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CBD Eats!

CBD Eats!

Food in the CBD to make work less boring!
Elizabeth Lim
Elizabeth Lim

Urban Mix is Vatos Urban Tacos’ healthier sister! Since their signature bowls were on Burpple Beyond, I decided to give them a shot. I had the Japanese bowl while my friend had the Mexican bowl.

Sadly, I didn’t enjoy mine that much. While their grilled chicken thigh was nice, there wasn’t much else going for this bowl. The soba was too soft (as are most sobas in salad bowls...) and their tofu was just unseasoned. The accompanying sauce (a sweet ponzu) also didn’t add much flavour for me. Overall a pretty disappointing bowl, although portions were very generous.

That being said, my friend enjoyed his Mexican bowl a lot - that came with pulled pork and guacamole, amongst things. Probably would suggest this bowl or other bowls instead!

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Tried the dry you mian here after seeing @veronicaphua’s review and it was really good! The noodles were nice and springy and went well with the sauce and clearly generous portion of ingredients. I must say that my favourite part was the fishball!! It was amazingly soft- probably the softest and best fishball I’ve had in my life. The meatballs were also great but the fishballs were definitely superior. Also, get the egg for 50 cents extra! It makes all the difference.


Another great CBD haunt, Katanashi has really affordable lunch time sashimi bowls for just $10! However, we decided to splurge and got the Hokkaido Bowl, which comes with thick slices of salmon, scallop, ikura, tobiko, crab meat, negi, and seaweed. The lunch set also includes a miso soup and coleslaw, so it’s really value for money. I loved the sashimi - it was fresh, generously sliced, and amazing. They really don’t skimp on anything here. (Our rice was just a bit mushy on this day, however.) Would definitely come here if I were craving for Japanese food during a work week!


This porridge is from the same store as the ban mian store and it’s not bad! I got the century egg and pork porridge and they were quite generous with the century eggs. For health-conscious people, they even provide a brown rice version of this porridge. Next time I get this, I think I’d splurge and add an egg just to top it off.

Featuring the awfully generous salmon bowl from Salted Plum! This was the first thing I tried when they were still back in their Chinatown outlet and it’s still my favourite. I love how big the fish they give is, and it tastes wonderful when paired with the nori mayonnaise (although I wish they had given more of that). With the runny egg and fluffy rice, it’s perfect. My only gripe was that my salmon was cooked a little more than I liked, but I think it was probably an off day for them, because my friend who went back a while after said that his salmon was cooked quite well.


Tried out DePizza and it was so affordable thanks to the 1 for 1! #burpplebeyond We had the Sashimi Pizza ($26) and 4 Hit Combo Pizza ($22), which consists of mushroom, bacon, pepperoni, cheese.

Amongst the two, I preferred the 4 Hit Combo, as it was more traditional and it was just brilliantly cheesy. The sashimi pizza was nice on the first slice, but after a while, it got a bit too jelak for me because of the mayonnaise base under the cheese, and the salmon sashimi which lent itself to a squishier texture. I must say that I much prefer salmon off pizza haha. That being said, my friends quite liked the sashimi pizza, so maybe it’s just my preference.

Another thing is that the crust wasn’t very exceptional compared to other pizzas I’ve tried at similar prices, so it was a rather underwhelming experience for me as a whole. Still, they have some really interesting fusion pizzas, like their nasi lemak and chilli crab pizza, so that would be worth a try!

Also, for CBD working people: you can call in advance and ask them to prepare your pizza so it doesn’t take so long! The lady on the phone was really nice and our food came soon after we arrived :)

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This dumpling you mian was decently nice. I had it dry and the noodles were really springy and good. Sadly, the dumpling skin was definitely way too thick, and even so, some of my dumplings had already burst before eating. However, I really liked the noodles a lot, so I may just try their normal ban mian instead in the future!

P.s. I affectionately refer to this foodcourt as “THE aircon food court” while working, because it’s really the only one that comes to my mind :”)
P.p.s. I do not advise eating this during lunch if you’re working because I had a massive food coma and was really struggling to stay awake, but go ahead if you think it’ll be worth it.


Tried the scallop miso don from Chirashi King Kong using the Plum app and the scallops were pretty good, especially with the miso mayo being charred a bit. However, the rice was a bit too sticky and moist tasting for me, and I could only really taste the truffle in the rice a few times. The rice is really quite unique though- I think it has tobiko, pieces of mushroom (presumably for the truffle taste) and a light touch of sushi rice vinegar for the stickiness? Overall worth trying.

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Great food finds, budget deals, and critical reviews! Find me on Instagram @whatlizhaseaten :~)

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