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麻辣 // Mala Edition 🌶🌶🌶

麻辣 // Mala Edition 🌶🌶🌶

This can be sooooo addictive!! Don’t you agree??
Wendy Huin
Wendy Huin

Surprising find in our bowl of mala today! The luncheon meat was turned into spam fries and our fish fillet turned out fried! Super shiok!! Went for 大辣 but I feel the spice level could go even higher! Still, super bombass, I love it! ♥️

Just the right amount of spice & numbness, a very enjoyable dish l’d say!!! And as usual, portion of seafood were pretty generous. Love it!


Love that you could control the level of spiciness that you add to your bowl! They have 5 levels in total, what’s your limit?
And to add on, the noodles were just the right texture and made the bowl so wholesome.. love ittttt!


I love my mala when black beans are added! I feel it’s much more flavourful that way.. love the amount of sauce that continues to soak the ingredients while you’re at it!
What we ordered: 2 servings of noodles, enoki mushroom, luncheon meat, taupok, potato, sausage & beancurd stick.. all add up to an amount of $10.80!
But with the Kopitiam card, we only paid $9.70 for this bowl of goodness!!! 😱😱😱

We chose the medium portion with medium spiciness level.
You can choose from the list of toppings you want to add into your hot pot! We chose konjac, mushrooms, QQ noodles, vegetables, quail eggs, radish, beancurd skin, taupok, and sausages..
The soup was quite addictive and left me craving for moar!!


Really hooked on this because the spiciness level is always on point! The only thing is that you have to choose wisely what goes into the bowl, or else it’s gonna cost a bomb! Definitely have to try out the variation of noodles they offer! 👍🏻
Usually I will go for the chewy noodles, rice cakes, emoji mushroom, taupok, luncheon meat/fish, long bean/xiaobaicai, instant noodles! (1-2pax to share)

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Full-time good food expedition! 🌈⭐️🔮🦄✨ 📷 IG: @dypenhuin

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