Coming here at 8.45pm on a friday night, we are greeted by its long queues of about 30min (and they no longer have seats outside), but all is forgotten as we digged into the comforting bowls of ramen ๐Ÿ’†

($10.90 before GST)

This umami mix of flavours was slurped up in no time, and likely one of my fave value-for-money mazesoba place. The tender noodles clothed in the eggy goodness and its not-too-salty sauce comes with a generous spread of meat (fried chicken with a tinge of ginger, braised pork which is on the tougher side and the all time favourite tonkotsu slices.) Had the 1.5x noodles (free upsize!!) with no regrets ๐Ÿ’ฎ

#tgif #burpplebeyond ($15.90 + gst, for two!)

Thats their marketing tagline and i think we can definitely do with some quality, and pocket friendly ramen branch in sg - hence Takagi hits a sweet spot.

Got their Takagi ramen for $7.20 and added on their sweet menma (bamboo) with just the right crunch for $0.50. Broth is creamy from the tonkotsu and i like how light it is. I am impressed by the creative takeaway box, which packs the noodles above the soup so that its still Q by the time you dig in at home.

A clear and creamy broth that's just right, and not too salty, accompanied by a lightly fried red snapper made my Friday lunch ๐Ÿ‘ good for the palate. Although I found the soup slightly greasy at first, it's really light to the touch. Though the ramen seems pretty average.

Heard this is another venture by Teppei! While this is $15 usually, there are $8.80 budget options with charsiew too. Got this under meal pal and it's v worth it.

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A fuss free served cold ramen, its very tangy and slightly mentaiko tasting. The thick slices of meat is remarkably one of the most tender and flavourful. Apart from the sneaky ginger slices, I would totally order the same again. (~$12.90) a good meal alongside the bay

Tried the healthy daikon soba and I think they captured the traditional taste well. Mixing it and slurping the cold soba is divine. One of my fave shops for soba! Brings me back to Japan.

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This is exactly how chicken rice would taste like in the soba and soup style, especially with the ginger punch and cucumbers. I enjoy the collagen broth that's light and carries the flavours of chicken well too. ($7 with burpple 1-for-1). Anticipating trying their cold soba next time!

Grilled cheese ramen with soft boiled egg and free add on of ramen noodles??? Yes please! This fusion noodles is right up my alley, and the slightly charred taste of grilled cheese blends in perfectly. Had to remove the mentaiko cos it's too salty. Will definitely be back, highly recommend!!


This one of a kind ramen cooked with the rich taste of clam, pork bone soup, porcini mushroom, and truffle is indeed deserving of all its accolades! The first mouth brought such an intense umami taste. The Japan chef also reflected that intense dedication to his craft. Hope this ramen place succeeds here!! ($13.90, add $2 for egg)

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Ramen craving led us here. Tried their truffle offerings last time, so this time it's black garlic ramen!! ($14.90, an additional $2 required for eggs). Makes me miss Japan.

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Got this comforting bowl of ramen with slices of tender sanchenrou. Lovely alongside the dumplings in red chilli vinegar oil! (~$14) before gst


Broth feels extremely creamy and rich, and it includes collagen and the super soft chicken thigh + chicken meatballs! For $17.20, you get a bowl of well simmered ramen broth with tender meat. Comfort food, glad to see Changi Airport introduce this Sora food hall with many food choices!! Will totally be back to try their dons (rice bowls) with prices ranging from $7-$10. Yums!