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Featuring Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (Penang Road), Pitt Street Koay Teow Th'ng (椰腳粿條湯), Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls, Ah Leng Char Koay Teow (Khoon Hiang Cafe), Joez Coconut Jelly
Wen Qi
Wen Qi

This is the 4th KTT we've tried during the trip. They use eels to make their fishballs and I must say the texture and taste is really different, and has no fishy smell. The thin slices of meat patty in the KTT are handmade using minced pork. They were so soft and tender that we thought that they were made using eels too! This stall serves both soup and dry version, where the dry version is served in their own mix of black sauce.

Having tried Soon Yuen KTT (located behind Chowrasta), this soup definitely loses out in terms of taste. If you are curious about the eelballs, it's worth the try but I wouldn't come back the next time.

P.S. There is another stall called Tiger KTT just 2-3 shops away. Don't enter the wrong stall even though they serve pretty decent springy fishballs! You'll know you are at the right place if the shop is brightly lit.

Cost: RM 8 (KTT soup/dry), RM 5 (Fishball/Meatball Soup)

This stall (also known as Mother & Son Wantan Noodle) is located along Chulia Street Night Market and it's hard to miss it cos the surronding tables would all be eating their noodles. They do not add chili paste into the plate of noodles. Rather, they only provide sliced green chili with your noodles. The black sauce together with the springy egg noodles, 3 wantons, some slices of char siew and pork lard, taste oh-so-good! Sometimes, you just find pleasure in simple food like this! If you'd like, they have the soup version too (but we didn't try it).

Must try in Penang! It's so good that we ate it twice during our stay.

Cost: RM4.50/plate (Small), RM5.50/plate (Big)

There may be a long queue but it moves really fast. I like that the serving is small enough to not let you feel too full, and still allow you to go for more food. The bowl of goodness goes well together especially how the mung bean jelly is so smooth. You can stand around to eat your chendol or enter the seating area (there are many seats inside. You just need to check with the hawker). Personally, I still prefer the Malacca chendol cos their gula melaka is much thicker and more fragrant.

Cost: RM3/bowl

Take a 5-minute walk (450m) from Ah Keng CKT to Joez (in the direction of Komtar). This stall sells various coconut products, with the signature being Coconut Shake and Coconut Jelly. Having walked a distance under the hot sun, the coconut shake cools you down almost immediately. Coconut bits, chewy black pearls and a scoop of vanilla ice cream can be found in your cup of blended goodness! Try the coconut jelly as it's refreshing since it's made using the coconut water.

Cost: RM4.50 (Coconut shake), RM4.70 (Coconut Jelly)

One of the most famous and best CKT in Penang has to be this! You have the option of topping up for duck eggs which makes the CKT more aromatic and creamier. It's something you can't find in SG cos AVA doesn't allow sales of duck eggs. If you like spicy, the spiciness at Ah Leng can be a little disappointing cos there is no spicy kick. But on the brighter note, it allows you to taste more of the original.

Cost: RM8.50 + RM1 (Duck egg)

Wen Qi

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