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Featuring Tong Heng Confectionery (Chinatown), Burger Buddies, Food Republic (Wisma Atria), Essen at The Pinnacle, Ollella (Takashimaya), DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central), Kopitiam (Changi Airport Terminal 3), CAFE O (Raffles Holland V), Mini One, O’TAH
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

This was indeed crispy. But it was too salty for me, and not spicy enough.

This really suited my palate. The honey lent a very slight sweetness and the soy chicken was the salty type that I love. So crispy too. But eat in moderation cos it could get really salty if indulge too much. Currently my fav potato chips.

First time trying pecans without it being baked in a cookie or a pie. Tasted very much like walnuts. They use resealable bags now, which is really useful for keeping the nuts fresh and crisp.

Crisp and crunchy roasted almonds. Perfect as a low calorie snack.

I just love these! So garlicky. There were bits of garlic inside as well and when I bit into them, they were like mini garlic bombs exploding. So so delicious.

I fell in love with their garlic cashews. When I spotted this almond version, I knew I gotta have them. And they were indeed yummy. Fresh crunchy almonds with bits of roasted garlic hmmmm. The garlic taste was on point, and the smell of them when I opened the pack was unbelievable. More savory than sweet.

These were crunchy and fresh. Nice roasted aroma. I wanted to use them for baking but ended up finishing up the whole bag while watching tv. Far superior to the ones I usually buy from supermarket baking section. Price was good too.

The cashews were coated in cocoa powder and they were not sweet, with a wonderful dark choc flavor. Best to finish ASAP cos they can go soft quickly.

Takashimaya B2 Food Hall

The shredded chicken was braised in coconut milk and spices. It was so good. Slightly sweet, and the more I chewed, the more juicy it became. Plenty of chicken inside. Rice was soft and filled with pandan leaf aroma. Part of the buy 3 get one free special.

Can last till next day in fridge. Just steam to make hot. I was only going to eat 2 out of the 4 I bought cos watching my carbo. But I ate them all! 😭

This was on a buy 3 get 1 free special. Lady at the counter told me they used chili padi, and yes it was indeed spicy. Tasted great! Rice was soft and filled with pandan leaf aroma. I really appreciated that the heh bi rice ratio was good. Other places had a lot more rice.

Went in for some Lemper Udang and was dismayed to hear that they don’t have it on Tuesdays. What they did have were soon kuehs! Never knew they sold this what a nice surprise. Sorry the pic was taken after I took them out of the fridge so they looked terrible. After steaming for 5 mins, they looked fabulous. As expected of Bengawan Solo, this was good quality kueh. Chewy and Q. The chili provided a spicy kick, and with the sweet black sauce, I had the perfect Singaporean tea break.

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One of the rare savory snacks from Bengawan Solo. Everything else seemed to be sweet. These were quite a good size, but the rice was a bit much. Good spicy level.

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