Enjoying a chilling dessert after an entree is the perfect way to end a meal
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Had the craving for matcha hence headed to maccha house for dessert. Had the Soya Pudding ($5.80), Mile Crepe ($7.99) and Maccha Latte ($5.60).

Soya Pudding the brown sugar syrup is too sweet for my liking. Likewise for the Maccha Latte too. However, the Mile Crepe they nail it and it was delicious.

The Mile Crepe is new in their menu and it is a nice addition which I would go for it again.

A store which need no introduction. After all the egg tart I have tried, this is the best egg tart. Tai Cheong might have the cookie skin which I like, egg is the most important so Tong Heng win one over on this point.

A different type of tart than their classic egg tart. The coconut tart ($2.20) has lots of real coconut bits in it compared to other coconut tart outside and does not have artificial flavouring.

I would say it is not bad but I still prefer the traditional one.

Came here for their Tutu Kueh after hearing about their extensive menu.

Had the classic flavour of coconut, peanut & kaya ($3) and the special flavour of Nutella, lotus biscoff, kit kat, dragonfruit and Bolognese Sausage ($3.50).

Coconut and Kaya was not bad. Peanut was quite dry. Nutella & lotus biscoff are familiar spread which hard to go wrong. Kit kat I feel that they should have crushed it so that flavour can be evenly distributed instead of leaving one whole bar. I can't taste the dragonfruit flavour at all. Bolognese Sausage is alright but weird in a tutu Kueh.

Muah Chee we bought the matcha and classic peanut. Peanut is the traditional taste and can't go wrong. Matcha I would say is a good attempt but don't really like it.

Overall, I wouldn't come all the way here just for it much less 45mins during the hype.

We ordered the Matcha Hojicha Latte and Hojicha Latte and Hojicha Petit Gateau and Goma Slice. All of these and very good high tea or dessert treat which would be better if dine in was allowed again


Went early to get their tarts and peanut mochi. Other than the walnut cheese which is price at $1.50, the rest are $1.20 each which is cheap given the location and the economy nowadays.

I ordered the total of 8 flavours which consist of peanut mochi, portuguese egg tart, strawberry tart, sesame tart, cheese tart, walnut cheese tart, orh nee tart, sweet potato tart.

Peanut mochi taste like the typical muah chee with a bit of orh nee inside.

Portugese egg tart does not have much to shout out about

Both strawberry and sesame tart have a bit of mochi inside the tart and top layer is their respective flavour which I cannot feel much flavour.

Both the walnut cheese and cheese tart uses the same cheese which I believe is cream cheese which I feel it delicious. I can feel much of the cheese taste.

Both the orh nee and sweet potato is paste type which have ginkgo nuts at the top too. At first, I expect the ginkgo nuts would be weird as the hard and flavourless texture would not fit in a tart. However, I was proven wrong as the ginkgo nuts was prepared in a way that compliment the paste instead.

I would rank orh nee, cheese and finally sweet potato as the top 3.

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Bought a few flavour ($11 for 6 pieces) and I would say having lava flavour oozing in a round like baguette is very unique. However, taste wise of the lava ooze does not have much flavour.

Went for the limited edition Hershey Chocolate Lava Pancake ($20.90) & Lotus Pancake ($18.90).

The Hershey Pancake ooze out when cut and pancake has hint of chocolate flavour. What stand out the most is the Lotus Pancake which uses the original pancake which is eggy and salted buttery at the same time.

The original is still the best.

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Ordered all 10 x Munchi Pancake which is all the flavour available in their menu. For the first time, I was lucky enough to grab charcoal and green tea skin for their Munchi. Each have their uniqueness and I like Matcha the most.

Bought the Signature Matchaya Parfait ($16.90) which consist of 4 flavours; Matcha, Hojicha, Milk and Sesame. All the soft serve is nice and good if you wish to try all 4 flavours

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My friend and I decided to forgo a normal dinner and decided to have ice cream and waffle instead. My friend ordered lavender and pistachios ice cream with charcoal waffle while I got blue milk and matcha with buttermilk waffle. The waffle is thicker than I expect hence good as a dinner replacement. My friend's lavender really taste like the air freshener you usually smell and feels funny on the platte. The rest of the ice cream is generally good. I don't mind coming again for such nice dessert place and nice cosy environment to relax only non peak hour.

Ordered Matcha & Strawberry & Milk & Sakura at $6.50 each. Matcha & Milk is both nice. Strawberry is like typical strawberry flavour in those supermarket ice cream and Sakura got a bit of hint of sour plum flavour.

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