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desserts 🍪🍨🍮

desserts 🍪🍨🍮

just because there’s always room for desserts after good meals!! ✨
yiting 🌻
yiting 🌻

with beyond’s 1-for-1 deal my family got two jumbo cups of gelato at ten bucks!! 😋😋 a total steal for quality gelato. the pictured flavours are blood orange, ube, green tea and dark chocolate. the ube wasn’t very outstanding but i thought the dark chocolate and green tea were really good!! the texture of the gelato was extremely thick, creamy and smooth—a perfect treat for a sweltering hot day. it wasn’t too sweet or jelat either and i would definitely go back for another round esp since it’s so worth ittt

finally got my hands on matchaya!!! was super excited to try it especially after all the good reviews and i was definitely not disappointed. the flavour of the matcha was super rich but slightly on the lighter side, not as burnt/smoky as i’d like it to be! i’m not quite sure why—perhaps it was overpowered by the sweet potato which i wasn’t very impressed with, to be frank. it didn’t particularly taste like anything, so i think next time i’ll just stick to pure matcha instead! i love the presentation though, and the whole feel of it is very premium. you can still taste something like matcha grains in the soft serve and i really like the thick & smooth texture!! it’s not too sweet and the biscuit went really well with it too. next time i’ll surely want to try their parfaits!!

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okay, declaration: this is the best damn ice cream i’ve had in my entire life 🤤🤤🤤 we dropped by on single’s day so there was a 10% promo for the croissant + ice cream! i tried three flavours—avocado (as pictured), toasted rice green tea and pistachio. the combination of the flaky, warm croissant and creamy avocado ice cream was absolutely heavenly. the quality of their gelatos are amazingly smooth and you can really taste the ingredients they use to make them. i loved the burnt taste of the green tea flavour and you can even taste the pistachio bits in the pistachio flavour! even as someone who doesn’t like avocado, i fell in love with the ice cream. i love that they make the gelatos themselves and use natural ingredients because they aren’t too sweet and taste generally healthy? and very very premium, of course!! the price is extremely worth it for the kind of quality gelato you receive. the staff were super welcoming and recommended us their signature flavours as well, which surely contributed to the experience. the interior of dopa dopa was very cozy and quaint as well!! i literally cannot describe how much i looove dopa dopa and you really should come down and give it a try yourself if you haven’t already. definitely will come back for more visits in the future!!! ❤️

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visited habitat last weekend and was pretty impressed with it!! i ate this really yummy beets bowl (?) and we ordered these pancakes ($14) for dessert which honestly blew me away. these pancakes are the right texture of airy, smooth and light all at the same time, true to their name! it’s very satisfying to cut into haha and they are soo jiggly and soft 🤤🤤 i think they are better without the maple syrup even though i usually love maple syrup heh. the vanilla chantilly cream pairs extremely well with the pancakes, though, and this is coming from someone who isn’t really a fan of cream usually!! the pancakes are fluffy and you can really taste the egg in them, i think they’re the right amount of sweetness and it doesn’t leave you feeling jelat at all. i could finish it on my own tbh. definitely worth a try if you head down to habitat 🥞

co+nut+ink’s premium nuts & fruits ice cream ($6.50) is the ideal dessert for a sunny day as it’s especially refreshing !! it’s a little on the pricier end for a single scoop but it also comes with a complementary cup of coconut water. the ice cream isn’t the creamy, thick sort, but rather it’s reminiscent of the thinner and thirst-quenching texture of sorbet. i’m not a fan of coconut in general but i do quite like this because the coconut taste isn’t particularly strong! the nuts also add a lot of crunch to what would otherwise be a pretty boring scoop of ice cream. there’s also a generous serving of coconut flesh on the husk if you wish to scrape it out and eat it as well. this isn’t an extremely outstanding ice cream, but it is relatively good for when you’re craving something light and icy. perfect for when you’re stopping by the beach!

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tried the kokopanda froyo with fave’s offer (2 for $4.90) and topped one off with mango bubbles (idk what they’re properly called hahaha)! the taste is pretty nice upon first try and the firmness and texture of the froyo is pretty good. it comes off a little sour to me and i really like that! the mango jelly were a miss for me though because they were too soft and sweet. they aren’t your typical chewy bubble tea tapioca pearls though, instead they kind of burst in your mouth. couldn’t really taste the difference between the two flavours! however i wasn’t really a fan of the weird aftertaste that you get when you eat a little too much of it, slightly nauseating hahaha. not bad, but has to be shared with friends (otherwise very jelat) 😋

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decided to give this monstrosity of a dessert ($35.50) a try!! topped this off with dark chocolate, earl grey, brownies & cream (premium, +$0.70) and yuzu ice cream. i wasn’t really a fan of the dark chocolate ice cream for some reason but i really loved the earl grey one!! the yuzu is worth a mention because it truly tastes very citrusy and refreshing but it was slightly overwhelming for me.

be sure to share this amongst your family/friends because it’s a really huge portion! we chose to top it with maple syrup and i think it was a pretty good combination. the waffles come in three flavours: classic, red velvet and blue velvet (however i couldn’t really taste much of a difference 😅). the waffles were more on the doughy side and slightly hard (not necessarily very fluffy), but it pairs well with the ice cream! didn’t care much for the marshmallows simply because i’m not really a marshmallow person haha but they do make the whole thing sweeter. a solid 3.8/5, mainly because it wasn’t hot (waffle pet peeve #1) and it was pretty dry without the ice cream. but still worthy of going back to eat again possibly (even just solely for the ice cream)!! wanna try their sweet potato waffles next time 😋

been craving waffles for the longest time and i’m so glad to have finally been able to get to eat some!! 🤤 got the lemon meringue ice cream paired with the two waffle quadrants ($4 for waffles) which was quite little so i’d recommend ordering four waffle quadrants to make a whole. the lemon meringue ice cream was surprisingly really refreshing and light! however it was slightly on the sweeter side especially with all the icing sugar and chocolate syrup. my only gripe was that the waffles weren’t served hot which made me quite sad because the combination of piping hot waffles and ice cream is always the best especially when they’re paired together in your mouth. )-: just wish they were hot when served!

we also ordered the crepe ($3) with earl grey ice cream! i wasn’t a huge fan of the crepe as it turned out to be a little flat and soggy especially with the ice cream and the ice cream flavour didn’t stand out much at all. it was quite underwhelming because the crepe was really thin and the overall taste wasn’t the best. i’d rather just go for the waffles the next time i’m there!

overall, a 3/5. one turn off whilst we were waiting for our order, though, was that we saw the staff making the crepes & waffles through the open glass and he did quite a bad job at it. the waffle was burnt and was sticking to the machine and he struggled with taking it out, and instead of remaking it, he simply just cut away the unsatisfactory parts. the crepe was also torn pretty badly but he still served it instead. not a very good impression!

the ambience is alright but do take note there are pretty little seats available and it can get quite crowded during peak hours especially in the evening.

on a constant hunt for good food 🤤

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