The Snacks List

The Snacks List

Featuring Sunday Folks, The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), Matchaya (The Cathay), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Edith Patisserie, Kakuida's, Haritts (Havelock), Acai Beach Club, Randy Indulgence, JUJU (Botanic Gardens)
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

Pretty fragrant and not too sweet. Good to go with my buns! 😊

0% sugar, all natural sweetness.
It’s a refreshing drink that filled with coconuty goodness!

The lemon icing tasted like rock sugar with lemon flavouring, but the zesty flavour made it refreshing. I would have preferred the butter cake to be denser and moist... as it was hard to eat being crumbly. The ambience of the place was very cosy and it truly feels like a home. This actually made me feel that I was having tea time in a home, which was a delightful experience!

I got this on the opening day so it was only $2 (original price is $4.50). I could taste traces of the coconut in there, but somehow I felt that the tartness of the froyo didn’t go too well with the subtle sweetness of coconut. It was a light dessert, but too much up my alley... but I guess this is a personal preference, since many people seem to have enjoyed it.

This is literally happiness in a cup! I might be biased because I love coconut flavoured things. I got the one with 0% sugar but the drink was already sweetened with the natural sweetness of coconut. There were bits of coconut flesh mixed in too, which was a delightful experience when I managed to slurp them up. Yums!

Creamy coconut ice-cream with a tinge of pandan flavour. It was pretty yummy! :)

The sourdough ciabatta was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The scone was very well made too - it was so buttery that it melted on my tongue.

The bakes also came with a home made berry compote which was delicious!

This is the first time I’m having acai on its own, with no fruits. It’s a pretty condensed serving of acai even though it looks small. The unique thing about this acai is that it’s not smooth and you could taste the acai bits on your tongue!

A little pricey but this was velvety smooth and very delicious! The fragrance lingered after every taste. I enjoyed this very much.

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It’s a pretty condensed bowl of acai and it’s very filling! It contains Himalayan salt, frozen fruits and medjool dates. You can have this as a lunch substitute. It’s not overtly sweet and makes for a good post-run treat!

It’s also on Burpple Beyond so you can get 1-for-1!

A bowl of nuts and fruits atop an açaí blend. It’s a healthy treat!

Yummy dark chocolate sables, with a light chocolate scent that floats through your nose with every bite!


Loves Jesus, people and food :-)

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