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Damansara-Mont Kiara-Hartamas-TTDI

Damansara-Mont Kiara-Hartamas-TTDI

Featuring The Red Beanbag, FLOUR, Fin, The Fat Fish (Mont Kiara), BreadFruits (Sri Hartamas), Foo Foo, Dotty's (TTDI), Wicked Pancake Parlour, Rubberduck, Plan B (Publika Solaris Dutamas)
Serena Ho
Serena Ho

The dal makhani comes with garlic naan. The dal was really fragrant and flavourful. Nothing outstanding though.

This is RM30.

The kebabs were really tender. That with the onions drizzled with lime juice, perfect. Wish they gave more onions though.

This is RM34.

A change from the usual squid ink pasta. It comes with soft shell crab too.

So you get squid ink rice fried with chopped long beans. The rice was a bit mushy for me. It also doesn’t have much taste, probably needs to be eaten together with the soft shell crab. There was also a fried egg, which wasn’t the usual type that you get. This one is kinda tiny. Not sure I would have this a 2nd time.

This is RM28.

Not often you’d find a bibimbap at a authentic Korean restaurant without pork. This is one of it. The gochujang is thick. Came with 8 side dishes, 1 bowl of delicious soup and steam egg.

One thing I’ve always loved about this place is their kimchi. Sooo delicious! Can’t find one that tastes as good from the Korean marts.

This is RM23.

Not acidic for me, which is good. There’s a nutty taste to it which I like. Enjoyed it.

This is RM12. You can make it iced for an additional RM3. You can also add flavours for RM3; macadamia or butter scotch. If only they had milk options too.

This is a Naples style pizza. So the bread is thin on the bottom like typical Italian pizza but the crust is thicker.

Right amount of mouthwatering cheese, succulent fresh prawns lala with sun-dried tomatoes. This pizza was recommended by the server and I’m also recommending it.

This is RM42.

This is by far the most delicious salad I’ve had. The reason is that it made me forget I was eating salad!

LOVE the ice leaf they used instead of the usual greens. Refreshing like cucumbers and I love the crunchy texture. It goes very well with the flavourful blue swimmer crabmeat. It’s interesting that they put umami on chilled watermelons; savoury on sweet.

The plating is also very pretty. Looks like a colourful garden. I recommend this.

This is RM38.

Lovely environment. Good for date night or special occasions. Cooling as it’s surrounded by nature. Reminds me of Tamarind Springs.

Subak offers western and traditional Malay dishes. Since this is a Malay restaurant, I opted for the asam pedas ikan pari. The meal comes with stir fried vegetables and a tempoyak shot.

It wasn’t as spicy or as sour as I would have preferred it to be. The dish lacks punch hence a little disappointed.

This is RM30.

If you love apple strudel, check this out!
Love that the apple strudel is in a pouch-like pastry. Not too sweet and the pastry is flaky and light.

The ice-cream was really delicious and complimented the strudel very well. For max satisfaction, have the apple strudel and ice-cream in one bite.

This is RM29.

This is their version of smash avocado on toast. They add mushrooms and asparagus, perfectly cooked. You get to taste the natural taste of each ingredient as they don’t add any other seasoning; i.e. pepper, chilli flakes. Just some healthy balsamic vineger. Perfect portion.

This is RM29.

I love bagels! Happy to see this on the menu. This has tuna, sweet corn, mayo and cucumber. The bagel was fluffy. The mayo was just the right amount. Love the combo. The cucumber gives it a slight refreshing twist.

This is RM20.

This a non-caffeine drink. It’s a mix of turmeric and honey with milk. Really delicious. The sweetness level is just right and you don’t really taste the turmeric.

You can add a shot of espresso for an additional RM2.

This is RM12.

Mostly pescatarian IG @lattemeetschai

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