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Featuring Borough Market, Duck & Waffle, The Muffin Man Tea Shop, Roast Restaurant, The Black Penny, The Savoy Hotel, Assa, Lucky Bowl, Miele's Gelateria (Ice Cream & Dessert Shop), The Tea Garden Cafe
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim
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Who will say no ice cream? Somemore it’s on a 10 degree cold weather?! Bring it to me! Nothing too fancy, is just an oreo ice cream “kiap” with big oreo biscuit.

Our daily to-go place when we are in London! Quick grabs to eat on the go when we need to catch a train at 8am in the morning to Amsterdam.

Easily a 500 calories brunch with just a plain scone and banana greek yoghurt.

Had a variety of food at the Borough Market. Lively and super crowded market by noon and we had a hard time moving around to try on the food. Love the donut from Bread Actually! Saw really good reviews and i make it a must to try on this trip. Soft donut with really bursting filling oozing out after every bite.

Last meal before we fly off from London, and treated ourselves with some afternoon tea. Made some special order after hearing good reviews on their vegan option, and truth to be told, their vegan sandwich is really good! They have options like toufu with tomato spread, cucumber, hummus and truffle mushroom spread.

Move on to their 3-tier stand, they have scones with coconut clotted cream and some sweet treats. Not the best, but one of the better scones i had this far! Desserts was quite mehz, but the dessert from the normal afternoon tea set was not too bad!

Nice and soft bread that tasted more like naan, served warmly to our table. For my first course, picked the bloodly mary prawn cocktail. Spicy tomato sauce served with prawn on the side with a tinge of lemon taste. As for my main, picked their fish of the day, Pan-fried sea bass. And woah! The size of the fish is really huge, they serve me literally half of the fish except for the head.

Korean food is one of the less popular find in London as compared to the other asian food. We only find 1 angmoh when we ate here among the many asians. Not as authentic as the korean food in SG, but i would say it is a good choice to get your korean fix if you are craving for it after many meal of burgers and pizza.

Great choice that we have made here! Especially the garlic pizza, the garlic fragance was strong and comes with a subtle sweet smelling taste! Pizza was all in thin crust with quite a huge portion.

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Decided to give this cafe a shot after seeing a thousands of good review. Situated within the borough market itself. We are there at 9 while the market is still in the midst of opening but the cafe is opened already. Omelette wrapped with smoked salmon and chives. Really a simple dish but it takes no less effort to make it tasty yet appealing!

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Nice view cafe from the 40th floor. You can see a really nice skyline with clear view in the morning! Especially with a nice view of the iconic tower bridge. Opt for a safer option instead of their signature duck & waffles after seeing mix reviews. Big portion of scrambled eggs with a slice of sourdough topped with fresh guacamole.

Tried their vegan option and it comes with 4 balls of falafel and some rocket leaves. Falafel was quite moist and not too dense. Definitely not the best but is quite good as compared to some others that i have eaten!

Living up to it’s name with the huge size of this pancake. It really comes in american size that can feed 2 pax. Dense but not jelak. Comes with banana and bacon bits as topping, drizzled with caramel sauce. Definitely will come back if i have the chance 😂


Courgette also commonly known as zucchini, was served with stuffing and a side salad. Stuffing comes with a mixed seasonal cut vegetables and some fried topping. Love that their salad comes with diced pumpkin.

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