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Enjoying a chilling dessert after an entree is the perfect way to end a meal
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh
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Ordered their Durian Snow Ice & Honeydew Snow Ice for $7.90 each.

The Honeydew Snow Ice uses the actual Watermelon and Honeydew fruits cut into cube size which is good to refresh / cleanse throat.

The paste in Durian Snow Ice taste weird today as it is not creamy than usual. There is tracts of the seed still in the paste which can be unappealing.

Ordered their Unicorn Molten Cookie With Rainbow Lava ($10.20) & Matcha Molten Cookie ($8.80).

I would say they are creative but using Molten Lava Cookie instead of Cake but it doesn't really stand out. They also allow customer to customised the unicorn themselves. The taste doesn't really justify with the price.

The ice cream is not bad which can still give a try.

I ordered their Matcha Snow Ice ($6.90). They provide the azuki red bean which is not bad along with Nate De Coco & mini mango mochi balls. However, the main dish, Matcha Snow Ice, doesn't have much of the tea fragrant taste. I would suggest trying either their Durian or Yam which have their own flavour paste included.

Ordered 3x BlackBall Signature Cold Grass Jelly, 2 x BlackBall Signature Tofu Beancurd & Winter Melon Tea.

I tried the grass jelly is more flavourful and silky than Nine Fresh Desserts. The price matches the quality of it.

Spend a total of $15 after using the Black Friday promo code "FRIYAY" to get $23 off.

Ordered the 5 scoops of ice cream for $17.80. The difference between Ice-Cream Man and Friends compared to other ice-cream cafe like Udders is the price is universal for all flavours. They do not differentiate the premium flavours by its prices. Hope that there will be outlet in more centralised area.


The OMG Bingsu($23.90) consider of a mixture of Green Tea, Orea and Injeolmi flavour combined into When the order is ready, I was surprised by the Bingsu. The Bingsu was humongous. The Bingsu was shared among 4 pax and it was just enough for all of us.

Just to take note, it is only available from Mon to Thurs excluding Eve & Eve of public holiday.

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