Love the burst of flavours that come with their mazesoba, with gooey eggs, charred charsiew chunks, bamboo, spring onions galore e.g., easily wolfed this down

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Just next to a corner of Bishan Park is this Ramen place that has this tender and fragrant aburi chicken ramen going for $5.90.

What an absolute steal given how it tastes so nourishing, not too salty and how the chicken has been boiled to capture the briny essence of the broth, and so tender that the meat simply falls apart. The aburi taste on it's seared skin elevates the taste of this humble ramen bowl. The yellow eggy noodles are very chewy and springy. This dish is very well mastered.

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It's exuding rich peanut and buttery taste with every bite and further enhanced with the mix of gooey egg, and you can taste the crunchiness of the peanut. ($17.90)

Don't miss it while you're here as there's only 100 bowls a day. Just one bite convinced us that it's a bowl well whipped and definitely challenges my favourite at dintaifung

Impressed and went back for a second time within two weeks.

Dashi broth ramen is my favourite of all, given how it's rich in flavours yet also milder than the usual tonkotsu broth. We went for the richest of flavour, but they offer you three different variation to it's flavour. Plus, this bowl comes generously with two slabs of torched and tender charsiu, and four smoked duck, all for $17.90. They also have a "delicious water" and unique sauces which we enjoyed.

It also gives an authentic hole in the wall experience with it's cosy 12 seater and having the chefs speaking in low volumes as they prepare the dishes in front of you - you can clearly see how culinary excellence is their focus.

Ps. There's only two outlets. One in kobe, one in SG. We are blessed indeed.

Feels like summer with the unique refreshing yuzu dip and the chewy tsukemen, not at all salty and goes well together. Juicy bamboo shoots are also a big plus. The chashu pork chunks may not be the most tender, but is flavourful. Overall this dish serves well and I'm glad this famous tokyo chain came to the shores of SG 🍜

(ps. Queue can get long, pps. The water for the stores in Japan is said to come from Mt Afuri)

Handmade soba check, healthy wholesome broth check, sincere store owners check. Love this place, and deserve more fanfare.

Third time back and my favourite goes to the cold daikon soba, with the grated radish and grilled beancurd skin giving it a refreshing oomph. ($12)

The bakkuteh soba was also a unique singaporean twist. 👍 ($14). Plump slices of smoked duck ($3) and egg ($1) add ons complete our meal too.

Thank you for this wonderful meal

Tomato cheese ramen is unique with it's homemade noodles, that burnt cheese crust and not too tangy tomato sauce. Plus it has a big slice of chashu (japanese braised pork belly). Homely especially when enjoying it with an evening breeze outdoors 😌 ($11.80)


and in a very safe socially distanced setting, with the glass panel between my friend and I. Absolutely wolfed down this truffle ramen, and the smell is pretty strong!! Best part? It's only $6.90 (before gst) big wow

Last eat out for awhile with the SHN (and most dining places including Kanada-Ya are pretty cleared out - hence had a chance to eat their limited edition Truffle Ramen with only 20 portions a day). The basic version with two chashu is $22.90!

Must say their soup is pretty thick and creamy, and I like the noodles hard but felt the truffle scent is light after mixing it in the soup. Kanshoku will still be my go to for fully immersive truffle flavour.

Ps. Used their app and is not a fan that you can only top up in multiples of $10. Saving grace is that we got a birthday rebate of 15%! Do note you'll get a free drink as well (which we only knew after)

With 50% deal for it's special ramen - we got it mild and with hard noodles - but it still tastes rich, but not too rich that we can't finish the soup. Meat is lean with almost no fats too, how I like it. ($16.90)

Realised my udon love here, with every bowl of theirs impressing us: Black Garlic Tonkutsu Udon ($11.80), Truffle Tonkutsu Ramen ($11.80) and (not featured) Wakame Udon. Even the simplest udon has such flavourful yet not too salty broth, we had to finish it.

Only gripe is that the tempura was cold for us. I will come back here even without the BB deal. Also, there's no GST here! It's just like jap fast food.

Value ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - a combination of taste and price

This famous ramen chain hailing from London has arrived at our shores and the rich creaminess of it's tonkotsu pork broth receives nods from both my friend and I.

We went for the special ($18.90) w 4 pcs of belly chashu, woodear fungus, hanjuku egg... And it was mouthwateringly good. Do have to wait for awhile before you get the ramen - queue was long also because of the opening promotion of 100% rebate when you pay with their Kanada ya app.

Hope to catch their truffle ramen next time, which they only serve 20 portions of everyday

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