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Lunch Brunch Hightea

Lunch Brunch Hightea

Cafe hopping in SG... Enjoy the leisure experience... Especially for weekend brunch... Waking up late and chilling over coffee and eggs
Karolyn Chocolatiar
Karolyn Chocolatiar

Couldn't get A good seat for photo taking... went in the afternoon... left with the big sharing table in the middle of the cafe that is available... Ordered the Yuzu and Berry Swissroll... Each had their own unique taste... But from the texture I can tell the egg white wasn't folded nicely into the batter that is why the outcome is not smooth enough... But nevertheless, both taste pretty decent and coffee was nicely done with latte art on the flat white, taste is close to kiths coffee... The iced mocha is nicely blended together as well... For a cosy weekend chilling in this cafe I would say is awesome but for the price of it the standard could have been made better...


Seriously like tasting a seri muka... $5.80 I would rather have a regular latte...

The truffle fries we had was not bad until it reaches the bottom... Soggy and oily... Service wise was bad to the extend when u ask for help the waiter sees you and still walk away... The mains we had were served cold... The fries was the slightly better one we had... If you are up for bad food bad drinks and absolutely bad service... This is a place for u...

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Both doness were on point... The egg yolk lava oozing out once is cut liquidify the sour dough crisp with touch of it... Croissant was crispy on the outside and buttery fluffy on the inside with the melted cheese ham and the fried egg fulfill the day tiredness ;) not forgetting our coffee... Flat white and mocha... Love their consistency in their brew and latte art... definitely worth the price...

National Day coming up... The traditional Kaya butter toast is one of the local delicacy that you can eat at any time of the day... Usually together with 2 soft boiled eggs and coffee or tea ;)

Lunch plus hightea combo = brunch... Lols... Pretty decent spread... Nice ambience and service... Free flow of tea and coffee... Especially the self do it laksa... The base was just nice and I really loved the dessert counter which has more than 30+ types to choose from and are delicate... Can feel the time b effort spent to make it so delicious whereby nowadays u go to alot of buffet and realise they are using the same desserts most likely they ordered it but not at Shang... Totally worth it... However for the hot and cold selections are quite rather normal and can have much better quality just anywhere... so not that impressed... But overall I am still satisfied because the service staff are really helpful and friendly which makes our day pretty awesome...

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Doneness at medium... Seems like its carefully curated... Creating the melt in the mouth effect... Enjoyed my dinner and efficiency in service rendered... Although my friend's one was a disaster at first thankfully they quickly made a new one for her...

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Theme cafes usually only have nice presentation but taste are usually horrible... But for My Melody Cafe is slightly better... Not only it looks pretty it also taste quite ok...

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Lady M layered Crepe Cake is still the all time favorite for girls meetup... [email protected] Time... Service not that great thot...


A hidden cafe found inside a temple... It's called Chong Wen Ge Cafe... Generous portion and the ingredients used are worth the price paid for... The nonya kuehs are not bad too but I find it abit pricey in the sense that is really very small for $1.50/PCs... I didn't take photos of it... Personally I felt the mains are more worth eating... Check this out...


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