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Pizzas &Pastas

Pizzas &Pastas

Featuring Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), Mad For Garlic, DePizza, Spagtacular, Cacio e Pepe Cucina Italiana, LePak At Rayz, Da Paolo Bistro Bar (Rochester Park)
Pearlyn Chua
Pearlyn Chua

Pictured above is their Mummy's Assam Pasta! A lightly battered dory fillet topped on the assam pasta. The gravy packs a whole punch of flavours. Hits you strong with the sour notes, followed by the assam flavour. OH BOY, IM BLOWN BY IT! The noodles were cooked to the right texture - al dente!

With Burpple Beyond, this original price of $15 would be halved! Bring a friend along for this! The portion is really decent, slightly on the bigger scale šŸ˜Š

A halal cafe near the sultan mosque in Bugis area. The food here are reasonably priced and I don't even recall if they have anything above $20! No GST, only service charge. Do note that they only accept cash/grabpay.

My chilli crab pasta wasn't too spicy and had alot of crabmeat! At $17.9+, i would think that this is one of the more affordable crab pastas out there. Tastewise was not bad, but not fantastic either. My colleague tried their carbonara and loved it! Portion is decent and definitely won't leave you hungry. A place to consider if you're looking at halal options! Beats those that charge pretty exorbitantly (ard $30).


Was here for Burpple's 2018 Celebration!

Oh boy, they just served food endlessly to our tables! We tried many different tacos &quesadillas! They're all very well made, the flavours went really well together. Would highly recommend their kimchi pork quesadillas &baja fish tacos! Also, do give their dessert a try - nutella nachos! Little did i know that these corn chips can go so well with sweet ice cream! Pleasantly surprised.

They've quite a variety of craft beers from the tap too! This place is good for winding down on Friday nights!

Thin crust, crispy edges &generous amount of parma ham as well as wild rockets!

Usually pizzas elsewhere tend to have a thick spread of the tomato paste on the crust. But this one has only a thin layer of it, hence the pizza doesn't taste too heavy in flavour! There's parma ham in every bite and the rockets give your palate a good cleanse. This combi nv fails! We wished that the parma ham wasn't baked together with the pizza thou, we prefer them more undercooked to retain the natural aroma of the meat.

One of the lightest pizza i had, totally not jelat! I particularly love the crispy, airy edges. They've this scent of the dough.. sooo gooood~ &Not to forget, their chilli flakes are really spicy and fragrant! Go easy on that.

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The truffle cream smells mega rich yet the taste isn't overpowering like many other truffle-flavoured food out there! The scent is so alluring and only leaves us wanting more! The texture is similar to that of cream mushroom soup, coating the pasta well. Scallops are cooked to perfection, not overcooked with those dry flaky texture! We could also taste that the prawns are those sea prawns, not those frozen farmed ones! Fresh &succulent.

The egg pasta are cooked al dente but i wish they can be slightly more chewy (aka QQ)! This was my boyfriend's favourite dish! We even dipped the crust of the pizza into the leftover truffle sauce. FINGER LICKING GOOD!

The mushroom caps are stuffed with crabmeat &prawn, then baked and drizzled with gorgonzola sauce!

The dish exudes natural flavours &sweetness of the ingredients without being overly seasoned. Covered in a blanket of fluffy white sauce, the dish is being elevated to another level of goodness! This simple dish hits all the right notes &is my favourite dish of the night!

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They serve handmade pasta noodles (yay). Handmade ones always taste better cos they're fresh and has a better chew to it.

The noodles are tossed in a savoury crab sauce. The sauce exerts a light sweet taste from the chunks of crabmeat! Two thumbs up for this dish. A tip would be to share this dish with another friend as it's quite creamy.

Do get the calamari with charcoal mayo dip too! Fresh, chewy squid coated with a thin layer of batter. Squeeze the lemon and dip it into the charcoal mayo, YUMMY.

The nasi lemak pizza consists of the key elements of a plate of nasi lemak - ikan bilis, cucumber, sambal chilli, chicken chunks &egg. The dough could have been better, it tasted alittle bread-like at the edges.

The mussels are from local farms and are really huge! Taste wise, they aren't as firm &supple. The broth was in a cloudy brown colour, not the usual sweet and clear white wine.

The staff were really nice! We asked if we could be given more mentaiko mayo for our fries. They readily agreed and even told us to say "Stop" only when it's enough while they squeeze the condiment on our basket of fat fries.

50% for selected timings on Chope! &also, 1 for 1 pizza on Burpple Beyond!

Not a fan of garlic, but the tom yum pizza was a score straight into my heart! Heapfuls of coriander coupled with the shrimps on the thin crust makes it really palatable.

Light, not jelat! Totally unlike the other garlicky items on the menu :P


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