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My Sweet Tooth. Or Teeth.

My Sweet Tooth. Or Teeth.

Featuring Sunday Folks, The Lokal, The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Matchaya (Icon Village), Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, Nesuto, The Masses, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique, Apiary, Hatter Street (Kovan)
Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim
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Wow this one blew my mind. Came looking like any other tart but this was anything but. The top was creamy oozy molten cheese. And the base beneath, you can imagine it as something with royce chocolate sort of texture but in hojicha flavour. So good.

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This is quickly becoming my favourite brunch. The one here is delicious, perfectly caramelised on the surface encasing a soft and moist broiche stuffed with delicious cream. Yums.

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Cold-infused (what even does that mean) Japanese ivory mousse, mandarin orange confit, matcha fudge sponge.

Whatever cold-infused means, thats my favourite thing to infuse into cakes now, because that mousse was just so tasty.

Back for a second time in two weeks. Nesuto's cakes are so lovely and light on the palate i could stomach two on my own at a go. The goma was a delicious black sesame cake with fluffy chiffon interspersed with decadent sesame cream. I think this has got to be one of my faves.


THW's also becoming hipster and introducing oozy stuff like this sesame pastry with molten salted egg. That chewy pastry was great but the molten egg yolk stole the show.

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Fried milk custard, where have you been all this while? Why dont more dim sum places serve this item? A deliciously wobbly milk custard encased in a deep fried crust. So so good.

Unfortunately they've been increasing prices but quality of ice cream goes the opposite direction. A double scoop wouldve cost $8.50 so we went for burpplebeyond's 1 for 1 waffle with double scoop despite a fat belly after Fat Belly.

Waffles lacked the buttery fragrance and ice cream felt a little airy - something I would expect out of a generic tub rather than an ice cream palour. At least they had pretty interesting flavours like this speculoos and hokkaido milk.

Just to complete that holiday experience, cheers to an ice cold glass of grapefruit juice. Pretty decent and refreshing with the ginger adding an interesting twist to this concoction.

Huge cups of sin. The ondeh ondeh one was delicious with coconut ice cream and pandan sauce with crunchy coconut flakes. The apple pie with cheesecake ice cream got a little cloying because it was really thick. Still really good value, especially with #burpplebeyond.

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I like Apiary's waffles, which are of the lighter and crispier variety. Goes well with their ice cream which are also light on the palate. The blue milk flavour is worthy of a mention because its slightly milky, sweet, salty and very refreshing.


A saccharine dessert suited for those with super sweet teeth. Tasty on first bite but got cloying soon after. Best for sharing. Is it just me or is the texture a little rougher than it was a couple of years back?

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