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Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh
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Ordered their Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce.

Their wedges is seasoned with chicken powder to enhance the flavour. The coleslaw is alright. The Chicken is tender and the mushroom sauce is very unique.

The chicken can be either fried or grilled and the sauce can choose between mushroom and black pepper sauce. I would recommend mushroom as it is unique and grilled instead of fried as sauce of fried chicken can turned the chicken to be soggy. Alternatively, can ask for the sauce to be put separately.

Do note they served peanuts at the start which I believed have additional charge. They would asked if you want the peanut after they take your order.

Total spend of RM16.95 for the Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce

Ordered Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Chop ($16.50), LufLuf Double Cheeseburger & Fries ($17.50) & Creamy Curry Chicken Bites ($7.50)

The Chicken Bites is soft & fresh and the sauce accompanying it is fantastic. The Burger is not bad but nothing amazing. However, the star of the show would be the Chicken Chop. It was served with pumpkin purée which something you would only see in a top notch restaurant. The Chicken was stuffed with mushroom which is an interesting concept.

Spend a total of $24.40 after eatigo discount of 50%. One thing could be improved is the timing which we are served our food quite slow.

2nd time trying Big Fish Small Fish and 1st time trying at Bugis Junction. They had unique sauce of cheese, tartar, curry mayonnaise and salted egg sauce. We ordered 3 x Big Catch Student Meal.

Order is cooked to order so it is popping hot. The fish and chips is not bad especially when dipped with the sauce. However the mashed potato is not that great. What's more, the brown sauce is only a little and it was spilled when we received it.

Will avoid ordering the mashed potato in the future.

My friends and I ordered 2 x Sunbathed Mermaid - Pan Seared Cajun Salmon ($18 each) , Oven Roasted Beef Back Ribs ($28) & Boston Love Boat - Cioppino ($28).

The Sunbathed Mermaid - Pan Seared Cajun Salmon is a simple classic, comfort food which consist of salmon, asparagus, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes and lemon butter with a side of waffle fries. It looks simple but the vegetables is saturated perfectly and the lemon butter sauce compliments well with the salmon.

I heard of pork and lamb ribs but it is my first time heard of beef ribs which Oven Roasted Beef Back Ribs is all about. I would expect it to be served in a steakhouse or rib restaurant than in an elegant restaurant hence I didn't expect much. However, the beef ribs served is delicious too. It is paired with a delicious sweet potato fries.

Lastly is the Boston Love Boat - Cioppino which is seafood with tomato broth in a bowl in covered by puff pastry. The seafood given is generous.

Spent a total of $54.14 after using eatigo discount of 50%.

I would also like to thank the staff for letting me buy a cake from outside to have it later at their restaurant and storing it for me.

One thing could be improve on is to have better lighting in the restaurant.

3 of us ordered the 2 x Dory Fish & Crisps , Bread Chicken, 2pcs Long Cheese Stick (8 inch) & 3 x Homemade Lemonade. They even provide those paper that can suck all the oil. We put the paper around the table and laid out food on it. The sauce they provide were lemon, salted egg, curry & tartar. It didn't have the cheese flavour I was carving for. Maybe they change the sauce they served every period.

The lemonade that they made is so refreshing and sure it is not those syrup mixed with water. The Cheese Stick is great too. Now for the main dish Dory Fish & Crisps which I ordered. The Crisps is freshly made with fresh cut potatoes which is great for dipping with the sauces. The dory fish is flavourful. It is pipping hot and the batter is just nice without it being too heaty which makes you tasty.

Ordered using eatigo of 30% and paid total of about $34 after including service charge and GST for 3 pax. Do note that the discount is only applies to the main dish and the appetizers and drinks are not applicable. I would come here again for the free flow delicious sauce and the Dory Fish & Crisps.

Ordered their Lamb Chops with Guanciale ($32), Wagyu Beef Cheek ($28), Trofile with Crab & Nduja ($24) & Duck Legs Confit ($26) & Truffle Fries ($12).

For the Trofile with Crab & Nduja, it was a disappointment to me. It is my first time trying Trofile and I find that it is tough. The crab & nduja inside is not that great. The Lamb Chops was smaller than I expected. I expect it to be of a regular size which was also a disappointment. One saving of the Lamp Chops would be the vegetables which is the side. The Lamb Chops would be better if it was bigger and a sauce for it.

The star of the show would be Wagyu Beef Cheek, the meat is soft and tender. You don't even need a knife to cut the meat. Upon the meat enter a person's mouth, it just disintegrate and melt in your mouth.

The Duck Legs Confit & Truffle Fries is delicious as well. However, I would prefer the Duck Legs Confit to be Grill or baked which is the tradition and not fried.

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This is my third time trying Jollibee and first time in this outlet and it truly didn't disappoint me.

When my friends and I saw the queue at the entrance, we were shocked to see a long queue. My friends queue for the food while I was waiting for table to available which took about 20 mins.

I ordered the 1-pc. Chickenjoy w / Jolly Spaghetti ($7). The tomato and mozzarella cheese is just the right amount which blends well with the Spaghetti along with the minced meat and sausage. It is better than those Bolognese Spaghetti at Coffeeshop. It tasted better than I tried last time at Lucky Plaza. The Chicken comes with the brown sauce which is the Chicken Stock to either dip it and pour around the Chicken. The sauce is so seasoned beautifully which makes it flavourful. I even forgot about the chili sauce which I wanted to dip it with the Chicken.

I would say this is a very nice & affordable for a fast food restaurant and would look forward to try again.

They are having a 1 for 1 promotion and the highest price of the dish would be the base price. We ordered Smokey Ducky ($15.90), Lemon Garlic Prawn Spaghetti ($14.90), Stirloin Beef Burger ($16.90) & Beefy Cheesy ($16.90). The Lemon Garlic Prawn Spaghetti although is the cheapest, it is the most outstanding among the dishes. The lemon and garlic is infused well together with spaghetti. The amount of prawn given is also generous. The Smokey Ducky tasted like a scallions wrap with duck meat which is still ok but nothing special.

What disappoint me the most is the Stirloin Beef Burger & Beefy Cheesy. We thought that the beef served western style little beef steak or patty. However, it turns out to be the Korean style beef bulgogi which we did not expect it to be. It does not blend well altogether. fArt tArtz is known as a western cafe. Even if they were to include beef bulgogi, it should be written specifically that it is beef bulgogi in the menu to prevent creating of false impression and confuse others.

In addition, the presentation of the Lemon Garlic Prawn Spaghetti did not adhere to cafe presentation. Although the Spaghetti is nice, it lose a point from me to not present the way it should be and customer should be informed that the jar would not be included when ordering. They are people who order food for Photo and Instagram purposes.

In conclusion, I don't mind coming back to try the other Spaghetti dishes but we should at least be informed that the jar would not be included before ordering to create a false impression.

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Ordered their Signature's Mixed Grill ($19.40 includes of GST and Service Charge) There is combination of German sausage, chicken chop and pork chop. The meat is all seasoned beautiful and delicious.

Heard my friends talking about this restaurant how good it is and finally tried it and it didn't disappoint.

Came here on the $15 (+$2 for Granchio) lunch deal which other then the entree, drinks, soup of the day and dessert were included.

The pumpkin soup is creamy which tasted great. The panna cotta is not bad either. However, the entree disappoint me. The crab meat they use no doubt is real crab and not imitation crab meat, the crab smells and tasted like ocean. It's like they never clean the crab properly. My friend tried the other dishes and it tasted average.

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

Ordered their signature Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM15.90) which they are famous for. The peas and wedges are hard and tasteless. However, it is their Chicken Chop they are known for.

Their Chicken Chop is fried and not grilled like what we usually know. The batter is thin so it doesn't give you the heaty and greasy taste. The batter has lots of flavour in it and the tender is fresh and tender.

Not only do they sell Chicken Chop, they also sell Zi Char dishes and Breakfast item like toast bread.

I would come again to try their other dishes.

I ordered the Chicken Coney and changed my fries to curly fries and regular root beer to large root beer float which total up cost RM 15.40. The curly fries is not bad but I felt the main dish, Chicken Coney underwhelming. The minced chicken is bland with not much seasoning on it. Maybe I should have put some chilli sauce on it as that's what mostly hot dog buns have. The presentation of the root beer float was great. They used a glass mug with the A&W logo on it and even provide spoon for the ice cream. The taste is like no other root beer float that I had. The waffle came after that and it is not bad too. They serve the buttermilk waffle style which tasted not bad. I would gave the other main dishes a try to see but overall, I like it.

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