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Japanese Bar

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Wye Kit Teng
Wye Kit Teng

Hands down one of THE BEST Western food joints I've ever eaten at.

I absolutely loved the Truffle Mac 'n' Cheese - it's so decadent it's good! The portions are really huge too. It can get quite heavy due to the cheesiness and truffle shavings (REAL TRUFFLE SHAVINGS!), so 2 people can actually share this dish. Great taste and value for money :)

We also ordered the New York Strip (300g) which was a reasonable $21 given the size. More importantly, it was cooked TO PERFECTION. I ordered mine medium-rare, and it arrived beautifully seared on the outside and pink on the inside. The sides were great as well - I got the mashed potato (nice, creamy mash with some chunks) and coleslaw (nice touch of raisins to add texture).

Lastly, ended off dinner with a wonderful New York Cheesecake. The cream cheese was rich and tasty, with a fudgy oreo crust. Decadent but oh-so-good - highly recommend this!!

Overall, Meat N' Chill's def a place to visit for the meat lovers. And even if you don't enjoy meat, they have a great selection of unique dishes to suit your palate. Service was quick and efficient, and the ambience is great for a gathering with friends or family. Will definitely be back!


Visited En Sushi out of curiosity but ended up leaving extremely impressed with the quality of food served as well as the level of customer service - really made me feel that I stumbled upon one of SG's best Japanese restaurants by mistake!

From the moment we stepped into the shop, customer service was great - the servers were polite and our orders were taken quickly. We ordered the Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki, Salmon Fish Head Miso, Mejajiki Aburi Don, Salmon Don, Sliced Beef Steak and Salmon Mentai. Orders came relatively quick and I was pleasantly surprised at the portions given. While most Japanese establishments in SG tend to skimp on the quantity, the portions in En Sushi were rather generous (leaving me regretful of ordering so much for 2 pax).

Of all the above dishes, I would highly recommend the Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki, Sliced Beef Steak and Salmon Mentai. I absolutely LOVED the Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki - at 8 rolls for $14.90, it was easily the tastiest and best value dish of the night (is that even possible???). Highly recommended!! The sliced beef steak was also amazingly well presented, as if it was taken out of a fine-dining restaurant. While it was a little rare for my liking, I still found it delicious as it's so tender that it simply melts in your mouth. Lastly, the Salmon Mentai was a simple fried salmon with mentaiko sauce but it was done PERFECTLY. Better than rival Japanese establishments in my opinion, and the portion was generous as well for an affordable $12.90.

Overall a great find and awesome Japanese meal - I'll be back for sure!

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I'm a huge fan of ramen, tonkotsu broth ramen in particular, and I greatly enjoyed my ramen meal over at Ramen Nagi. I ordered the Red King ($15.90) Ramen with a Butao Level 2 (spiciness level).

It was just right; spicy enough to keep me excited while mild enough not to overwhelm the taste of the broth. The pork belly option is highly recommended; it was a huge piece of pork belly just sitting in the centre of the bowl of ramen, and it tasted great! What I especially loved was also how springy the noodles were - they were cooked al dente and had a great bite to them - some thing that often goes under the radar in ramen shops.

Overall a great dining experience, highly recommended for after-work casual dining and catchup with friends!

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Having worked around the Telok Ayer/Tanjong Pagar area for quite a while, I've always noticed crowds around ShuKuu Izakaya but never had the chance to dine there until yesterday. Upon entering the restaurant-bar, we were greeted by friendly service staff and a cosy ambience. I loved the decor and ambience of ShuKuu, finding it to be a great place for after-work drinks and chill sessions with friends and colleagues.

We ordered several dishes but the ones which really stood out to us were:

1) Gyu Tan - Not usually a fan of eating weird animal parts (read: innards), but this beef tongue was extremely delicious. Chewy, well-seasoned and paired well with the lemon, chilli spice and sea salt. Really surprising dish!

2) Mentai Salmon Sushi - AMAZING. I love mentaiko sauce and this was an amazing piece of sushi. Dipped in some wasabi and soy sauce, can't go wrong with this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

3) Yakitori (5pc) - This set dish came with 5 types of yakitori (skewers?) and I especially loved the bacon-wrapped asparagus. Half-expecting it to be crunchy and tough, it was melt-in-your-mouth tender and really delicious. The chicken thigh and meatball skewers were also delicious with the teriyaki sauce coating.

Other recommended dishes would be the Potato Sarada, a flavour-packed ball of potato salad, and the Kani Gratin, crab meat gratin with mentaiko sauce in a crab shell (awesome presentation!).

Overall, a great dining experience over here at ShuKuu. The boss was extremely friendly and hospitable, and it was a very cosy environment to just relax and have a great meal. Would definitely come again next time now that I know about it!

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