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Chinese Food

Chinese Food

the more homecooked it is, the better
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng
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Loove the dim sum here, somehow everything is just so delicious!!! The scallion oiled noodle feels like it goes on for days and it's very Q. The fried onion pancake goes well with the chilli vinegar sauce, the tofu achieved the crisp outside and soft inside. Of course, the flowy salted egg buns were great too, and it's on the sweeter side. We also ordered the unique meehoon kueh (the best) and cheecheongfan. ($27 for 2 for this spread)


Parents recommended this $15 dish during our Chinatown trip and woa what a deal???? It was a large piece of fish and had the most tender and freshest meat. Albeit on the bony end, the fish was simply delightful. While many stores in my favourite kopitiam sells this, this is the store my parents recommend.

My favourite hongyoushaoshou and xiaolongbao for $10.50?? What a steal - there's a long queue at this humble family-runned stall and it's clear why. The skins are so supple and it tastes very homemade.

The food here reminded my friend of home. While I felt like it is laden with salt, the vermicelli with braised pork & sliced potato is nice. I guess I will be back to try the other authentic dishes!

it has the homeliest of food, and eating in its Chinese period drama traditional setting just makes me recall those condor hero moments. I think these food would have been well loved then too. The must have dang gui duck is IRRESISTIBLE with its depth in Herby taste. Plus that crisp skin. This is a place that got the meat and fats ratio to the right extent. (~$16 pre gst)

For its 15th anniv, it also got the $1.50 scallop Tofu dish in golden pumpkin. Its so supple and it mixes well with the western tasting pumpkin sauce.

The r&d department of DXE is indeed on a roll.

This homely broth is close to the heart and warms up the tum just right: daoxiaomian and the sweet salty mix of jajangmyeon (we wiped it clean). Also heard the chef was from Crystal jade last time. They deserve more fanfare for sure. ($5-6)


If it is so, it must be because of the chicken oil glazed rice, cold tender chicken and shiok chili with the right balance of sourness. Not a fan of the sour veg... Could only wish for more. ($7.80 for takeaway)

This deserves its 1 Michelin star indeed!! The noodles were so yummy we can't stop. Even though it's a simple fried dish, you can tell the skills in whipping this up to be fragrantly wokhei. The sides prices run a little high. Though I'll be back for tzechar if I'm in the area. Kudos! (L for $15)

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Had the weekday 1-for-1 on my rare off day which requires you to order their barley which was slightly bland. Felt that one pot was too heavy for one to finish... the ingredients is also not a lot. Amounts to ~$20 for 2.


Creamy broth that got too salty towards the end. Love the generousity of ingredients, with endless noodles, veggie, seafood. 👍👍👍 especially with their unbelievable customer loyalty prog. They deserve more fanfare (albeit I wish their menu is wider)


wow, with that runny ramen egg, chunky wanton, fishmaw and collagen chicken soup for just ~$5 if you are a passion card member, it makes for a gr8 dinner. Sadly I got the wrong sauce served (didn't want chili) but it's still very delicious

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A pity this well-raved place only offers takeaway if you want the usual charsiewrice. But after eating it, understand why people love it so. That thicc slab of Charsiew with a combination of sauces with the kick, plus a generous serving of veg. Yums. Wished they allowed me to dig it. This place is definitely on the pricier end! ($10.90) but well worth it methinks

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I write to remember good food, and to share the most humble of eats

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