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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

The Gula Melaka Pandan Cake ($6) from Joe & Dough does not look like much but it’s da bomb! The pandan infused butter cake is soft and moist. It is topped with a delicious layer of Gula Melaka (palm sugar) and a generous sprinkle of desiccated coconut - so good!

This is one fluffy Signature Roll ($6) from Flor Patisserie! The brown sugar sponge cake is super soft. I like that the brown sugar fragrance is strong without being overly sweet. The Chantilly cream looks like a lot but it is actually very light with a hint of Gula Melaka - delicious!

Stumbled upon a quirky and cosy cafe at Rangoon Road called Gather The Misfits. We ordered Ice Cream & Waffles ($13 for waffles with 2 scoops) to share and I really like the waffle that is slightly chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside. It’s a perfect match with Roasted Banana and Earl Grey ice cream, which are creamy and flavourful but not too sweet. The Flat White is smooth and not very acidic, which is my kind of coffee. There are also complementary boardgames and books to choose from, as well as a little shop inside the cafe. Lovely!

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Chocolat N’ Spice (#01-18) is an old-school muffin shop located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. On weekdays, the freshly baked muffins attract a long line of office workers stopping by for a post-lunch snack. I have tried 3 flavours: Banana Walnut ($1.30), Cheese ($1.30) and Double Choc ($1.50). The muffins are really good - they are soft, buttery, fragrant and because the turnover rate is so high, they are usually warm and fresh from the oven! My favourite is banana walnut - there are actual banana slices inside the muffin that are baked till soft. Love how comforting and wallet-friendly this is:)!

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I have always wanted to try one of those thick jiggly pancakes and I finally tried the Earl Grey Bubble Tea Soufflé Pancake($14) from Antoinette. The pancake is soft, airy and almost like a custard in the middle. The pancake is so light that it melts in your mouth instantly! I like that the Earl Grey creme chantilly and black sugar boba are not too sweet and the Earl Grey taste is quite distinct. Needless to say, the pancake was gone in no time!

The Signature Mille Crepes ($9.50) and Rose Mille Crepes ($9.50) from Lady M have been looping in my head all week long. The handmade crepes are layered with a light pastry cream that is not too sweet and the top layer is caramelised till golden. The Rose Mille Crepes is topped with a rose jelly and the cream is infused with a delicate rose scent. I love how light the Mille Crepes from Lady M are - definitely less jelak than a normal cake but no less delicious!


The Lemon Drizzle Cake ($4 per slice) from Tiong Bahru Bakery looks deceptively ordinary, but it is actually quite impressive. The butter cake (if I’m not wrong) is moist, dense and infused with the subtle fragrance and tanginess of lemon zest. Although it is quite expensive given the small slice, I wouldn’t mind ordering again on days when I need a little indulgence.

I pass by Tong Heng on my way to work everyday but this is my first time popping in for a post-dinner snack. The signature diamond-shaped egg tart ($1.90) is clearly what most people come to Tong Heng for. The tart is buttery, crisp and thinner than a typical egg tart shell - the delicate balance between firm and crumbly is commendable. The egg custard is soft like tofu, creamy in the middle, fragrant and not too sweet. I could easily pop a few of these! The baked Pork Bun ($1.90), however, is underwhelming. The flaky crust is nice, but the pork filling is too hard and sweet for my liking. Perhaps it will fare better if it is warmed up. Nonetheless, wouldn’t mind returning just for the egg tart, or the coconut egg tart that I did not manage to try as it was sold out when I went.

Had some cakes and coffee at Lola Cafe recently:) Hummingbird Cake ($5.60) is a banana cake with banana and pineapple bits, topped with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon powder. The cake is moist and fragrant, and the cream cheese frosting balances the sweetness of the banana cake. So good! Lychee Rosewater Cake ($6.50) is a rosewater vanilla sponge cake with lychee bits and butter cream. The sponge cake is soft and the butter cream is light, smooth and packed with lychee bits. The Latte ($5) is slightly acidic, but it goes well with the sweet treats. I love that there is a wide variety of desserts and beverages to choose from, and the fact that the food is good, the portion is generous and the price is reasonable. To top it off, the cafe is relatively quiet and chill as there are 2 units side by side to accommodate the weekend crowd:) What a gem!

Visited Sanity Coffee during the National Day long weekend to try out their National Day Special - Kaya Coconut Piakssant ($5). It’s actually less sweet than expected, which is great for me as I do not have a sweet tooth. The fragrant kaya spread goes really well with the generous sprinkle of coconut shavings, which gives it a nice texture. I also got myself the Sea-Salt Nutella Piakssant ($5). To be honest, I’m not a fan of chocolate but 这个我可以❤️ The sea-salt balances out the sweetness of the Nutella spread and the warm flaky pastry makes a pretty comforting snack. Completed teatime with an Ice Cafe Latte ($6) which is smooth and not too acidic👍🏻 This is how you restore your sanity over the weekends😎

Chasing away Monday Blues with an exploding salted egg yolk lava cookie, Volcano ($9.90 + $3.80 for one scoop of ice cream), from Creamery Boutique Ice Cream. The salted egg yolk lava is fragrant but not overly jelak - I like how it complements the brownie-ish cookie without overwhelming it. The black sesame ice cream is rich and smooth. Quite an enjoyable combination!

I have been a big fan of Madeleines and Financiers since I was a kid and I finally checked the financiers from Henri Charpentier off my wish list! The financiers ($2.50 per piece) are made with cultured butter from Hokkaido and aromatic Marcona and Fritz almond flour - one bite and I am sold😍 The financier is very soft, smooth and buttery on the inside. Though it melts in your mouth in an instance, the fragrance lingers on. The fluffiness is complemented by the golden brown, slightly firm and sticky texture on the outside. What an indulgent treat - would love to try their madeleines some day too!

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