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Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim
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Kyushu Pancake Café has been on our makan list ever since we saw them on Burpple Beyond, and we managed to redeem the 1-for-1 Matcha Montblanc Pancake deal here before its expiry.

The pancakes were served with matcha montblanc sauce, matcha mousse, fresh cream and topped with vanilla ice cream. Verdict: Not the best pancake i’ve ever tried, but still quite a delicious one overall; and very great value too with the Burpple Beyond deal.


Used the Burpple Beyond deal for their Haus Pasta + free flow drinks, and we both chose the Prawn Olio Olio for our main dish each.

The curly pasta is infused with butterfly pea which explains its colour; and tossed in sichuan garlic oil, garlic prawns, lap cheong crumble & topped off with tobiko. It was a lovely fusion of flavours and definitely one to order for spice lovers. The deal also comes with free flow soft drinks of your choice, so feel free to refill your drinks at the drink counter.

Will be back to try the other pastas on their menu.


We were having dinner around Bishan area and decided to check out this ice cream joint for dessert.

The elderflower mojito was zesty, tangy and very refreshing with a hint of saltiness while the dark chocolate was good too and not overly sweet. I’ll definitely be back to try the other gelato flavours.

Used Burpple Beyond for this and got a 1-for-1 deal.


I’ve been a huge fan of Sunday Folk’s yummylicious signature soft serve on waffles ever since their inception, and there’s even more motivation to visit them now that they’re available on Burpple Beyond.

Pictured are the Roasted Pistachio (foreground) & Earl Grey Lavender (background) soft serve flavours on waffles that we had on our recent visit.


Always love the mazesoba at Kajiken. It comes with spicy minced pork, seaweed, negi and an onsen egg in the middle. Mix all of them together and you get a delightful bowl of dry noodles that will satisfy your tastebuds.

Use burpple beyond for 1-on-1 mazesoba deals.


The Nutella brownie softserve was smooth & rich with chocolatey flavour accompanied with brownie bits.

The Ondeh Ondeh softserve was unique but yummy. The ice cream had a very coconutty taste, while the pandan and toasted coconut bits added a good balance to the overall taste.

Made use of my burpple beyond deal to get a 1-for-1 for their softserve.

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Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we got to enjoy two lava sets at the price of one.

Of the two sets (matcha & chocolate), we preferred the matcha one cos we’re both matcha lovers to begin with. It was a joy watching the molten lava flowing out from the cookie as soon as the ice cream was placed on top of it.

The molten lava tasted good; not too sweet and it had the right consistency while the cookie was thin but crispy. The earl grey ice cream was a good companion to the lava cookie too.

Overall, an aesthetically pleasing and yummy dessert.

First time trying a crab roll (usually its lobster) and we went for their chilli crab version. The components were crab, shrimp, anchovies, tomato paste, galangal, peanut, sesame, lemongrass, eggs, parsley atop a crispy fluffy buttered baked sandwich roll.

The chilli crab filling tasted good, very flavourful (kinda reminded me of jumbo’s chilli crab sauce) and it went really well with the buttered sandwich. Furthermore, you get an additional roll for free (1-for-1) with Burpple Beyond.

Will return to try their lobster rolls and ice cream next time.


I have been wanting to try the sandwiches from Park Bench Deli for ages, and what better way to have my virgin try with a 1-for-1 deal thanks to Burpple beyond. 😊
Patty Melt: Definitely a must-try for beef lovers; the melted cheddar cheese is a perfect match for the beef. I mean, who can resist cheddar cheese right?! The beef patty is simply so well seasoned and tender. Just the thought of it now makes me salivate. So sinfully good!
Turkey Classic: If you are looking for something less sinful, this is a good option (filled mainly with Turkey breast, bacon, tomato & lettuce). The portion is huge too, definitely enough to last you till dinner.

Have been wanting to try the sandwiches from 52 Sandwich Shack for quite some time and finally managed to do that. I was very impressed with the bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese; the combo looks amazing & together with the crispy toast, it was very delicious as well. Will be back to try their other sandwiches. (Ps. getting huge cravings for those grilled cheese while writing the caption for this post)

They are also participating in Burpple Beyond, so you can get your 1-for-1 sandwiches deal here too.

Been hearing rave reviews from fellow foodies about @aromagelato.sg for quite some time now, and they are right, the gelato here is so good!

The gelato here are all handmade with no artificial flavours. Love the pistachio & chocolate hazelnut combo; the former had a nutty flavour without being overly sweet while the latter was yummy too with its rich Nutella taste. Will certainly return for more!

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I’ve always been a fan of Creamier’s waffles which i rate as one of the best i’ve tried in Singapore. The waffles here are so crispy, buttery & nice; and when paired together with the ice cream (they offer a good variety of flavours), it is just so delectable.

They are also one of the participating cafes on Burpple Beyond, and thus we got to enjoy one extra waffles with double scoop ice cream for free! ✌️

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