New eatery!!

New eatery!!

Try all things new & share them all (good & bad here)
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

The first time we try ‘Shan Xi cold noodle’ or ‘Liangpi’ was in Chinatown (more about this in another post). We are hooked since and search high and low for the same dish. When we heard that this ‘Shi Xiang Ge La Mian Shaved noodle” (a new eatery above Bishan Bus Interchange hailed by ex-Crystal Jade Chef) has the same dish, we simply have to try.🤩
The ordering and queue at lunch time on Friday was not so bad. It took us only 7 mins to be called by their e-ticket machine. The commuting then took us another 20 mins and since this is a cold dish, we just guess this doesn’t affect quality and taste of the dish. ‘Shan Xi Cold noodle’ is a very simple yet so satisfying dish with only 3 ingredients: noodle, wheat gluten(Mian Jin) and sliced cucumber (served with sauce made with salt, vinegar and chilli oil) . They just nail it!! with the sweet, fiery yet aromatic herbal sauce. 🔨 The white flat noodle is simply addictive and absorb the not overpowering sauce so well. We will skip the praising bits and let you try! 🤟😎

🍘“Eat good | Feel good | Think good”🍙
We are always up for a new Japanese dish concept and this time our table turns to for its new Japanese sandwich concept: Japanese style sandwich “Onigirazu”🤟

Onigirazu is a play of word between “onigiri” (rice ball) and “nigirazu”(to not mold in one’s hand). It is a hybrid Japanese rice ball sandwich. Unlike a triangle Onigiri, you can craft what you like in your filling and the shape of sandwich comes in rectangular shape. We watch Angeline’s meticulous work on making these 2 sandwiches for us. One is a Bulgogi Beef with kimchi, red pepper and tomato (Thai chili sauce) and another is a vegetarian tofu pocket with yellow pepper, kimchi, omelette (wasabi mayo)🤩
It is a very straightforward process: Pick meat, sauce, then fillings (3 for onigirazu).
We enjoy this healthy sandwich taste and also they run 1-for-1 deal right now. We paid $6.50 in total for these 2 sandwiches (4 pcs as in pic).🤑
Special thanks to their friendly staff “Angeline” for explaining to newbie like us how it works. The only thing we wish they change is the cling film wrap that is quite difficult to peel when we munch on those sandwiches and opt for more environmental friendly package. 🍃

Been there on Friday night at 30 mins before food counter close at 9:30 pm. Walked around and settle for this dish. We found it slightly pricy for the quality we get as the same dish (same amount of duck slices) in hawker Centre will cost half. The dish is served with the whole head of Choi sum.

Much raved about ⭐️ Michelin star Chef with his noodle joint in Toa Payoh @ “Chef Kang’s Noodle’s House”
We ordered 2 sets of “classic noodle with char Siew & wanton” $5
✔️Springy noodle with plenty of sauce
✔️Extra side chilli and chopped spring onion
✔️Wanton soup (with 2 juicy wantons)
✔️Plenty of greens
✔️crispy Pork lard & nice slices of Char Siew
❓1 hour 5 min waiting time (too long we think) on weekday at 11 am
❓We are a bit divided on sauce (more than enough sauce coated the noodle)
It’s a really good value eat that satisfy us in both quality & quantity but we are hesitant to visit back any time soon due to waiting time.

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