Eating in Japan

Eating in Japan

Food i ate in Japan. I love Japan. A lot.
Nathanael Foong
Nathanael Foong

last bowl of ramen before flying home. the tsukemen at rokurinsha has a robust pork-based dipping broth and thick noodles that hold the soup like a champion. i still prefer the tsukemen from kataguruma but for an airport joint, these are pretty legit. see you again, japan!

with 25% cream within this soft serve, you KNOW it is bound to taste rich. and it lives up to its name. rich and creamy, it pairs perfectly with the biscuit cone that crumbles at the slightest bite. lovely.

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for ¥1080 ($13), you get a bowl of tendon topped with two prawns, a hulking slab of anago (conger eel), an oozy tempura egg and some vegetables. the tempura is fried to order and is crisp and delicious. there’s no ventilation in the shop though, so you’ll end up smelling like sesame oil when you step out. an excellent bowl of tempura, nonetheless!

niboshi (dry baby sardines) ramen is the speciality at this branch of nagi, located in the seedy golden gai area. there two kinds of noodles: flat sheets that resemble wanton skins and medium-thickness ramen. the richness of the soup comes from the shoyu base, fortified by dried sardines which add earthiness and bitterness. a very slurpable bowl of ramen indeed!

the person who came up with egg sandwiches should be given an award. and the person who decided to coat the egg in panko and fry it should be given a medal. crunchy breadcrumb coating meets delicate, wobbly egg meets pungent mustard and soft white bread. out of this world.

juicy wagyu cutlets breaded and deep fried. if that doesn’t make your mouth water, i’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

the smell of freshly baked bread is irresistible. pair that with a crunchy, sweet crust and this is the best melon pan you can get anywhere, hands down.

with seven levels of matcha ice cream and a 2 step queuing process, i’d argue that the ice cream here is quite overrated. sure, the matcha is rich and bitter. but is it worth half a day of your time queuing twice?? i don’t think so.

fish in a bowl sounds slightly... fishy. but after you try this bowl you’ll be hooked. sea bream broth is mixed with tonkotsu to produce a smoky, fishy, meaty broth. pair that with house-smoked chashu, an egg injected with sea bream oil and greens and you have an excellent bowl of ramen.

one of the other dishes i ate for the second time in japan. beef, poached egg, spicy sauce, spring onion - this is quick, affordable indulgence that i’d eat for breakfast any time!

short rib, tongue and another cut of beef. all for 990 yen. ($12) there is no chance you will get beef at that price in singapore. the short rib is rich and fatty; the tongue is chewy and meaty - this was a delicious meal.

i had absolutely no idea you could grill onigiri and it would taste so good. it reminded me of the crispy burnt bits at the bottom of a claypot dish, except that they took all of that and turned it into a riceball. an absolutely amazing find.

food for foong.

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