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weekend brunch

weekend brunch

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Fuel Plus+, NINJA BOWL, Tolido's Espresso Nook, Free The Robot Coffee, Outback Steakhouse (Orchard Gateway), Philosophy Modern Fusion, Mellower Coffee (Bugis), Kafe UTU
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Got this bowl as a set (comes with a soup and drink). The duck slices were tasty (not too chewy, and the skin nicely tender), and I always love how their rice is somewhat buttery, which makes it so fragrant even by itself. The onsen egg was nicely poached too. Definitely appreciate the quality of food maintained at this cafe!

Love the creaminess of the burrata very generously slathered onto the pizza!

These nicely decorated onion rings were nicely fried and tasty (albeit a bit too oily), good to share with a big party! Generous portion given but too much even when shared within the three of us!

Got this steak medium rare. The steak was firm and juicy, but not impressive and the seasonal vegetables were a little too dry. Was worth it only with 1 for 1 with burpple beyond!

Very worth for the price as the hotcake was just the right amount of milky and buttery! The vanilla ice cream also complemented it very well, especially when the hot cakes were freshly baked and toasty! The sunflower seeds also gave it a nice crunchy texture. Highly recommended and indeed a signature dish!

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Decided to try this pasta as it was one of their signature dishes as marked out on the menu, but unfortunately it was pretty disappointing. Could not taste any hint of truffle at all, and the sauce was just creamy. Preferred their scrambled eggs!

Added $5 to my ala carte meal for this soup and a drink. This soup deserves a post of its own because of how exquisite it tastes! You can definitely taste its freshness (worlds apart from instant soup). Also especially love the fragrance from a touch of truffle oil that had been drizzled into the soup. Very delightful bowl of soup to begin the meal!

This was an interesting tea selection, loved the refreshing taste of lychee! The oolong taste was a little too subtle, wished it was a little stronger! Also a cute touch to the whole experience is the hour glass by the side to signal how long before the tea leaves are soaked and the tea ready for drinking (3 minutes). I enjoyed this, along with the quaint and peaceful atmosphere of the cafe. Worth visiting for a quiet afternoon!

Pardon this non-photogenic shot but this went really well with the Liberian chicken stew! Slightly strong tasting, so it neutralizes the gravy from the stew.

The gravy/curry went really well with the basmati rice that was served with it, but couldn’t really taste the peanut butter that was supposedly in it. The chicken thigh was also really fresh and tender, and marinated well! Comfort food feels, and the portion was just nice - not too full or bloated after finishing it. Recommended for a simple meal here!

This slightly strong tasting mocha was definitely a highlight of my dining experience at Kafe UTU! Not too bitter (not a black coffee person) but also not overly chocolatey. The peanut butter on the edges also gave it a nice touch - something sweet and chewy together with the mocha. Will have it again!

Had this under their lunch express menu, which came with a bowl of beef stroganoff and a glass of homemade lemonade or soft drink. Added the garlic pork sausage for $6.90. The rosti was pretty average actually, but a good portion. The sour cream was too light that it was almost bland (not sour or creamy at all). The beef stroganoff was cold and the sausage was a little too dry. The lemonade was pretty good though! $9.90 for the meal was somewhat reasonable for the set but not the additional $6.90 for the sausage.

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