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Japan Eats 🇯🇵

Japan Eats 🇯🇵

Featuring Kuromon Market (黒門市場), 錦市場 (京都錦小路商店街 / Nishiki Food Market), Ichiran 一蘭 (Shibuya), Edogawa Naramachi 江戸川 ならまち店, 中央市場 ゑんどう寿司 Endo Sushi, Mutekiya Ramen Ikebukuro, gulp gram garden, キムカツ 恵比寿本店 (Kimukatsu), 京豆庵, Belgian Manneken Waffle
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim

Only available in Japan mcdonald menu. Ebi fillet patty that was deep fried till golden brown. Shrimp meat was quite generous and pair with sesame bun. Almost missed this out from the japan food reviews till today 😅

Is a torture to wake up at 5am just for a sushi. But rest assure that you will never regret. IT IS DAMMM GOOD!! Sushi are all made handmade with super fresh ingredients in front of us, you can even see the soft clam is still moving~

Had this at their previous shop when Tsukiji Market is still at their original site. Not too sure how is the store now but i hope they still maintain their superb standard 👍🏼

Custard cream topped with matcha ice cream and cheesecake. Nothing too fancy, but it completes my dream 😍

Almost an hour q at the road side before being offered a seat. Char siew is tender and juicy but not jelak despite the layer of fats. Love the onsen egg, instense flavour of molten yolk. But we are not lucky enough to get the bowl with the words at the bottom though.

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Finally get our hand on this mochi after 3 return visits to fushimi inari. On our last day before we left, we had to give it another try and we really got it! Chewy balls with crispy outer layer and sweet suace filling. Gd hot snacks for our long train ride back to tokyo

Was craving for some sukiyaki and was being introduce to this sukiyaki store by one of my host in tokyo. Superb service with great taste. The staff will cook the beef in their specialty sukiyaki sauce infront of your and serve it. Had their summer kaiseki set menu but their sukiyaki was one of the highlight over here!

Who would have not known Ichiran and it was a must eat to everyone whom travels to Japan. Really nice and simple bowl of goodness with springy noodles with thick and rich soup. No wow factor or any other surprise, just simple and nice

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Some snacks that we bought from the famous nishiki market in kyoto. From fresh oyster, matcha soft serve with warabimochi, black sesame fried bun to kinako latte, egg n bacon sandwich, apricot jelly and daifuku.

Food that worth to shout on:

1) Black Sesame Fried Bun - oily on the first bite but the strong black sesame flavour comes after that is really worth the calories!

2) Uji Matcha Soft Serve w Warabimochi - not the most fantastic warabimochi but the uji matcha taste was really strong and gives me a oomp!

3) Oyster - freshly eaten out from its shell with no addition seasoning. Clear and fresh taste of seafood.

Ordered the original curry with hamburg using their ordering vending machine and proceed to their bar-counter seats to wait for your food. The obansan will then serve the piping hot food once it is out from the kitchen. Hamburg with curry sauce was served separately with the rice and comes with a bowl of miso soup. Hambug steak was larger than the usual ones i ate in Singapore and the curry was way much fragance and nicer than what i had in local stores.

Nice presentation from this dessert store in Gion. Warabimochi was served with shaved ice to keep it cool. Comes with a side of black sugar sauce and kinako powder with a nice flower shape.

Chilled warabimochi have to be taken out and place in the mixing plate together with the kinako powder and dip it into the black sugar sauce before popping into your mouth.

Beside good presentation, taste wise, the warabimochi does not have any taste on its own but the texture is really soft. And we can customise the taste to our own liking, so why not order 1 and try yourself when you are there?

Famous sweet parlor in the Gion district that serves atas desserts. Mochi served was quite hard and we have to grill it before dipping into a bowl of hot red bean soup. Quite a unique experience only in kyoto.

Known as yatsuhashi, and this is the raw and unbaked version. Soft and mochi-liked texture skin that is wrapped with red bean and match paste. They have another baked version, which has similar texture as a cracker.

How to eat and still stay in shape? 🤔

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