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weekend brunch

weekend brunch

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Fuel Plus+, NINJA BOWL, Tolido's Espresso Nook, Free The Robot Coffee, Philosophy Modern Fusion, Mellower Coffee (Bugis), Kafe UTU, Supply & Demand (Esplanade Mall)
May X
May X

This was an interesting tea selection, loved the refreshing taste of lychee! The oolong taste was a little too subtle, wished it was a little stronger! Also a cute touch to the whole experience is the hour glass by the side to signal how long before the tea leaves are soaked and the tea ready for drinking (3 minutes). I enjoyed this, along with the quaint and peaceful atmosphere of the cafe. Worth visiting for a quiet afternoon!

Pardon this non-photogenic shot but this went really well with the Liberian chicken stew! Slightly strong tasting, so it neutralizes the gravy from the stew.

The gravy/curry went really well with the basmati rice that was served with it, but couldn’t really taste the peanut butter that was supposedly in it. The chicken thigh was also really fresh and tender, and marinated well! Comfort food feels, and the portion was just nice - not too full or bloated after finishing it. Recommended for a simple meal here!

This slightly strong tasting mocha was definitely a highlight of my dining experience at Kafe UTU! Not too bitter (not a black coffee person) but also not overly chocolatey. The peanut butter on the edges also gave it a nice touch - something sweet and chewy together with the mocha. Will have it again!

Had this under their lunch express menu, which came with a bowl of beef stroganoff and a glass of homemade lemonade or soft drink. Added the garlic pork sausage for $6.90. The rosti was pretty average actually, but a good portion. The sour cream was too light that it was almost bland (not sour or creamy at all). The beef stroganoff was cold and the sausage was a little too dry. The lemonade was pretty good though! $9.90 for the meal was somewhat reasonable for the set but not the additional $6.90 for the sausage.

A decent cup of coffee at a reasonable price in Bugis area, in a cafe with a nice and warm ambience. Can’t ask for more for a quiet morning out.

The prawn was pretty fresh and juicy! Did not disappoint at all. The linguine was light tasting as well. Only wished there were more prawns as there wasn’t much to go around, but still a good dish if you aren’t too hungry!

The chicken meatballs were a pleasant surprise! Very soft, moist and big! Very tasty protein punch. The pasta was lightly cooked with a cream base, complemented the meatballs well. The portion was just nice too. Good meal!

Pesto scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, bacon strips, broccolini and mushrooms on toast. Unique choice of ingredients to put together on toast, very flavorful! Surprisingly everything went together just fine. Only wished the aroma of the pesto in the eggs would be stronger as it was rather bland.

Interesting idea to marinate the batter with maple syrup! Enjoyed these savory wings as the chicken meat was juicy and the batter not too oily as fried chicken wings usually are. Nice to start the meal with!

The pulled pork was surprisingly sweet and went well with the waffle! Interesting combination (:

This was so satisfying for so many reasons... the eggs were scrambled so nicely with creamy miso sauce and truffle oil! Also spotted a few types of mushrooms in this so you don’t get bored after a while. Don’t think the photo does justice to this!

May X

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