For The Sweet Tooth

For The Sweet Tooth

Featuring PIPES by Hattendo (Dorsett Residences), Black Tap (MBS), Tai Cheong Bakery (Takashimaya), Mellower Coffee (Bugis), Moosh Softserve (Haji Lane), Mini One (Takashimaya), Henri Charpentier (Guoco Tower), Twelve Cupcakes (IMM), Juchheim (Takashimaya), Chocolate Origin (Jurong Point)
Random Food
Random Food

Cutest and tasty macaroons! They have a large variety of cartoon macaroons to choose from!

Their macaroons are considered to be bigger and very very good. Every flavour is very nice and distinct. You will be able to guess what flavour it is without trying to remember what is the flavour that you bought.

It is not very sweet that makes you feel heavy after having 1 despite the bigger size.

I got peppermint choco, honey, lotus biscuit, raspberry chocolate, gula melaka and earl grey.
(From top left)

It is plated very aesthetically. The durian ice-cream of course, it’s very delicious.

The lava cake is very nice. The lava is gooey and really do have strong durian taste. The cake itself is fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The cake tasted sweet hence complementing the filling.

It is sooooo sweet. This is definitely for the sweet tooth. Upon 1 bite, you can taste the milo. Instead of milo powder, they sprinkle milo biscuit on top of the ice-cream, and in the middle.

The biscuit remained crunchy even after the ice-cream melted. It is delicious but i do find the portion a little bit too much.

$5/regular cup

Fruity pebbles milk shake! One of the best milkshakes i have ever had but, be prepared for the sugar rush after! Just the drink itself is very filling as it’s very substantial. Definitely can fill 2-3 people

$20 + gst and service charge for 1

Jelly centre with baumkuchen exterior! It's fluffy and moist! Level of sweetness is on point! Really tasted like layered cake just that it's without creme or oil!
Jelly tho, is normal. And personally, I don't think the jelly and baumkuchen comes together very well. I ate them separately

Price for 1 is $3, 3 for $8!

The matcha latte is sooooo good! There is a prominent matcha taste to it without being too jelak. But for me, it's a bitsy sweet.
The ambiance there is great. Spacious and they have 2 levels! It's so peaceful and relaxing, perfect place for teatime!

Price per cup is $6

Specials for halloween!
From the left we have Nutella with chocolate cake, blueberry creme with vanilla cake and cream cheese with chocolate cake.
Devoured these cuties in 1 shot all by myself😂

Gotten these @ 3 for $9

Best seller in Chateraise. Love the cream to cake ratio! At 1st glance, the cream seems to be overwhelming but, it isn't. Sponge cake isn't dry and the cream is so light! Yumm

One slice is priced at $5.10

Warm chocolaty cake with molten chocolate filling on top, icy vanilla icecream at the bottom. This kind of dessert is #worththecalories

They warm up the cake hence the top layer is warm. The molten chocolate in the middle is definitely flowy.

It is priced @$5.50 per cup

Puff is flacky and cream is not too sweet. With the icing sugar on top, it makes the puff a tad sweeter.

Although this may not be the best i've tried, its this is always fresh out of the oven! They bake it while selling them

Perfect place to relax. This place serves sweet treats and coffees with a peaceful atmosphere.

Baked to golden brown, full of flavour. The buttery flavour balances the sweetness.

Each is priced @$3.10

One of the best egg tarts i've tried. Buttery yet not too crumbly crust with the right sweetness from the egg filling, yumm

They do sell many other pastries as well, like puffs!

Each egg tart is priced @$2

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