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Wei Ting Chong
Wei Ting Chong

Ordered a basque burnt cheesecake with raspberry compote ($6.50) and a latte ($5) with no latte art. Not complaining when the prices are nett and the cheesecake is quite substantial.

I have only tried a few basque burnt cheesecake prior to this visit so I don't have much references, but I do feel that this is a decent plate of cheesecake. It was creamy, firm and not overly sweet. The raspberry compote was a wonderful complement to the cheesecake with that bit of sour/sweetness. The only gripe is that it would be better if there was a spoon to scoop the compote out. I used the spoon that came with the latte 😂

The latte was pretty standard. The main focus is definitely the bakes.

I was lucky to get a table for myself in this cosy cafe (2 tables for 3 and 1 corner booth for 2) when I arrived. Staff was friendly and nice. Would want to come again to try the other bakes but gotta see if I'm lucky enough!

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Also ordered the King's Breakfast ($22) that has the usual components, except that they have purple sweet mashed potatoes. And that was the main reason that this dish caught my eye, despite of the price.

I hardly eat brunch dishes in cafes so I can't make much comparison. However, I do feel that this is a decent dish. The smoked sausage was juicy, the smoked bacon wasn't too salty and the sweet mashed potato was the right amount of creamy.

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It was a hot day and I like trying cold brew tonics, so I ordered a summer yuzu tonic ($9). It comes in a mixer kit - a small cup of cold brew concentrate, a bottle of yuzu tonic water, dried citrus slices and some mint leaves with the glass full of ice. Combine them together and you get something looking like a fizzy cocktail. The drink is very refreshing, probably because of the yuzu tonic. While the coffee flavour is not distinct, the drink felt well-balanced and I just want to keep on drinking. Quite different from the other cold brew tonics that I had tried before.

[28 July 2020] The weather was rather hot, and I had a flat white earlier on, so I opted for something interesting & suggested by the barista - sparkling black! I chose The Fool ($6.50), which is a combination of sparkling lemon water and cold brew concentrate.

The sparkling-ness was there, and reminded me of the tonic/sparkling cold brews that I had tried in other cafes. It was refreshing, and definitely suitable for a hot summer day. I guess I will continue to try this kind of coffee whenever I have the chance to, even though I would probably still prefer the standard cold brews or Americanos 😂

[28 July 2020] Went there on a lazy Tuesday noon-time. Ordered the Cloud Beta v0.1 ($9) despite the price and a strong white ($5) which has lesser milk as compared to a standard flat white (which is called Milky White in the menu).

The basil in the strawberry basil filling of the Cloud Beta had felt rather odd, but the flavours (white chocolate mousse, filling and shortbread base) were rather harmonious in general. But for me it's more of a 'try it for the hype' pastry that I probably won't order again. The other pastries do look promising!

As for the strong white, the coffee flavour is indeed stronger, though it still feel like a standard flat white hah.

It's a nice place to chill / read quietly / do work (some of the tables are placed near power plugs), despite the location a bit out of the way. Might go back when I'm in the neighbourhood.

[17 Feb 2020] I can't remember if this was the spicy chicken stew or Wonda's army stew, but i reckon it's the latter because I would be keen to order if it's listed as army stew in the menu. Anyway it looks like army stew too so yeah.

Basically it's a hearty pan of stew, filled with the usual ingredients you would expect in an army stew. I like how the cheese is folded in already! Initially I thought it wouldn't be filling, but I was wrong. And I was very satisfied by the flavours. It's so hard to find army stew for one, and I'm glad I have found this! Can't wait to go back and have another round after the CB is over! (and if they have cold noodles that would be the best, because I went there back then for the cold noodles.)

[17 Feb 2020] I found it quite adventurous to try such a combination - cold brew + orange juice - and I was really pleased to find it so refreshing! It's suitable to drink in the hot summer days because adding milk would make the drink heavier and can get jelak after a while.

Went to the Clueless Goat on the day PM announced the Circuit Breaker (3 April) because I was in the neighbourhood. The original order was seasalt Nutella, but they served me Belgian Dark Chocolate. Not complaining because it tasted yummy as well! (just that it didn't have the typical bitter taste you would expect from dark chocolate..) Had it with my usual flat white because I thought I wouldn't have access to the cafe coffees for a while 😎

Went there last month (4th April) to try the watermelon rose cake before the start of Circuit Breaker and I wasn't disappointed! The cream is very light and with the watermelon chunks, the cake was so yummy that I cannot stop eating!

The espresso tonic is refreshing and slightly fizzy! Thus the combination wasn't jelak at all And now I crave for it again hah. If only this cafe is located under my block!

Headed over to Ristr8to today because I just read about the main shop in Chiang Mai recently and I thought it would be nice to try it out.

Being located in Chef Avenue (a food court basically) means you can order from the other stalls and sit at the bar counter of Ristr8to with the food and the coffee, while watching the barista doing the latte art. I sat elsewhere and I kept turning back I think the barista kinda noticed me haha.

Ordered the (latte art) award winning drink - Satan Latte ($5, and see how they have promoted that on their wooden plate). In the menu, it is noted that the strength is 2/8, probably because there is extra milk added to make the latte art. Indeed, the drink is quite milky and very smooth. I didn't really taste the coffee at all 😆.

The menu is quite extensive, from their signature hot / cold drinks to the 'coffee in good spirits' (aka alcoholic coffee), even though the list seems to be lesser as compared to the original shop. But hey, there is still a lot to try! Can't wait to come down again to try the other drinks.


Stumbled upon this place while searching for nearby cafes on Burpple after discovering that Apartment Coffee is closed for Idk what reasons. Anyway, I'm happy to come here because the cafe is quiet, has couches and some of the couches are by the glass doors/windows so I can people/traffic watch. It felt extra cozy today, probably because it was raining heavily when I arrived at the place.

Ordered a simple flat white even though there are other interesting specialty coffee to try - Irish Coffee! But I wasn't in the mood to try new stuff so maybe I'll try that next time.

There's free WiFi here and no service charge & GST! Definitely a place that I will come back again, to do work or just to curl up on the couch with a good book 😌

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When I saw the lemon meringue tart in the display after I ordered my food and drink, I regretted. But because the food wasn't that filling, I decided to #YOLO and order the tart because I love lemon meringue tarts and I would order them whenever I see them in a new cafe.

But sadly, the meringue was not the stiff kind of meringue that I'm used to eating. It was kinda liquid-y, and it came with a small thimble of whiteness which I assumed is sugar because it tasted sweet (yes I didn't try asking the staff again). I would scoop some and put it on the tart.

As for the lemon, it wasn't hardly sour, but then again I can take sour stuff quite well.

All in all, it's the most disappointing lemon meringue tart that I had so far. But if you like it sweet with just that hint of sourness then maybe it's the thing for you.


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