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Natalie Moh
Natalie Moh
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Not gonna lie, walked in with high expectations but came out feeling a little disappointed. I like my cookies fudgy and chewy, but this was more on the crisp side! Although there was Nutella injected into various sections of the cookie, it still felt a little dry......nonetheless the sweetness level was surprisingly well balanced, it actually had a tinge of saltiness that made the cookie not so overpoweringly sweet. For $5 a cookie, am not sure if it’s super worth it!!!

We had the hazelnut and starawberry & basil and this might have changed ice cream for me forever....there are days you want ice cream without the heaviness from the cream and this IS IT. The flavors are light, yet it never compromises on taste - I’m used to very sweet and lingering aftertastes from hazelnut ice cream which this didn’t have! Also the basil taste is a bit strong (imo) so if you don’t like basil this might not be it for you!!! Can’t wait to come back to try the thyme cone!!!!

For $3 this is such a steal bc 1. You get to see the entire plating of the dessert by the students 2. It is yummy??? The cake consisted of a mousse on the outside, and sponge cake on the inside, peppered with small chunks of sweet potato. Surprisingly not too sweet, and the various textures was great :-)

Okay bad picture of the finished cup bc I didn’t expect it to be this good but this is hands down one of the best gelatos I’ve had in Singapore for the price point. It was smooth, the chocolate rich without being cloying, and didn’t feel too heavy. I devoured it 10/10 recommend!!!!!

This bowl was loaded with goodness - tons of fruits like strawberries, kiwis, bananas, blueberries and even passion fruit! The açaí itself wasn’t too thick and neither was it too sweet so it was perfect. Made even better with burpple’s one for one promotion!!

The pancakes were soft and very very eggy, and not too filling if you share it with someone! Got a complimentary Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream ($6) due to a long wait and for someone who isn’t the biggest fan of milk, it was really delicious, albeit heavy after a while due to its richness!

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We had the Hokkaido Milk with Strawberries, Dutch Chocolate, Charocoal Vanilla and Kyoto Matcha with Azuki Red Beans. My favorite had to be Dutch Chocolate, which was a rich dark chocolate, but it got a bit heavy towards the end. The charcoal vanilla was my second favorite, because it wasn’t too sweet and light! The waffles were crisp and went great with the ice cream! Thank you #burpplebeyond for this deal :,)

More for aesthetic purposes than taste, because it’s just toast after all. So what made the difference was the spreads, that consisted of matcha, strawberry and cookies and cream. Each of them had a bit of crunch to it and it provided a little more texture. Otherwise nothing much to shout about, though the effort put into presentation is amazing!!


Honestly, one of the best, most value for money grass jelly in Singapore. Literally my go to because of the generous heaping of ingredients. It comes with taro balls, pearls and red bean as well as loads of grass jelly, with milk as a free topping.

The frozen s’mores was a little too sweet for my liking - the marshmallow was a little too cloying but the dark chocolate ice cream underneath was good. The chocolate soufflé fared much better - light and airy, it complemented the vanilla ice cream very well :)

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This was the perfect antidote to the hot weather! It was a generous portion, but the sweetness of the ice cream got a bit cloying towards the end.

It was quite a unique way of serving the dish - the server carried the scoop of ice cream all the way to the table before pushing it downwards on the cookie and almost instantaneously, the lava chocolate flowed out. We picked speculoos as our ice cream flavor and it was surprisingly not that sweet and went well with the cookie. The cookie was more on the crumbly side, but it was crisp on the outside and the texture went well with the soft ice cream. The lava was not too viscous so overall the elements paired well to create a dessert that hit the right sweet spot :)

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