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Featuring Honolulu Café (The Centrepoint), Tuk Tuk Cha (Bugis Junction), Donergy
Peixian  🐶
Peixian 🐶

An unassuming storefront dishing up authentic and delicious Turkish food right in the heart of Millenia walk, Donergy definitely delivered to our pleasant surprise - freshly rolled dough and oven baked goodness of Turkish flat breads and their unique version of our commonly known pizza (Pide).

The greedy sloth in me had to have the best of all worlds, so I ordered the Mushroom Pide with additional spinach ($14) since all of them had cheese as their base. The well blistered dough topped with generous gooey melted mozzarella cheese proved a downright comforting treat to the tummy, which my polished plate rightfully proved.

The Beef Tombik ($8.50) came with a hearty portion of beef slices and mixed slaw which congealed together quite darn deliciously within the warm, fluffy and airy bread, which texture was similar to our leavened Naan bread.

Lastly, the hummus ($6) arrived chilled with nicely arranged triangular slices of what appeared to be the flatbread used for the Tombik, and was a perfect union eaten together. While I would have wished for a more creamy texture, this generous plate sufficed for its affordable price tag.

Best part? This eatery comes with NO gst and svc, and additional bonus is the good looking Turkish community who straddle in for a simple and quick meal in the midst of a hurried day 👀


Gloriously air fried fluffy thick toast slathered with salted butter, drizzled with generous caramel and chocolate sauce with honey, slathered with smooth slices of finely shaved coconut and topped with dessicated coconut alongside a large scoop of coconut ice cream; this dish was a pleasant surprise.

The toast whilst retaining its crisp on the outside, boasted such a pillowy soft interior which conjured such a medley of textures in the mouth - not forgetting the fragrance of the salted butter slathered within which greatly elevated the sensation.

What I was really impressed (or rather, surprised) by was the unexpected union of the chocolate and caramel sauces with honey. The caramel sauce had such an aromatic buttery fragrance it didn’t taste like those diabetic-sweet commercial ones, and everything surprisingly went well together without being cloying at all!

The only tiny feedback would be the coconut ice cream though, which tasted relatively artificial and flat compared to the intense flavor of the entire dish. However, that may perhaps also be attributed to how I requested for the ice cream to be served on the side instead of on top the toast - as I usually prefer to taste the individual components of the dish and prefer my toasts neat. Nonetheless, I can imagine how the ice cream will balance out and perhaps even elevate the rest of the dish if it were placed on top for a glorious mess.

Not the cheapest at $11.50, but worth a try for the intriguing medley of textures and flavors whirling in your palate!

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This is how you picture a perfect steal at $7.

3 slices of thick, warm-pressed toasts alternately sandwiched with fried luncheon meat, cheese and ham on the first layer; and a substantial thick portion of silky scrambled egg with tomato sauce drenched cabbage and tomato slices on another, this dish will satiate any remnant hunger pangs you may still have if you’re only consuming small bites like egg tarts alongside. Everything came together perfectly, and it was hot as there was smoke wafting out of every bite. Probably the first time I’ve had hot club sandwich as this dish tends to be served chilled. But this gets as good as it can get. Ignore the canned cocktail salad, however.

Sufficing as a sharing portion or as a main dish on its own, this is a must order for those who love their sandwiches and toast. I’d even go further to say, get this instead of the ‘signature’ pork chop sandwich.


Served with ham and cheese sandwiched between two slices of thick fluffy toast, coated in a floury egg mixture and deep fried till golden brown, this ham and cheese French toast was a substantial savory dish.

The toast slices were really thick, making it a filling dish. The ham and cheese within were nothing to rave about, but what was deserving to mention of this dish was the finesse by which it was executed.

Whilst looking like a seemingly innocuous deep fried toast dish, it was impressive that the toasts manage to retain their fluffiness even after being strewn into hot oil to simmer. That only reveals two things: the technicality with which the chef has deep fried it, as well as how fresh the toasts are.

At $5, this was definitely worth the price tag but be warned, it might get a bit jelat/filling so best to order for sharing. But if you’re not getting other dishes, this might suffice on its own. The butter and maple syrup served also complemented the dish well, cutting through the potential greasiness of the dish.

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An absolute delight to my quest for Boluo buns in Singapore! And I think I’ve got the answer right here and now.

These babies were baked to a magnificent crusty golden brown, with the sweetness of the crust complementing the fluffy and soft airy buns beneath.

The perfect mouthgasm arrives upon meeting the T H I C K slab of salted butter sandwiched in the middle of the bun, conjuring a medley of textures and flavors in the mouth. Concurrently salty, sweet, crumbly and fluffy whilst offering a substantial bite, these Boluo buns are perfect for anytime of the day!

Again, Honolulu has nailed this. I mean, just look at the thickness of that slab of butter. Where do you even see and/or find that nowadays?

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Bad with photos, good with f o o d

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