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Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond

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Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Available in 3 sizes ($10 / $12 / $15), you can choose a protein and two sides per bowl. Choose from protein choices like fish, chicken or tempeh (vegetarian option) with sides such as edamame, kimchi, achar and more. Each set also comes with a drink.

GOGO Bento is also available on Burpple Beyond, which means they are definitely one of the more value for money lunch options in the area!


Worth a try if you’re around the area, especially since they are on Burpple Beyond. The Lychee Bellini Roo Roo Tea was pretty refreshing and comes with aloe vera toppings which were nice to bite into. Available only in one size and a fixed sugar level. Might return to try their other drinks.


Kei Kaisendon is a cozy diner in Marina Square offering affordable and good sashimi bowls. What's even better is that specially for Burpple Beyond, there is an exclusive 1-for-1 set menu that's really value for money!

Choose from 6 mains including the Kei Kaisendon Signature. Each main comes with a miso soup, salad and 2pcs of mentaiyaki tamago. The sashimi was pretty fresh (portions could be more generous but no complaints) but the star for me was the tasty mentaiyaki tamago that was so addictive we wanted more!

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One of my favourite drink from Hollin is their Pink Guava Rock Salt Macchiato (recommended sugar level 50%). The sweet pink guava and milky rock salt foam combination is rosy, fragrant and very refreshing! Another plus point is that they are on Burpple Beyond, so you can get another drink for free!


Deli’s Kitchen is a hidden gem located at Sunshine Plaza serving good quality Japanese food. With over 70 items in their menu, we were spoiled for choice! Here's what we tried:

Roast Beef Don: Japanese rice topped with layers of thinly sliced beef and garnished with an onsen egg. The beef was roasted to perfection; with every bite I could taste the tenderness. The simple mix of egg and rice enabled the flavours of the beef to shine through (150g - $24++).

Beef Demi Glacé Omurice: Fragrant tomato fried rice under a silky omelette blanket and tender beef slices with demi glacé sauce on the side. The dish was bursting with flavourful delight! Everything on the plate was so tasty but the demi glacé sauce was definitely the star for me ($15++).

I'd definitely be back to try their other dishes with Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deals.


The Plain Jane is a nice cafe to chill at with its cosy retro ambience and they are well known for their swiss rolls. The Original Crème Swiss Rolls were soft and fluffy, perfect for an after lunch / dinner indulgence due to its light nature. It is also available on Burpple Beyond for a 1-for-1 deal and we will be back to try other flavours of their swiss rolls soon.


The Truffle Wagyu Don from Rakki Bowl has garnered lots of buzz ever since their inception. Having tried it recently, i totally agree with all the rave reviews.

The beef slices were very tender, and each bite was filled with a delightful truffle aroma; mix that with the onsen egg, chives, shallot and rice for a winning combination.

What’s even sweeter is that Rakki Bowl is on Burpple Beyond, so bring along a food buddy for some beefy goodness at half the price!


Crème Brûlée Soft Serve from @icenoiehokkaido - rich milk soft serve underneath a layer of creamy custard topped with torched brown sugar crystals; a delightful treat that tastes as good as it looks and best of all, you get a 1-for-1 deal with @burpple beyond!

Kyushu Pancake Café has been on our makan list ever since we saw them on Burpple Beyond, and we managed to redeem the 1-for-1 Matcha Montblanc Pancake deal here before its expiry.

The pancakes were served with matcha montblanc sauce, matcha mousse, fresh cream and topped with vanilla ice cream. Verdict: Not the best pancake i’ve ever tried, but still quite a delicious one overall; and very great value too with the Burpple Beyond deal.


Used the Burpple Beyond deal for their Haus Pasta + free flow drinks, and we both chose the Prawn Olio Olio for our main dish each.

The curly pasta is infused with butterfly pea which explains its colour; and tossed in sichuan garlic oil, garlic prawns, lap cheong crumble & topped off with tobiko. It was a lovely fusion of flavours and definitely one to order for spice lovers. The deal also comes with free flow soft drinks of your choice, so feel free to refill your drinks at the drink counter.

Will be back to try the other pastas on their menu.


We were having dinner around Bishan area and decided to check out this ice cream joint for dessert.

The elderflower mojito was zesty, tangy and very refreshing with a hint of saltiness while the dark chocolate was good too and not overly sweet. I’ll definitely be back to try the other gelato flavours.

Used Burpple Beyond for this and got a 1-for-1 deal.


I’ve been a huge fan of Sunday Folk’s yummylicious signature soft serve on waffles ever since their inception, and there’s even more motivation to visit them now that they’re available on Burpple Beyond.

Pictured are the Roasted Pistachio (foreground) & Earl Grey Lavender (background) soft serve flavours on waffles that we had on our recent visit.


Constantly on the hunt for good eats! Instagram: @jonnyboyeats

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