Enjoying a chilling dessert after an entree is the perfect way to end a meal
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Ordered Classic ($9.80), Strawberry Cheese (13.50) & Mango Passionfruit Pancake ($15.80).

The most popular would be the Mango Passionfruit which most of the people ordered and I myself for the Classic. The Mango used is the big round mango. The type of mango is expensive and I'm surprised that they use this mango here.

I felt that althoughit hit the texture of the pancake, the flavour was quite lacking and the taste was mild. I eaten cheaper or delicious pancake than here.

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This is my 2nd time coming here and since we came on a Wednesday, OMG Bingsu ($26.90) was available which is available only from Mon-Fri excluding Eve and Public Holiday. OMG Bingsu is a combination of Matcha, Oreo and Injeolmi. Previously when I came, it was a few years ago and it was $23.90. I guess inflation has make unavoidable for them to raise the price. It is still worth it even with the price increase and the 4 of us had a hard time finishing it.

Ordered the Checkers ($11) as it seems unique and it was quite ordinary. Chocolate layer on top and sponge cake that was arranged like how a cheeseboard is like (similar to rainbow cake). For creativity, it was good but tastewise it was normal.

My friend ordered the Coffee Mousse & Chocolate Cake which taste better

Luna has been known for its cake and after our meal, we decided to go to Luna. I ordered the Orh Nee Cake ($8.80 after including service charge) and I feel that it taste kind of weird. On a bowl with the actual Orh Nee is alright but on a cake, it feels like it doesn't match. Is good that they try to be creative but I don't think it suit me.

My friends ordered the Chocolate Truffle Cake and Truffle which I find it is better.


Other than the normal flavour that mee jiang kueh offer of peanut, coconut and red bean, they offered unique flavour such as Belgium Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Black Sesame, Matcha, Oreo Cheese and Strawberry Cheese. ($1.80 each)

I ordered the Matcha & Strawberry Cheese flavour. The Matcha is good and a prefect fit for mee jiang kueh. However, the Strawberry Cheese taste weird.

I don't mind coming back again to try their other unique flavour.

First time trying Lady M and the setting of the area is elegant. I ordered their Signature Millie Crepe and I find it not bad but isn't the best I had. I feel that it is missing a n ingredient but unsure what it is.

My friends ordered the Strawberry Shortcake and Couronne Du Chocolat. The Strawberry Shortcake is light without being too overpowering while the Couronne Du Chocolat is rich in flavour.

Overall, the experience is good wouldn't try the crepe again.

Pancake with cheese and condensed milk. It cost $6.50 and it is something special in a coffeeshop. I would say it's not bad

Came here after a buffet to cleanse a bit of and order their aiyu jelly with longan or fruit pop ($4.80). It was refreshing and what I wanted to clench my thirst

After seeing this stall appearance a few time at Social Media, I decided to give it a try. The Banana pie ($2.50) is their signature.

I find that their crust is nice. The hand made their crust themselves and it is not overly sweet. However, I find that their Banana filling is ok and nothing to shout about. They put the whole banana and it can be gluey.

With their affordable price and delicious crust, it is good to patronise again.

Each of us order 3 different type of pancake; original, strawberry & green tea flavour ($17.90 each). Their souffle pancake is flavourful and fluffy as I expect from a place which is known for its pancake. However, the sauce they provide doesn't have much strong taste to it. The pancake is good but itself.

My friends and I bought three different kind of cakes (Chicago Cheesecake, Belgium Dark Chocolate & Thousand Leaves) for total of $21.

First time getting their cake and I don't think is that nice. I think chaterisa would be nicer and cheaper too.

When I introduce my friend, Tai Cheong, she mentioned that Tong Heng is better. Hence, decided to give it a shot.

The tart was crispy and the egg mixture is not bad. It is better than Tai Cheong.

This is easily the best egg tart I have

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