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Featuring Three Buns (The Quayside), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Orchard), Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Republic Plaza), Ministry of Burgers, HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Boat Quay), McDonald's (*SCAPE), McDonald's (Fajar)
Jerlin Tan
Jerlin Tan

The burger is 👍🏼 as I disliked those beef burger which has gamey smell. The combination of bacon & pickles blended well with the beef patty. I read online that the Pandan Shake is extremely sweet hence I decided to give it a miss and ordered fifty/fifty which is half lemonade & half ice tea. I find the cheese fries average but definitely better than KFC cheese fries.
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Utilised Chope $12 deal before it expires mid of this month. Ordered a double up with extra chicken breast patty since a burger is filling for both @inezzkly & me.
#HansImGluck #Henne #MintAndElderflower #Burpple #Chopesg

This is the latest outlet and we have visited all 4 outlets. Bought the $12 Chope deal which comes with a burger and thirst quencher set. We ordered the Hans Im Gluck burger and added additional patty for sharing.
#HansImGluck #Burpple #Chopesg

Fries are crispy and match well with the house sauce given. The milkshake is just right and not too thick. Set is quite pricey if not utilising the 1 for 1 burpple deal. Only 2 choices to choose from for the burpple set hence I doubt will return again.
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It's so worth when normal price is $5.90 per burger. The meat patty is much thicker than the pasar malam ramly burger and we are so full after eating the double layer burger. Fries tasted like it's sprinkle with curry powder and the MOBRefresher is Lemonade with cucumber which is so refreshing.
#MinistryOfBurgers #Burpple #Chope #RamlyBurger #NasiBriyaniFries #MOBRefresher

Shared a set and ordered double up. Their onion rings are so good with the worzige grill sosse. We only paid $5 to redeem the chope voucher worth $50!
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Merely McChicken with curry sauce and the sauce is pathetic.
#Macdonalds #BreakfastCurryBurger #Burpple

Meat up is sufficient for 2 pax. WB say nice burger is hard to find and this is one of the place with yummy burger.
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