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Featuring The Lokal, Masizzim ([email protected]), Rookery (Capital Tower), Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant (Amoy Street), Souper Tang, Smöoy (Downtown Gallery), Super Loco (Customs House), Jjigae Jjigae, VivoCity, Hantol Korean Restaurant
TW Teo
TW Teo

Pretty eye opening experience - Have never eaten anything like these before! A feast for the eyes and tastebuds 😍😋

One of my favourite pancakes and so underrated, slightly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside - this blueberry pancakes platter is only $11.90 and you can still use @burpple beyond with it! Plus it’s quiet so it’s super conducive for great meal conversations 😌
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Milk tea is a true addiction! Still had cravings for milk tea after coming back from taiwan, and had to try this brand which was all over Taipei.

Melt-in-your-mouth melon ice cream became melt in our hands - ice cream started melting all over our fingers and through the cone which disintegrated minutes into holding it. Very disastrous yet amusing attempt at eating ice cream 🙃 you can get the soft serve at one for one with #burpplebeyond

The one I frequent opposite this was packed with queues so we decided to give this a chance. It also had free flow eggs, equally tasty ramen and hearty broth! In fact the broth here is less oily!

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Who knew this hidden gem exists in the “middle road” of Bugis! I walked in expecting an atas experience but you would really be entering into a “teenage boy’s backyard”. Had a great experience here at @artichoke_sg I love how celebrity chef @bjornshen takes inspiration from everything he experiences and sees in his travels and dining - even when he faces criticism as to the presentation he still takes it positively and spins it around to give his food an interesting twist. And best part is the food is great!

Love to see more people taking their art seriously with a passion!

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Found a quiet affordable gem in Raffles City. Their crab meat pasta was not too generous in terms of crab meat servings but at this price point (plus lunch is one for one) i really have no complaints!


You have to get this if you are a truffle fan! As usual I can never resist taking photos with/of a bear 😄 featuring yummy truffle beef bowl from @rakkibowl which you can enjoy at one-for-one with burpple beyond

Hidden in UTown is this little cafe that serves really good food! Not too noisy on the weekends too, will come back and try their cake offerings in the future :)

Chilli crab potato skin with a great sunset view 😋☺️ imagine eating huge soft potato wedges with generous servings of chilli crab. food here was great with great vibes

Nakhon never fails! Even after becoming popular it still remains delicious and affordable no wonder there’s always still snaking queues! Order the pad Thai, kang Kong and basil chicken for sure 😋

The only dry ramen I’ve had and I love it 😋 Been taught to mix it up for a good 30 seconds to really get all the flavours in every bite

TW Teo

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