

🏰🎠🎢🎡 Hey they also have cute dim dums. Would not reccomend to go during summer!!! This theme park is small and packed. you would not enjoy lining up to take pics with disney mascots under the hot sun or even take rides! i was hiding in the gift shops or restaurants most of the time. btw, hong kong disneyland sells Duffy and friends merchandises! (it’s only available in tokyo sea but hong kong have!)

So when landed in Hk airport, first thing we had was their roasted BBQ pork/Char siew in one of the restaurant in airport. Not the best but still nice and some other must try like wonton noodles and BBQ pork buns. Lastly, the highly raved Mango pomelo sago drink that can be found in 7-11 in hong kong.. I prefer the one from Hsu liu shan.

(🇭🇰 Hong Kong) Popular chained hong kong cafe. You may expect queues even though they have so many branches. Their tea cups are so cute and iconic. Some signature dishes are Fish balls and fish cakes with flat rice noodles in fish soup, Shredded ham & Macaroni and Tsui Wah Scrambled eggs and Crispy bun with butter.

I like their fish ball noodle, soup is light and their fish balls don’t have fishy taste but i would rather go to Tam Zai (谭仔三哥)for noodles (米线). Their scrambled eggs are not as nice as Australian dairy’s, a bit dry and the bun is not as crispy as i thought it would be... Milk tea was nice.
Macaroni taste pretty much the same as other Hk cafes haha so if I stay in Hk and wish for a quick fix and affordable meal, here is good but would not specially queue up for. However there are so many other dishes i have not tried!

this is my last post from my hong kong trip. out of all the dim sums i have tried in Hong Kong, this is my favourite! Everything here is delicious and quality! Buns are soft and fluffy, skin of the dumplings are thin and silky and all the food were served hot and fast despite the crowd. Be expected to queue! Oh and Lei Garden is awarded One Michelin star in several branch every year, dated back to 2009. Their singapore branch at Chijmes obtained One Michelin Star during 2017 and 2016! Shows how well they keep their standard🙋🏻👍🏻💓

After that i went to hong kong again. Here is the Hong Kong food 2nd edition.

Starting with my no 1 favourite ramen in the world🍜🌍 - Ichiran. I prefer their kind of noodle, thin, straight and less eggy taste. Tonkotsu broth is salty and rich. Meat proportionately cut, fats just nice and the fats melt will in my mouth 😋 generous serving and best to order all toppings, their bamboo shoots and egg were awesome too. this was what i had in Japan.. however in hong kong branch, the soup was too salty but still satisfied my craving. really hope Ichiran will open in singapore real soon!!

It’s a perfect souvenir to get in Hong Kong and new option if you are sick of Jenny’s biscuit/Hang Heung’s wife biscuit.. Over here is their Assorted cookies with 11 flavours (218 HKD, approx $38sgd) I also like their Palmer cookies!

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