🇱🇷 Kuala Lumpur Eat-about

🇱🇷 Kuala Lumpur Eat-about

Figuring out what to eat when I am in Kuala Lumpur. This would be my most random list of the most random foods that I most randomly ate.
Siming T
Siming T

There’s no lack of good food in Pavilion, but how about a set lunch that comes with a Soup of the Day and one coffee / tea / iced lemon tea for just RM19.00?

I had a nice lunch here because of the completeness of the meal. The fresh greens were tossed in olive oil before serving, and the fries were crisp. Although the chicken breast was a bit drier (but wasn’t that how chicken breast was supposed to be?), adding the mushroom sauce to the protein made it much tastier without overdoing with salt or MSG.


Snowflake added the Chokanan Mango series of desserts to their menu. These mangoes from Perak added a fruity touch to the already popular dessert chain.

And their Mango Sensation (RM16.10) was quite sensational. Mango cubes, tapioca pearls, signature Taroballs and Ai-yu jelly surrounds the bed of plain shaved ice. Too plain? Nope, because they also gave a generous portion of mango sauce. Providing that scoop of soy ice cream on the top was somewhat negligible though, because it did not bring out any flavours to the bowl, unlike other items in the menu.

It was a good item for a change from their signature desserts.

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On the overpriced side, four wings costed RM14.00. The colour of the roast appeared to be quite nice, but sadly the inside was not juicy, hence the marination taste was emphasised more than the taste of a delicious appetiser.

The chilli sauce that was provided was a tad too spicy for me, and it kind of reminded me of chicken rice chilli sauce. Not exactly my most preferred dipping sauce for BBQ stuff.

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One of the must-eat hawker food in Kuala Lumpur is this Fried Hokkien Mee. The touristy Jalan Alor may have a few restaurants selling this, but I chose this one only because the mobile stall at the corner of the road was not open.

At RM9.00, a plate of freshly-cooked noodles was served to me. The “wok hei” was passable, with some bits of fried lard found within the dark sauce coated udon noodles.

I suppose the greatest highlight of this particular dish, for me, was actually the two pieces of shrimps that were almost as big as the thickness of a strand of udon noodle. Beat that!

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A RM15.00 beverage in a quiet corner of the mall, the Mocha promised a rich taste of cocoa, but if I were to order this again, I would go for the hot version. That one would be RM1.00 cheaper and the drink would not be diluted by the chunks of melting ice.


Although a bit on the steep side in terms of pricing, the Sapporo Cheesecake (RM19.00) was a lucky discovery for me. It seemed like butter cookies made a nice base to the cake, with a thin layer of jam and two different layers of cheese cake, but both are densely packed yet so light in terms of flavour. The dessert was finished with a mix of crushed nuts and cookie crumble to add that mild crunch factor to the creamy experience.

I would likely pair it with a latte or something if I would return the next time.


An interesting fusion of Japanese and Thai food produced this Sushi burger, but if you would ask me, I personally thought it was more of an onigiri burger, with spices and meat floss (I presume?) added into it.

The salmon fillet was actually nicely grilled before the wasabi mayonnaise was slapped on it. But honestly, the Sushi burger was already tasty enough, and the excessive use of sauces would mask the natural flavours of the other fresh ingredients.

Overall, the lunch was pleasant, with a damage of RM23.90, and I especially enjoyed the burdock root chips that came along with the star of the show. Eat it while it remained warm.

The food is not fantastic with a pretty limited selection, but what I find special about this place is that the restaurant is revolving at around 1.5 hours per complete round. That kind of wrap up the whole lunch experience, with a live singer to jazz up the atmosphere.

Selfies, wefies or paid photography is a must to capture the moment, but I thought one of the more delicious dishes is actually the Serawa Durian served with Glutinous Rice, which was what I define as watery but undiluted Durian Pengat, thanks to the coconut milk and Gula Melaka added into it.

If you are visiting Kuala Lumpur just like me, I suggest you book a table in advance. The regular price for this meal is RM92.45 per adult.

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I was certainly curious to try the Singapore Hokkien Prawn Noodle (RM12.80) when Kong Tai was one of the featured stalls on the advertorials on KLIA Express. Is it really as good as what I can get in Singapore?

Well, the broth used for the cooking did have the prawn broth taste, and the yellow noodles and vermicelli combination was just right. Sadly, maybe it was close to closing time, the noodles did not come with any prawn, squid or fried lard, which are so critical in an authentic fried Hokkien prawn noodles. I would be more convinced also if the “wok hei” was present in this dish.


First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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