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Hong Kong Cuisine

Hong Kong Cuisine

Featuring Legendary Hong Kong, Tsui Wah (Clarke Quay), Seoi Gor Cafe, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (AMK Hub), Legendary Cart Noodles
Foodie Holic
Foodie Holic

the milk tea was like $5.10?? supposed to be real authentic. i guess the tea taste was thicker but defo not worth $5.10!! have not tried a decent cart noodles in SG, all tasted so diff from hk’s :-( maybe gg to try nerdy’s noodle opened recently at bugis, anyone knows if it’s good?

Egg Waffles ($2.30), freshly made and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that noodles were thicker and felt like the egg noodles in HK!!! Milk tea was slightly towards the more milky side but overall decent and affordable lunch!


Loved how the flour was thin, loved how the sauce complemented the rice roll so well. Prawn was crispy and juicy. Really really recommend this!!!! Very filling and tasty

Soup was a tad too salty and the flour of wanton could have been thinner but the Sauteed Turnip with XO Sauce and egg just won us over. Was SO SO good :’))

Reliving my hongkong days at this restaurant! First few times to boonlay and found this gem by mistake! Loved how the interior was just like hk, with legit locals from hongkong serving you and all of them speak cantonese! Tables and tiles were also like those in cha chan teng! The bun was fluffy and crispy but the yuan yang could do with lesser coffee

Had craving for something spicy so decided to go for the spicy noods! The chilli taste got more and more overwhelming as I went along, so don’t put too much chilli if you cannot take! Dumplings, the pork and chicken balls were soso only

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FINALLY tried Tsui Wah, wanted to go there on the day it opened but did not cause the queue was gg to be super long! Went on a Monday night around 6:30pm. We had to queue for an hour or so. The menu was rather cute, in a newspaper format and when we entered the restaurant, the design reminded me of the one in HK.
The food were more pricey as compared to Hong Kong’s but i got to give credit to the condensed bun!!!! It was soft, fluffy and yet crispy and sweet at the same time!! Magical feels hahahaha. ($4 for 2 slices)
Also, ordered HK milk tea, tasted rather legit too.
The wanton mee we had was okay but the soup was disappointing. The chilli we dipped w the wantons was solid though. Ordered tomato baked rice with pork chop too but the portion of tomato and cheese is a far cry from the one in HK. But I felt that the pork chop here tastes better as I felt the one in HK was rather dry.