Chinese Food

Chinese Food

the more homecooked it is, the better
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Ipoh the city of mountains? (山城). Had the smoooth horfun in chicken broth and prawns. Must say the horfun is so smooth you can slurp it all up and the chicken broth isnt too salty, so you can finish it all. The prawns are also a good addition, also adding a tinge of spice to it.

It's slightly pricier at $7.60, also ft the shaoxing rice chicken at the back. Tho kudos to the boss for bringing more Ipoh food to sg.

It's also having a 15% promotion as it just opened in Amk b2

Family likes LeNu: where we get a variety of soupy Noods that suits the palate.

🍴 Braised Beef Combi ($15.90) which includes my fave wagyu chunks, marbled beef, tendon... Accidentally ordered this, but i guess we deserve a treat from time to time! The variety of beef + fragrant 红烧 soup is good, though hard to match Dintaifung's

🍴 Braised Pork Rib Noodles ($9.90) was alright with its tender pork ribs

🍴 Garoupa Pickled Veggie ($13.50), this dish exceeded our expectations as its not salty, and the garoupa fillet is generous + soft.

We topped up for a set to get a drink + chilled black fungus for $3.20. Pretty worth honestly.

The braised beef won me over, its comparable to that of din tai fung. Also, love the Just-in-time lamien, where you can see the chefs pulling it just in the kitchen based on your customised noodle (i chose hard, wide and flat noodles)

We had the beef bone soup brewed for 8 hours, and tomato based soup - which does taste uncannily like the spaghetti bolognese sauce. Nevertheless, both are refreshing, with the lava egg being the cherry on the top.

Would also recommend the Tofu + Century Egg in mala as a side dish. Overall, a noodle joint with value for money dishes (even without burpple beyond!)

Worth supporting while in Funan mall! ($22.40 for 2 noodles, 1 side dish, 1 drink)

[Wok Hey, Bishan J8 B2]

This chinese takeout culture is well exemplified with these little boxes. I must say I am impressed by the fast food style and hard work put in by the chefs to stir fry this fried rice serving. Masterful, tireless and consistent. The egg fried rice is fragrant, with generous amount of grilled chicken!! The mushroom serving seems a lil small when I eat it.

Also, there's free toboko on these 3 fridays to celebrate Fried Rice Paradise! (ending 20 Sept), otherwise worth $1. Makes it a little more crunchy and atas.

Just poppin' them in after dipping it in the refreshing mango puree. The mala taste isn't too heavy but carries a slightly saltier punch. Its innovative nest plating makes it all the more fun and whets our appetite. - $28

Glad to see local flavours being represented at our beautiful new airport!! This traditional hearty soup makes you all warm as the new airport can be pretty chilly.

We had the pork ribs and spicy pork belly in claypot. The large pork rib soup came with 5 generous slices - plus every soup refill taste just as flavourful. Meanwhile the spicy pork belly is the usual dark sauce vinegar with spice added and topped with the fragrant bits of fried scallop - promising a flavour bomb. Just that i found it on the fattier side. (~$23 for 2 people)

Jewel pride 💛

Attempts to eat budget got us here. We loved the XXL fish fillet which is extra crispy probably due to its excessive flour batter. The pork chop felt tougher than the usual. A cheat day with this comfort food. ($5.80)

I didnt know theres a outlet at B1 of paya lebar square too, and the black charsiew never disappoints with its charred fragrance. In particular, i like how its not too fatty. Hojiak

~$18- for the 2 combination plate, with the add on of chicken rice + noodles

Spice is a big thing here: i got the value set dry dandanmian, mapo rice bowl, sichuan popcorn chicken, and luohanguo herbal tea ($16.80 for those who wants the best of everything). The mapo tofu is the heat inducing kind of spice which takes some time to set in, making the rest non-spicy in contrast.

I would come back here for their soup dandan mian (more delish!) and wanton soup. Overall, queues are <5mins during lunch time. Fast kitchen service though i find slightly pricey for simple fare.

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A meal with my dad on my day off: malaysian klang bakkuteh and claypot rice. ($5 each). While the claypot rice is served fast, it comes not as crispy and charred as expected. Theres some salted fish taste here and there though not too strong. The BKT is both herbal and sweet, though my dad whined about the amount of meat. In all, enjoyed this simple meal with my dad.

水煮鱼!while it may translate to water cooked fish in english, its clear steamed fish in a chilli oil (mala) broth. Its not too spicy and is extremely generous with vermicilli and vegetables! Highly worth it, i think its about ~$25. Also its a place filled with the happy voices of locals gathering, an authentic spot in the heart of Chinatown

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Especially with the braised pork noodles!!! Where else can you find something so value for money (its $6) and the best part of it is how it taste exactly like chinese fusion carbonara with its creaminess 😍

I will totally come back to slurp up the noods.

We also had the surprise platter for dumplings. Great assortment to try out but i guess i'll stick to my favourites next time: pierogi, smoked duck and original.

Will support them if theres launch of more flavours!!

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