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Got the Stir Fry Morning Glory which was decent, but rather pricey given that the portion wasn’t huge.

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Honestly, I had my reservations about this restaurant because it looked pretty empty when I was there (a very singaporean way of judging whether a restaurant is good or not, I know). But decided that there’s was no harm in trying, plus, I’ve got Burpple Beyond 1-1 so there was nothing to lose. The Wok Fried Beef was surprisingly fragrant and tasty, goes well with a plate of rice for a simple meal!⁣

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These bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms were deep fried ⁣till a crispy golden brown and served piping hot. While tasty, I felt it was a tad dry, so do pair it with the sauce for a more hearty flavour and experience. 😋

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Reasonably priced at $1.80 for majority of the plates, there’s an assortment of ingredients you can choose from for easy sharing. While there’s nothing much to shout about for their marination of the meat, because there are better ones out there that are way more flavourful, I do think the pricing is value for money and worth giving a try if you are looking for a simple dinner nearby. ⁣

What I enjoyed most was the tom yum soup, which was light yet spicy and packed to the brim with ingredients. The place itself can get quite ‘rowdy’ at night so ladies please go accompanied. ⁣⁣⁣

Was craving for Thai food and decided to head over to Orchard Towers for authentic Thai food to curb them hunger pangs. The eggplant with minced pork was really tasty, albeit being a tad oily, with a good balance between both savoury and sweet.

These got wiped out within seconds. My colleagues are animals. 🤣 I don’t blame them though, pair these basil chicken with rice and it makes for a really comforting meal


This plate of pineapple fried rice was enveloped with wok hei and so full of flavours! Definitely coming back again for the other dishes!

Utterly creamy and milky with a hint of spice, this green curry was packed with chicken chunks (there’s more drowned at the base of the bowl). It wasn’t very spicy but it could have been because my taste buds are kinda muted by the tomyum soup I had. Drizzled that curry over my rice and man, it was so good I could almost ask for a second plate of rice.

Located in a secluded corner of Orchard Tower, I wouldn’t have known this place exist had my friend not bring me here. Serving authentic Thai food at affordable prices, everything here taste superb and you almost feel like you’re dining in a restaurant in Thailand.

Omelette fried to a crispy golden brown with oil oozing out as you bite into it. My tummy says yes, but my health says no 🤔

Not sure having thing for supper was a good idea. waistline in danger 🤦🏼‍♀️

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