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My Sweet Tooth. Or Teeth.

My Sweet Tooth. Or Teeth.

There's always space for desserts... in my thighs.
Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim

Love it when I can have ice cream for brunch, and a miso flavoured ice cream no less. This sweet-savoury soft serve with caramel popcorn turned out to be my favourite item that morning.

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I am a big fan of anything mochi. Though I can't say its the best of the mochis I've had, it was more than decent and a great end to the meal. Served with a nice coconut ice cream.

The flavours of the tea was a bit muted and could've been stronger. Just as a personal preference I liked that it was more on the icy rather than creamy side, making for a great after-dinner palate cleanser.

Beautiful cafe in a flower shop; a bit out of the way but hey that means less crowd. The souffle pancakes were perfectly fluffy without being squishable under the pressure of your fork. Loved how they adorned the dish with little flowers petals that made it even more visually appealing.

Sounds and looks better than it tastes. The ice cream had a bit of the cheap aftertaste. Ditto for the toppings - chose some chocolate shavings and chocolate balls. Was struggling to finish this portion.

Cos yes I am a fan of cookie butter. Found the cookie a little too sweet, so it got cloying after a bit. But not nasty. Its the softer doughy variety rather than your usual crispy baked cookie.

I'm a big fan of caramel cookies, so had to get this combination. Probably too sweet and cloying for the average Singaporean's palate. My favourite part was the soft serve which had a good texture, although the caramel cookie flavour did not come through the way I had expected.

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After trying my first souffle pancakes, I developed an obsession for them and been wanting to try every one I see on social media. I like the ones here at Fluffstack cos they are really light as fluff and jiggly as souffles. Loved the cream cheese too.

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Wouldn't have gotten this if I hadn't notice the basil panna cotta within the dish. Sadly the panna cotta was a little harder than expected. Crumble was like digestive cookies, and strawberry confit was just.. strawberries. Would recommend skipping desserts here given the many options for desserts nearby.

F1 weekend so no burpple beyond, so we got the chocolate cookie over the matcha one as recommended by the staff. A cookie that oozes molten chocolate, why not? Except a subway cookie dipped in macD's chocolate sundae would probably be on par.

With vanilla ice cream and raspberry gel. Again a rather straightforward dessert. Was probably more of a custard than mousse. Didn't really like the raspberry gel though I prefer it all sweet and chocolatey.

The desserts here don't focus on aesthetics and come very simply plated. Very sweet and sticky like what a sticky date pudding should be. Overall a rather average dessert by restaurant standards.


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