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weekend brunch

weekend brunch

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), NINJA BOWL, The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Fuel Plus+, Tolido's Espresso Nook, Nipong Naepong (Jem), FOOK KIN, La Petite Cuisine (Bukit Timah), Philosophy Modern Fusion, Tsui Wah
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Pesto scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, bacon strips, broccolini and mushrooms on toast. Unique choice of ingredients to put together on toast, very flavorful! Surprisingly everything went together just fine. Only wished the aroma of the pesto in the eggs would be stronger as it was rather bland.

Interesting idea to marinate the batter with maple syrup! Enjoyed these savory wings as the chicken meat was juicy and the batter not too oily as fried chicken wings usually are. Nice to start the meal with!

The pulled pork was surprisingly sweet and went well with the waffle! Interesting combination (:

This was so satisfying for so many reasons... the eggs were scrambled so nicely with creamy miso sauce and truffle oil! Also spotted a few types of mushrooms in this so you don’t get bored after a while. Don’t think the photo does justice to this!

Decent beef bowl, especially loved how the rice was drenched in a sauce that tasted like teriyaki. The meat was a little soggy, though.

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The duck meat is tender and good but I’ve had better elsewhere at that price. The creamy potato gratin on the side was really good though...

Had this on their last day of operations :( the rosti totally stole the show, the rest of the ingredients were average. Love the buttery taste of the rosti, which tastes even better with the sour cream.

$20 for a set meal with damn good mushroom soup (you can really taste the mushroom bits grounded into the soup, and I think there is a subtle truffle oil blended into it too). Loved this beef bowl because 1) the serving was too generous - there was more beef slices than rice! 2) the beef was so juicy and tender, medium rare done well! Will be back again...


Got this as part of the set lunch! Loved the buttery taste of the rosti! Dip it with sour cream (not pictured) and it will taste even better!! The sausages were average. The rosti obviously stole the show... t’was a good meal.


This came free when you order two pints of beer! Was fresh, and I especially liked the French onion dip that came with it! Brings out an interesting aroma from the fries.

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The lamb was really tender, and the yogurt was a nice touch to the dish!


Loved the cheesiness from this pizza! The elasticity of the cheese was really there. Was just a little disappointed that the vodka pineapple slices had no hint of vodka at all... the description was kind of misleading but the cheese and pepperoni still tasted good but nothing more than a good ol’ Hawaii pizza!

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