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Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond

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I makan Sg
I makan Sg

The sheer length of this set looked impressive.
It included their delicious braised pork belly and Mei Cai, sous vide Wagyu steak, burnt chilli chicken and fried chicken, Kao Rou, steamed prawns, mermaid fish with plum powder. And there was the braised cabbage with bamboo shoots that were really yummy. The meal would end with red tea jelly if there was still space in the stomach for it.
It was a very comprehensive set with lots of meat, seafood and vegetables. Perfect set to sample most of the popular dishes at @thesaltedplumsg except that they weren’t of sampling sizes. In fact, we felt that this set was even good to feed 4. In summary, it was of amazing value on top of the great flavours.

Interestingly, they weren’t as packed as some others although we felt they were as good, if not better than some.
We liked that their appetisers were priced reasonably and came in small portions so we could try more varied dishes. We enjoyed what we had, grilled prawn, crab croquettes and especially the grilled octopus that was on point.
We picked their spiced glazed pork belly which was spectacular and yummy good, flavourful and great meat-fats proportions that was pleasant to enjoy.
There were more appealing sounding items on their mains, pasta and risotto list for a sumptuous meal. Similarly for their appetisers that we liked. But we were glad we saved space for dessert as the red wine poached pear we had was really memorable to end with.
We would recommend to wine and dine here after having some of their cocktails and absolutely loving them. Have a little chat with Mr Star who may concoct some special mix in your drinks if you’re not going for the wine.
The interior of @mpiresingapore was chic and cosy, for a formal date or comfortable gathering. The final highlight: members of @burpplebeyond would be delighted to enjoy the incredible valuable deals here. So sharing this good find, hopefully not at the expense of being harder to get a table next time.

While his flavourful Grandma’s “Te Kah” Beehoon has been widely shared about; the Chef J’s Mee Kia was a real gem on his menu. Served with BBQ pork cheek, crab meat and truffle sousvide egg, this was 1 elevated and satisfying bowl of Mee Kia to recommend.
Again, we had his Brandy white fish soup which had a really comforting taste. Many more tasty dishes on the menu, some of which we tried before, that we would return for.

From the menu specialising in Straits Asian food, we picked the recommended Hainanese chicken curry noodles and Peranakan seafood laksa.
Both dishes had our thumbs up, although the former stood out more for the creamy curry and the big grilled chicken thigh that already got us salivating even before tasting.
The laksa was delightful too, lemak and flavourful in a different way. And it was elevated with the fresh seafood. The sambal chilli provided a good kick, where more could be added for those appreciate the heat.
For more spicy Asian taste, we also had the mantou in chilli crab sauce which was a good variation of our local chilli crab dish.
With such tasty dishes, our experience was well complemented with weekend live music performance while seated under the tall glass ceiling of the Courtyard lounge.

With their handmade noodles, this was a satisfying dish for a simple meal. The tender Wagyu beef cubes were a good combination, though we wished there were more of it.
To make the meal more complete, their Tobiko prawn balls would be a good add-on. Their chilli tofu with century egg, on the other hand, makes an appetising starter for those who enjoy spicy.
Comparatively, we didn’t like their beef broth as much as the tomato broth, due to the distinct beef taste which was a little gamey. We would return for the tomato broth noodles, much more with existing discounts on several apps.

Inside, they served the typical kind of Izakaya dishes along with their wide variety of sakes and other drinks.
Nevertheless, the 7-course Omakase set we had showcased the skills and heart put into preparing their dishes. With thick-cut sashimi, oysters in ponzu, marvellously fried soft-shell crab and miso cod etc, it was a meal that satisfies. Of cos, the meal was even more complete with a bottle of sparkling sake.

We picked from their menu the Gashouse Eggs and Baked Egg Cocotte that were both satisfying to start a day with.
The former was a thick toast with melted cheese which cut open to an alluring runny egg. It was served with an awesome bacon jam that we couldn’t get enough of.
The Baked Egg Cocotte was the perfect alternative to our usual weekend soft-boiled egg with toast craving. Dip the sourdough into 2 plump eggs with chorizos, garbanzo beans and wasabi peas for a hearty treat.
Do indicate to the staff if you want stronger and they will suggest a “Magic” double-shot coffee with milk that’s not on their menu.
Another good reason why @onemancoffee is good for more than 1 is b’cos you can enjoy 1-for-1 for 2 on their mains with the @burpplebeyond app.

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The braised pork leg meat was very tender and delicious. The wok-fried vermicelli had thoroughly up the essence of the braised pork and tasted really good. Complemented with their special chilli sauce, this was a comforting taste with a nostalgic “grandma” touch.
Their stir-fried fish maw with crabmeat, however, didn’t stand out in taste as much as its use of these ingredients. We felt that its flavour was rather “safe” much like that of fried bean sprouts; and could do with something bolder perhaps.
Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the flavours put together in some of the dishes in their menu and would see ourselves returning for more local Asian cuisines.

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Their iconic “unicorn” Chawamushi was a to-try starter, piled with abundance of Ikura, Tobiko and a vanishing black unicorn as you eat.
True to their twists using familiar local ingredients, their Mentaiko cheese bruschetta was fused with crispy You Tiao.
We were recommended to their Woked Porridge which packed some good Wok Hei and with crunchy Tobiko. Upgrade it for crab and scallops, or their seasonal lobster porridge.
Also seasonal now is their Charcoal Duck Ramen with creamy (charcoal?) sauce that had a subtle Wok Hei taste too.
So yes again, this will be a place to rediscover familiar dishes with new twists using yet other familiar local ingredients. Now with @burpplebeyond or even without, you can enjoy their mains at 1-for-1 deals.

To be more accurate, these are Gyozas and they make a variety of them. Think Chinese (Peking) smoked duck, (Indian) Momo curry, (western) Fried Pierogi and (Korean) Veggie Mandu on top of the original (Japanese) Gyoza. That’s really international! And they made them good and tasty, each in its own ways. Go for their platter to try all of these at better values.
The meal here would be more complete with their delicious springy noodles. We tried their Sichuan pork and braised pork noodles which were flavourful and yummy.
Offering alcohol drinks to go with the food here is definitely a winning formula, especially with the post-work office patrons in the CBD area. The prices might be on the higher side but they certainly promise a satisfying fill to the stomach; apart from the less than ideal congested sitting in the small space.

We went for their most ex MS 4-5 Wagyu on their menu which turned out short of expectations.
It didn’t help that while waiting for our steaks, we saw a table rejecting their steak repeatedly, overhearing it was lacking in taste. Their staff who didn’t seem to understand much about steak when taking order also had us feeling a little concerned about how our steaks would turn out.
Our verdict: while the cut was still alright; we felt that the execution didn’t do it much justice. It was a tad too salty and we didn’t really get that taste of a good beef.
Having looked at the kitchen staff grilling the steak behind the glass, we felt sorry for the beef that looked like it was being abused over the flames. Quite an irony that they wanted an open concept to let customers watch how their steaks would be grilled.
The wire mesh over the charcoal grill was also in a bad state, much like the poor overused condition of the wooden planks that our steaks were served on.
It was quite a shame that the place couldn’t bring out the goodness in their steaks that would otherwise be desired. Even with a 1-for-1 discount, the various factors wouldn’t draw us back.

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I makan Sg

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Good food = Good mood. Will say it's good only when it's good.

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