Vegan love

Vegan love

Always on the hunt on good vegan foods in singapore, whether it is popular, underdog or unknown. For homemade or self-cooked foodporn go to my IG: shan.vegan
ZiShan huang
ZiShan huang

Best vegan burger in Singapore! This seasonsal burger is superb. The patty is soft & crabby with the aroma too. The sauce is on point & not too over powering. Overall rating 4/5

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The patty is steamed instead of fried. A healthier version. However the texture is abit too tough. The truffle taste is not really strong too. Overall rating i would give 2.5/5

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Avocado is just right for the ripeness with sweet after taste. The teriyaki sauce below has the right amount of savoury taste & is not too salty! The cucumber inside add crunchy & texture to the maki! Overall rating 4.5/5

Have been here for a few times and realised it is under-rated. The place itself is not vegan but is vegan-friendly. They used vegetable oil & able to ask for less salt &oil. The taste is v authentic (Recommended by chinese friend) & spicy! Try the low level if u cannot take spiciness! This price is affordable (This bowl is $17.40 for 2 ppl) & overall rate 4.5/5

The ramen soup is rich and yet not salty (3.5/5). The drink is light & help to reduce body heat (3/5). This set meal is affordable at only $9.90++. Will come back again to try their other menu!

This dish besides the spicy sauce it tasted quite normal without other flavours. I wouldn't order again for this bowl which cost $6.50. Overall rating I would give 2/5

Among the bibimbap (3.5/5), jajangmyeon (2/5)& kimchi soup (2.5/5), i like the bibimbap the most! Love the the crunch & bland of flavour from the veggies w the hot sauce! The jajangmyeon noodles are too soft & overcooked & not at all spicy while the kimchi from the soup is mild. The kimchi dumplings (3/5) & pancakes (3/5) are surprising nice! Overall the foods are good & affordable with a homely ambient! Will definitely come back again!

Come down & try their ayam laksa (4/5)! I asked for extra spicy because i really like spicy food. The bowl may look simple (Bottom left) but the sauce is really flavourful! Love the tangy from the the lime & pineapple pieces while the mint leaves left a refreshing aftertaste. The dumplings are so-so (1/5) while the curry taste really mild & normal (2.5/5). The buk kuteh ingredients are generous and surprising the soup is light & more towards the herbal taste (3/5). If you like to have a soupy & satisfied meal cam give it a try. I forget about individual price but this meal is about $27++


The ingredients used in this bowl of laksa is really generous @ $4.50. The soup is rich but little too sweet to my liking. Wish it would be more spicy and savoury. Overall given this price & generosity of ingredients used i would give 3.5/5


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