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Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Deals

Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Deals

The meals I have had where I got to save money and enjoy even more!
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

Good things must share!
From 22nd April to 4th May, you can enjoy this 1-for-1 deal with #BurppleBeyond at “Meatsmith Little India”.
How awesome is this - a mouthwatering combo of crackling-skinned suckling pig and aromatic nasi biryani. The usual price of this main course is $48++ so that’s pretty amazing value right there.
Being brined and smoked on site before it goes on the tandoor grill has the meat of the suckling pig superbly juicy and tender. It pairs really deliciously with the fluffy, flavourful rice.
This promotion presents the perfect opportunity to gather a few good friends for some serious feasting, don’t you agree? Do note you’ll need to hustle though because this #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 deal is only available for 2 weeks.

The 1-for-1 Set Meal with Burpple Beyond is excellent value for money (it costs only $59++ for 2 pax instead of $118++), and includes huge, sashimi-grade Hokkaido oysters dressed in mentaiko sauce and aged shoyu to start. This is followed by an appetiser of Torched Mentaiko Scallops before the main course of Wagyu Sukiyaki Gyu Don is served.
However, if you like a chunkier mouthfeel for meat, I suggest upgrading for a few dollars more, to one of their Signature Torched Wagyu Beef Bowls. The preparation ensures a nice char on the outside while retaining the all-important juicy tenderness within.
The Origjnal suits me very well as I love tasting the beef in all its glory of but the Mentaiko sauce-topped one is ideal for those who enjoy a rich and umami creaminess with theirs.


#OysterPorn #ScallopPorn #WagyuPorn #Eggporn - yup, Waa Cow has them all.

The #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 Set Meal at the Marina One outlet of Waa Cow is excellent value for money because before the main course of Wagyu Sukiyaki Gyu Don is served, you get huge, fresh, sashimi-grade Hokkaido oysters dressed in mentaiko sauce and aged shoyu, followed by an appetiser of Torched Mentaiko Scallops.


According to owner Souren, everything at “Butter and Spice” is cooked to order by his chef who hails from Orissa, India.
We loved the aroma and flavours of all the dishes we had. And thanks to the 1-for-1 Set Meal deal I redeemed on Burpple Beyond, it saved us close to $40.
After we finished our appetiser of Fish Tikka which we really liked, our two mains of Curry Fish and Chicken Masala arrived. The former was unlike the usual South Indian style and had its own unique fragrance perfumed by mustard seeds, coriander and cumin. We couldn’t help but splash a lot of that gravy on our basmati rice. If you can handle the heat, you will relish the Chicken Masala like we did. The thick, spicy sauce was so good eaten with the freshly baked naan.
Dessert was the classic Indian Gulab Jamun but what made the one here stand out was the ginger I tasted in the syrup. Yums!


My dad and I chose this to kick off our 1-for-1 set meal, an offering on Burpple Beyond worth $39.90+. We both liked it a lot because the dory fish was cottony-soft and well-marinated. Each of us were served two large pieces of it and to accompany, a yogurt dip as well as finely-cut cucumber and raw onions.


My dining partner’s choice of the “Pescado Veracruz”, a classic fish dish of seabass prepared with tomatoes, green olives, capsicum and capers, was basically free. This is because I had ordered the more expensive “Angus Ribeye Fajita” ($38++) and since I can enjoy 1-for-1 for the mains at “La Salsa” with Burpple Beyond, I did not have to pay for the lower-priced of the two.
I must say, the presentation of the fish was quite dramatic with the boneless piece of seabass laid in the curve of a giant flaky cracker. It turned out to be a pretty filling dish as there’s Mexican rice and refried beans served together. Flavours were bold, bright and tasty.

I love a good steak so the automatic choice of protein when I ordered the Fajitas was the Angus ribeye. But admittedly, the other options of the signature Wagyu meatballs, Berkshire pork, chicken, seabass, tiger prawns and vegetables were very tempting too.
The beef that arrived looked like it weighed at least 200gms or even slightly more, and was quite thick. It smelled so good sizzling on the hotplate with soft capsicums and browned onions that I could feel my mouth watering.
Eating Fajitas is always fun, don’t you agree? The process of taking the pieces of meat and rolling them up in the tortilla (the set comes with 4 of those in a separate container) with a bit of the guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese and jalapeños is enjoyably interactive. But the most important bit is whether the taste makes the cut, and despite the beef being a bit more of a medium than my preferred medium-rare, it was tasty, juicy and still tender enough. So La Salsa gets a thumbs up from me.
By the way, this place is on Burpple Beyond, so you can enjoy 1-for-1 for mains and tacos here as well. Honestly, the savings is very attractive.

My first ever visit here resulted in big smiles due to two reasons.
Number one: the Gyu Don we had was really tasty. The thinly sliced beef laid on top of the rice had been sautéed with enoki mushrooms and onions in a lip-smacking sauce till nice and tender. An onsen egg, always a welcome sight, simultaneously boosted the level of attractiveness and enjoyment. Ditto the crispy golden slices of garlic.
Reason number two: As well-priced as it is at $13.90 originally, with #burpplebeyond’s 1-for-1 deal, this Gyu Don becomes ridiculously good value.
All I can say is I’m so glad this casual Japanese restaurant has two outlets in Singapore right now where you can savour this - they’re located at JEM and Bugis Junction shopping malls.
And by the way, in case you’re thinking about doing some Christmas shopping, I’d like to suggest a little visit to the NEW “Burpple Beyond Online Gift Shop”.
Everyone you care about deserves to enjoy good meals in a smarter way all year round (at over 300 merchants to be specific). Or for a 3-month period. Your choice 😊.
#shoplikeaboss #nogiftwrappingneeded


Had to stop to take this shot. Just look at that cross-section of the “Truffle Lobster Roll”. Nothing but juicy pieces of lobster flesh tossed in a truffle butter sauce, followed by a topping of truffle caviar and shaved black truffle. All stuffed into the warm embrace of a super soft, warm, buttered bun.
At $68++ for this lobster roll, I have always considered it an expensive indulgence but with #burpplebeyond’s 1-for-1 set deals, it is unbelievably good value.
Yup,,@pinceandpints Katong is now one of the 200 (this number is ever growing) restaurants on Burpple Beyond, the premium dining membership programme.


“Baek Jung” is an offspring of a parent restaurant company in South Korea, and is run by a group of friendly, enthusiastic young Koreans.
Four of us lunched there recently and after using two of our Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals there, only paid $55 in total (or $13.75 per person). Which is a real steal considering we ordered two stews (both are actually sized large for sharing), a seafood pancake and a plate of beef bulgogi. To be honest, we didn’t even manage to finish all the food.
Filled with quite a lot of thickly-sliced pork belly, the Kimchi Pork Stew ($25+) wasn’t that spicy and leaned towards the slightly sweet side. It’s good for those of you who find the very spicy versions elsewhere too overwhelming.
In comparison, the savoury Beef Brisket in Soybean Paste Stew ($25+) had less meat but was chockfull of potatoes, leeks and tofu.
I thought the BaekJung Seok-Seol Beef Bulgogi ($19+) with its fine slices of beef, had a really tasty marinade. In fact a few of us voted it the best dish of the lot.
The Seafood Pancake ($18+) was pretty decent too. There was a reasonable amount of chives and chopped up squid cooked into it. Texturally, it’s pleasantly chewy due to the amount of flour added in with the eggs.


Once I knew #BurppleBeyond was available at “Hotpot Heroes”, a new place in my neighborhood, I decided to have my next family dinner there.
The four-broths combo pot was what we went for and this is the combination we had: medium level Sichuan Mala (spicy, oily but tasty), Wild Mushroom (we liked its strong earthy fragrance), Beauty Collagen (neutral tasting but could be more “collageny” I felt) and Beauty Tomato (pleasantly sweet and easy to drink).
Because there were 6 of us, we could redeem a maximum of 3 X Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals. Our picks were the Meat Dish (U.S. Angus beef short rib + sliced pork belly), Seafood Dish (a whole golden pomfret + a bowl of asari short-neck clams) and Handmade Dish (prawn paste with ebiko + mixed balls platter). Of course we couldn’t resist piling on other items that are mainstays in any respectable hotpot meal like luncheon meat, fried beancurd skin rolls, assorted mushrooms and vegetables.
I felt the overall quality of the food here was really decent - attractively presented and fresh in taste.
The mix-your-own-dipping-sauce section had an acceptable number of condiments to play around with but could have been topped up more promptly.
Service was earnest and sincere but as this place is very new, things weren’t so smooth-running yet and the staff were slightly slow to respond at times. However, I am sure things will improve very soon since they all seem to have a positive and good attitude.
I must admit I felt a bit thirsty when I got home and when I woke up this morning. Not sure if that is due to MSG in the soups or my overzealous attack on the luncheon meat 😂

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The moment we knew Ninja Bowl was available on #BurppleBeyond, a group of us made a beeline there for lunch.
Shown above is one of the two sets we ordered - the Mushroom Truffle and Niku Ragu linguine (usual price: $14+ each) along with a cup of tea (usual price: $7+ for one). They offer 4 types and we chose the Earl Grey and Honey Yuzu which were lovely.
The pastas got our immediate thumbs-up. Although cooked to a perfect al dente, they aren’t done in classic Italian style but modified to better suit local palates with a fusion twist. And without a doubt, hit the sweet spot they did.
Whether you’re vegetarian or not, I think the Mushroom Truffle is a great choice. It’s very tasty with plenty of garlic and plump, juicy mushrooms that are infused with an irresistible smokiness.
The Niku Ragu is a touch sweetish and a little richer. Adding an onsen egg for customers to stir in with the finely minced beef bolognaise braised in Japanese curry is just brilliant.
Since we used #BurppleBeyond’s 1-for-1 deal, we ended up saving a pretty bundle.


Can't cook to save my life but boy, can I eat! 😄 (I pay for all my meals unless otherwise stated)

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