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Hawker Goodness

Hawker Goodness

Want some shiok singaporean food? Quit worrying about the calories and just enjoy your meal with these places!
Just Keep Eating
Just Keep Eating
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The best way to cool off from the heat ☺️☺️ get the durian version for an extra $1 only

This may be a bit much for 2 pax I’ve learnt my lesson 😅 but really love everything. First time trying the beef noodles and no regrets ☺️☺️☺️
The soup was very flavourful and was a great complement to the spicy ness of the 红油抄手
Personal preference: Hong you Chao Shou (the 2 plates drenched in red sauce)> Xiao Long Bao(which I didn’t order this time)
plus: each plate of Hong you Chao Shou is only $4.50!!

Really affordable and the Aunty is quite friendly too 😊

Simple goodness of local food
Chee Cheong Fan queue was the longest but at only 80 cents per 条 I’m not complaining

Easy to stomach all these in the morning especially when you’re sharing

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Love the chilli and fish cake combination. The noodles are a tad oily but will definitely come back for the fishcake and fishballs

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Best place to get beef slices because they taste really goooood. If you can stomach it, go for the Bedok 85 BCM after this for an amazing yet really full finish


Really love this bowl of mala goodness. Didn’t order much so this bowl was only $9-enoki,beancurd skin, luncheon meat, black fungus, 三成肉

If you feel like your mala isn’t giving u a kick get this dish(left). It’s in the store near riri (with red signboard as well) though I can’t recall the name. Super soft fish in spicy and oily soup. It comes with vegetables and beancurd skin as well which becomes really flavourful after absorbing all the spice

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Really love the soup and fishball here but felt like the noodles were more oily than spicy then again for its price I would say it’s rly worth it!

Personally not a fan of pig ear but my friends thought it was good! The queue was alright at about 8+pm but got longer by 10+pm. Don’t recall the exact price though


Pretty generous meat portion and chilli was quite shiok as well with flavourful sauce


Sauce was really good but the char siew here was quite thinly sliced. Can’t quite recall the name of the store though

Overall: 3/5

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I stalk food places not people

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