German Pork Knuckle & Sauerkraut

German Pork Knuckle & Sauerkraut

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Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

Initially I was hoping they’d have Beef, but the special for the day was Roasted Pork Belly. Given the options, I’d rather have the Pork Knuckle. Love the crisp crunchy crackling of the Pork Knuckle with the gelatinous parts along with the skin. The meat inside is tender and moist, although some parts of the meat that’s roasted with the crackling was too hard and dry for my liking.

Since we’re currently in this semi-lockdown situation, we can only order for takeaways. So, ordered 2 of their Single portion Pork Knuckle to-go.

This is my first time ordering it to-go and was pleasantly surprised at how the crackling was still rather crisp when got home to consume it. Also, they packed the food very neatly, and included their fabulous sauerkraut, grated garlic and mashed potatoes (beneath the knuckle).

Needless to say, the grated garlic and sauerkraut paired perfectly well with the superb Pork Knuckle! 😋😋👍

Was craving for their succulent Pork Knuckle. So stopped by to have this before heading home.
The main dish was 1/2 of a pork knuckle; and I decided to order 2 of it. I love how they do their pork knuckle - very crisp crackling, and tender meat, and full of flavour! 😋😋

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Since I’ve the rest of the day off (New Year’s Eve). Thought I’d come by Marche 313 to check out if they have their roasted Pork Belly, but alas they only had Pork Knuckle.

So one whole Knuckle it is! It’s still very good - crisp crackling with moist meat inside.

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After the dismal first try at their Jln Sultan outlet, thought I should try the one done by Toa Payoh outlet as recommended by my friends who have had patronised this outlet as very value-for-money - to get a whole knuckle at such price, at a neighbourhood Coffeeshop, and they do a good job in making the knuckle. I was initially hesitant thinking it might be a small knuckle.

It was a pleasant surprise when I saw the portion/size! And love the Hot crisp crackling! 👍

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Ordered this through delivery for our company year-end lunch. The crackling was still crisp after we started eating. Although, I think the previous packaging of the food was better - it was wrapped in aluminium foil, and the sides were boxed separately; the Pork Knuckle then was still piping hot when I opened up (as the foil helped retained the heat).

In any case, it’s still my go-to option for Pork Knuckle!


It has been a long while since I last came here for their pork knuckle. Was going for an event that’s located near to S-Cafe, hence popped in to have their best dish - pork knuckle.

I must say, this time, the pork knuckle served had superb crackling (from the last I had) a it was real hot and crispy and the meat inside was warm and tender to the bite! Usually, midway through the knuckle, the remaining half of the meat and crackling would have “cooled” and so the cracking ends up being a little chewy and meat is a drier. However, today it wasn’t so; but it could also be because I was seated at a corner where the aircon was not blasting like my previous visit.

Still thumbs up for their signature dish! Plus prompt customer service.

This was the other favourite dish of mine, of the dishes ordered at our company’s annual dinner gathering.
Crispy crackling with tender meat on the insides. Love the seasoned knuckle with the cumin spices, as it makes it a lot more aromatic whilst consuming it!

Came to try their special Bavarian Buffet spread, in line with the Oktoberfest. The most impressionable items my friend and I had were their Pork Knuckle and Saba (Mackerel) sashimi. We felt that the Roasted Lamb was a tad dry for our liking, and the rest of the items were as what one have had at other buffets/restaurants, in terms of taste.

I might return for this buffet! This Bavarian buffet is till 10 Nov 2019!

This time, arranged to meet a Friend here so
I get to try their Pork Knuckle at their restaurant itself.
It came already cut up, so, it was so easy for us to eat!
The crackling was fabulous and meat was flavourful from their spices.

The downside about the serving it pre-cut was that the meat cooked down real quick. This is by far my 2nd favourite place for poke knuckle! 👍

Came here to try their pork knuckle after having discovered their existence. Asked them what’s the size like for their S, M and L. The staff said S is for 2 pax, M is 3-4 pax. My friend and I decided to go for L as we were both rather hungry. Turned out, the portion was just about right for 2 of us.

The crackling was done well as it was able to retain its crisp even after the pork knuckle has cooled down. The meat on the other hand was ok, nothing to shout about. Also, I was expecting a bigger sized knuckle for the “L”; so I was a little disappointed when I saw the size when they served the dish.

Came here to try their Pork Knuckle.
I like that they cut the knuckle into 3 pieces so it’s easier for us to eat, instead of struggling to cut through the huge chunk of knuckle.
However, when I bit into the crackling, I tasted there was some flour coating which didn’t sit well with crackling, in my opinion. My preference is for a nit crackling of the skin with no flour coated. The other downside about it was the over-cooked meat - which made the meat at the sides all too dry.

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