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Serena Ho
Serena Ho

The black sesame tastes comes more as an aftertaste. Despite being a cheesecake, it wasn’t really cheesy. The puffs on the sides are really airy. The cream on top is salted caramel. When you eat the cream and the cheesecake together, the taste balances out perfectly.

This is RM18.

This dish is pretty much a combo of the Chinese dish chicken with ginger and spring onion with pasta. There is also “siew heng” liquor in it, bit can’t really taste it. There should be more ginger and sauce to bring out the taste more.

This is RM20.

The dish originally comes with pork slices. As I don’t eat pork, they replaced it with mushrooms. The dish also comes with cherry tomatoes, egg and bird’s eye chilli. The pasta was perfectly cooked, wasn’t spicy at all but a bit salty when it cooled down.

This is RM20.

Pretty smooth with a slight nutty taste.

This is RM12.

The chicken tastes kinda bland without the mushroom sauce. The mash potato was good.

This is RM26.

The pasta was perfectly cooked. There can be a bit more seafood. Nothing stood out for me. I guess if you’re looking for a good plate of pasta in this area, this would be an option.

This is RM38.

This lasagna might look small but it sure was filling! The pork was perfectly cooked and there was a good amount of cheese.

This is RM24.

One of the problems for me at poke bowl joints is I don’t eat raw tuna or salmon. So am always happy to find chicken or vege options in the menu.

This bowl comes with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, red onion, jalapeño, corn flakes with teriyaki andnchili garlic aioli. You can also opt to have it as a sushi salad, sushi burrito (+RM1) or pineapple poke bowl (+RM2).

The ingredients for this bowl goes very well together. The spiciness comes from the jalapeño. Love!

This is RM16.90.


There is a good mixture of seafood and vegetables. It came with squid, baby prawns, green pepper bell, carrots, onions, cauliflower and long beans.

Taste wise is average. I like that they don’t overcook the vegetables so its still crunchy.

This is RM9.90.

I’m not a chicken rice fan but this stall sort of turned me into one. I have it almost every week.

The roasted chicken is delicious and fragrant. The owner roasts their own chicken at the back of the shop. This might sound odd but what I love the most is the chilli. Best I’ve tasted so far. 😍😍 The proportion of spiciness and sourish taste is perfect.

This is RM6.

So how does it work here? They don’t have a menu for their meat items. You go to the counter and choose what you want. There are pork, beef and lamb in the form of sausages, bratwursts, ribs, etc.

So choose what you want and they’ll grill it for you. The meat dish doesn’t come with sides. If you want, you’ll need to order separately from the menu above the counter.

The price varies between the meat items.


The mashed potato was fluffy. The sauce was great. Same sauce as the one that comes with the grilled meat.

This is RM6.90.

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