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Southeast Asian

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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

For dessert, we had homemade silken coconut panna cotta served with pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) and coconut crumble. I felt that the fragrance and flavour of each component did not really come through fully and this fell a little flat for me.

The braised mixed vegetables, beancurd skin and mushrooms is not bad, but I felt that it could have been more flavourful.

I am a fan of buah keluak and this dish did not disappoint. The chicken is tender and thoroughly infused with the nuttiness and fragrance of the buah keluak, lengkuas (blue ginger) and turmeric.

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This is definitely the star of the show for me🤩 The pork belly is simmered in an aromatic tamarind (assam) stew and it melts in your mouth instantly. This is super appetising and soooo good with rice.

I like that the emping chips are served warm and the crispy and slightly bitter chips are a perfect match with the homemade belacan mayo.

The fresh prawn, minced meat and water chestnut filling is well-seasoned, wrapped in beancurd skin and fried till crispy. This is really tasty, especially with the sweet sauce served on the side.

Sinigang is a sour soup cooked with tamarind (Assam) and the soup at Don Lechon is really sour. While it can be a little overbearing on its own, it does help to cut through the grease and strong flavours of the other dishes and it quite appetising. The milkfish is fresh, soft and not fishy at all.

Sisig is a dish that I will always order at a Filipino restaurant and this version consists of chopped lechon and onions on a sizzling hot plate. The runny egg ties all the chopped ingredients together and the acidity from the lime brings balance to the dish.

Bopis is not for the faint-hearted as it is actually chopped pig’s lung and heart stewed in a rich and savoury sauce. There is no funny pork taste, the pork offal has a nice chew and this flavourful dish goes very well with rice too.

Each piece of roast pork is thick, tender, juicy and surprisingly not too oily. The skin is super crispy and the pork is full of flavour. It comes with a sweet and savoury dipping sauce and this combination goes so well with rice. Hands down my favourite dish of the night, and possibly my favourite version of roast pork in recent times🤤

This is my first visit to Bara, an authentic Indonesian grilled rice eatery located at Icon Village, and boy did I had a hearty meal!

I ordered Ayam Bakar Betutu (Set C - $12.50), which comes with their signature Nasi Bakar (grilled rice), Balinese style grilled chicken with Sambal Matah (a mixture of raw spices in chilli oil), fried tofu and tempe, Melinjo crackers, salad and house-made chilli. The spice-infused rice is wrapped in banana leaf and grilled, which brings out the aroma of the rice perfectly. The chicken thigh is glazed in a sweet and savoury sauce and grilled till tender, and the Sambal Matah adds a nice layer of fragrance to the chicken. The house-made chilli (Sambal Tomat and Sambal Goreng) is really spicy and it gives the chicken, tofu, tempe and Melinjo crackers a fiery kick - shiok🔥!

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the grilled rice set as each component is well-executed, the flavours are on point and the portion is generous. Glad to chance upon this delicious and authentic Indonesian eatery that is wallet-friendly:)!

Moo Moo Thai Mookata is one of the most value-for-money mookata I have had in recent times! For 4 pax, we ordered:
- Moo Moo Meat Hunter Platter ($38.90)
- Vegetable Platter ($4.90)
- Mushroom Platter ($4.90)
- Thai Royal Pork Chop ($3.30)
- Signature Pig Intestines ($3.30)
- Tiger Prawns ($4.30)
- Squid ($2.40)
- Fishballs with Roe ($2.60)
- Tauki ($1.90)
... which amounts to $16.60 per pax only🤩!

The portion is really generous, especially the meat platter that comes with an assortment of meat (eg. pork belly, basil chicken, black pepper chicken, smoked duck), Thai fishcakes, luncheon meat, meatballs, crab sticks and hotdogs. The Thai Royal Pork Chop is very tender and the slightly sweet glaze goes well with the tangy and fiery chilli sauce. The pig intestines can be a little chewy. The vegetable and mushroom platters complement the meat items, and I like having my mushrooms grilled in the residual fats of the meat:) The soup, which tastes like corn, is sweet and flavourful. There is also complimentary ice cream at the end of the meal!

Overall, the ingredients are fresh, the portion is generous and the taste is on point. In addition, the coffeeshop is just a 5min walk from Paya Lebar MRT (Exit C)👍🏻 What an affordable feast!

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