This glorioooous dish
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Yang guo fu!! Heard so many raving about it as one of the best mala, and first time trying malatang for me. As a famous chain, it's soups are addictive - especially the mala beef broth. Their tomato soup is on the more tangy side (also delicious). Plus you can customize your spice level, and I find the mild version so hearty.

During this 2HA, there's a rare opportunity to support them without the long queue, and have an additional 20% off.

Some must have ingredients include their dumpling, cheese chicken ball, spinach noodles?

Ps. It's $2.88/100g no matter what you take - so go for the meat? 😜

At the heart of bishan north shopping mall, this mala is generous with the peppercorn that gives a spicy and numbing feeling to the Mala. I like how they pack the meats in little bags and it's pretty generous! Even the veg is given in big chunks.

Glad that there is a mala near me now

$15 for 2 pax. Very windy spot too.

Instantly made us decide to have it for dinner while walking along Liang Seah St. We had the dry pot chicken ($16) and they allowed us to switch the chicken to vegetarian sides for the same price. Kudos to that :-)

Had to try this mala knowing that they stir fry it with all the 真材实料 / authentic ingredients such as the cinnamon stick, bay leaf, clove. The spice was extremely numbing and its tending to the saltier side. At some point, i can't taste anything anymore! I also liked how it was not too oily and was more dry actually (compared to Ri Ri Hong).

Shout out to how they fry the luncheon meat to golden brown perfection

$28.30 for 3 people. (4/5 👍👍👍👍)

My friend says this is the best mala she had, hence we made a trip to Wisma Atria to try this: it's on the more savoury end for mala, and if you like spice, it's advisable to go for medium spice, as xiaola doesn't give that kick. For $12, we got a generous bowl of mala. Plus the food court ambience here is good.

Got to admit that the spice got to me even though it's xiaola. They prepared it really fast! Though I may not try it again, it's still a good addition to this neighbourhood. ($16)

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First time trying medium mala at this S11 at Hougang. Got a variety of veg and 3 meats for $17. Very 麻, though servings seem to run a bit small

Finally tried this!!! Having xiao la (small spice) felt like it was more salty than ma. Got 3 meats for $2 each, abundance of veggies + 2 Maggie mee (our best buy) for a total of $16. Also to be lauded for is their quick turnaround of just 5minutes cooking. Will recommend trying medium spice to any avid Mala lover!


After eyeing this store for months, finally got to try it! (the queue is always there)

The Mala wasn't too salty or spicy but it still is satisfying. Especially love the fen tiao. Measured by weight based on meat and veggie also means I get to try more variety of 料. Wait time isn't that long, prolly just 10minutes with a long queue!

($13 for this bowl, for 2)

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As a Mala fan, I’m on a hunt for good mala dishes. This met my craving, with its extensive meat and veg offerings, however I’m not a fan of measuring price by weight. While this mean you can get some good meats (i.e. the fresh prawns), it also means that the price is pretty unpredictable. This also includes an add-on of $2.50 for the sauce and stir-frying. The mala is on the saltier side but still fragrant enough. Thus, will only be back if I’m in a need for a convenient Mala perk-me-up. (~$12)

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