Chinese Food

Chinese Food

the more homecooked it is, the better
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

串串! Juicy and grilled to perfection. My favourites go to the enoki chunks wrapped in pork belly, and the oyster mushrooms (go for the Asian spice flavouring). Going for the 20 sticks set is indeed an indulgent and absolutely delightful buffet ✨ - jap x Chinese fusion yakitoris

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What a feast with BTK's classic chicken rice. What took it home was the chili and honeyish sauce, that just goes well with the fragrant chicken rice. Even the broccoli is done well and doused with a light honeyish sauce.

The star was the ngohhiang for me, which consists of crunchy bits of radish?

A classic no doubt ($8+)

Check out that mountain of beef - in all forms: tendon, sliced, balls, shank (and maybe stomach too). All of it is tender, goes well with the chili and immersed in a delightfully savoury beef broth which I can only wish for more. It's not too salty either. Well deserving of their long queue 👍 ~$12.90


capturing fresh, chewy prawns but somewhat missing the spicy kick of 红油抄手。it's more on the sour and tangy side but I wished it also gave more of that numbing delight. Nevertheless, still plump & juicy ($7.50)


Another must order for us goes to the Combination Noodles with Roast duck and Charsiew - dry ($12.80). It was gone in record time, with the chewy egg noodles, succulent and fatty Charsiew, a mean roast duck and also the chewy bokchoy, all bathed in savoury sauce. Deliicious

Perhaps my favourite of all tunglok concepts, the tunglok teahouse offers palatable dimsum and chinese fares at reasonable prices. Every dish hits just the right sweet spot.

Featuring: their signature cheecheongfan rolls, with crispy dough skin wrapping scallop and prawns, and blanketed with smooth rice roll skin ($8.80 - must have); their generous serving of patin fish with bamboo shoots and roast pork ($23.80 - highly reco) and their braised eefu which simply accompanied with mushrooms, are still as good and is a fix for 3-4 people ($14.80). Cosy place with a home cooked taste, 赞

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They only start their lunch menu at 12, with many anticipating it to start while munching on their sandwiches- us included. The lu rou is on the tougher side and not melt in the mouth as we expected, but does give the savoury kick nonetheless. ($7.90 - large)

Our fave is the jay chou songs while you're there

Adam food center is one of the stops on the coast to coast cycling, and everytime I'm here, I'm drawn to Cheng Ji's pork leg noodles. Sure, it may be from canned food, but the nostalgic taste remains ($5)

Also enjoyed the spread of satay, chicken wings and the prawn noodles with strong broth too

Very friendly owners with authentic Sichuan noodles, especially love the spicy and cold dan dan mian topped with minced meat and fried onion. There's a kick to the spice. Plus, the noodles portion is pretty generous. Reco.

Get the full set together with the noodles for $8.50, where I chose miso soup, braised beef and salad (also option to get ramen egg and roasted tea)

This is truly deserving of the fanfare and the 30-40 mins queue at Geylang lor 32. The handmade noodles taste so homely and a world apart from all other banmian. Simple doughy strands that are bouncy and coated with their just right savoury sauce. Special shout out to their extra crispy ikan bilis and egg in soup.

A feast in a simple bowl (ps. GOAT - greatest of all times)

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This changed my mind entirely, impressive and humble bowl of 3-in-1 biang biang mian that's bursting with flavours - tangy tomato sauce, meat and with one super long thread of noodles.

Had this in Xi'an but must say this definitely trumps over it. (~$6). Will be back for many many many bowls.

Ps. Toa payoh food street has too many good food places

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Highly reco. This bowl of noodles is steeped in romantic history - with the wife delivering the noodles across the bridge with a bowl of piping hot peppery broth and an array of ingredients such as quail eggs, meat, greens and the quintessential part of yunnans - rice noodles.

The noodles will be cooked in just a minute. Unique ($16.90)

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