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Local Deeeelights!

Local Deeeelights!

Featuring WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar, The Coconut Club, Poh Cheu Hand Made Soon Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh, Souperstar (Century Square), Haikee Brothers, Chiew Kee Noodle House, My Spice Affair, Jew Kit Restaurant (Sembawang Shopping Centre)
Pearlyn Chua
Pearlyn Chua
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Steamed chicken: $18/$30 (half/whole)
Rice: $1 per plate
Hainan Zhup Cai (aka mixed vege): $12
- GST applies but not svc charge 🙂

The half chicken may not be that pocket friendly since coffee shops usually have them at $10-12. Given that this place is airconditioned and is like a casual restaurant in a mall, the price point doesn't seem that bad.

Took quite a awhile (say 20min) for the food to be served. All the dishes were served together and the vege were freshly cooked - hot and not cooled down! The chicken was firm yet tender and the soy sauce wasn't too salt laden! There's a thin layer of translucent jelly just beneath the skin 🤤 The rice grains were distinctive, the way i like it for my chicken rice! Rest assure it's not too hard either.

There's ginger paste available here, yayy i love it. My only gripe would be that the chilli can be spicier! Guess i dont have to head down to Bishan/AMK for good chicken rice already, YAY!

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Located in the rather new Aperia Mall, Level 2!

It gets pretty crowded during lunch time, featuring a snaking queue. However, the queue moves fast! You'll order first, make payment and can scoop 3 different types of chilli at the end of it.

The chili pastes were all sedapp! They're packed with a punch of spicy kick, along with mild sweetness. The curry drizzled over my rice was rich and has that slight alluring scent of coconut milk. The chicken comes in a huge piece! Together with another vege, this plate of nasi padang is yours for $6. Given the airconditioned and clean environment, i would say that prices here are quite reasonable!

Do give it a try if you work around the area!

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Green bean has always been my top choice of angkukueh (akk) flavour. The one at Poh Cheu wasn't fragrant enuff to get my hooked. BUTBUTBUT..


The peanut is not grinded till too powdery, still retaining that crunch. With a good mix of sugar, it's fragrant and mildly sweet. The generous chunk of stuffings wrapped in the slightly chewy skin. Oh, sooo goooood. There's always a queue when I'm there. So I'll always get a box or two, to make my wait more worthwhile!

$12.8 gets you 2 piece of fried chicken, ikan bilis and peanuts, sunny side up and slices of japanese cucumber.

It's really filling and for 2 girls, i would recommend getting just 1 set with another ala carte rice + egg. The chicken etc can be shared!

The rice grains are distinct yet not dry. Fragrant yet not drowning in coconut milk. Chicken looks dry but it's not and exudes scent of the spices rubbed onto the skin. Chilli first hits you with its sweetness, followed by the spicy kick.

Do give the sambal lala a try! The gravy is sweet and addictive. Lalas are fresh too!

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In the night, they destructure the ingredients found in a bowl of wanton mee &serve them tapas style. Think small plates of XO fried wantons, roasted pork, char siew, kailan etc. There's also the staple - meekia for you to go along these savoury dishes.

The roasted pork features a crackling skin &is served with some sweet dipping sauce (tastes like the peking duck sauce! loved this &even asked for a second serving). The charsiew is well-glazed &has a contrasting texture to the roasted pork! This is more tender and juicy. Both meat dishes are highly recommended to be shared as they tend to be too heavy towards the end.

What surprised me was the broth served to every customer, in a metal jug. It's complimentary BUT IT TASTES NOTHING LIKE YOUR USUAL BLAND WANTON MEE SOUP. THIS IS SO LIGHT &SWEET. Perfect to wash down the grease.

Good place for chilling after work without breaking the bank, especially with Burpple Beyond's 1 for 1 deal here! They're so flexible and allow any food on the menu to be considered for the 1 for 1.

However, I guess when i crave for wanton mee, this won't come to mind as it's on the contemporary end.

Apart from those creamy western soups, they also serve popiahs &some stews like sesame chicken, thai red curry chicken etc.

I had a Thai Red Curry Chicken Set, comprising a bowl of mixed grains, mini salad &hot genmaicha tea. I LOVE THE RICE. Those fat chewy barley gave the rice a slight tinge of sweetness. The curry was not too oily and is real thick! (yayyy)

Added on a traditional popiah which was absolutely proven to be a wise decision. It's densely packed with turnip, cucumber shreds, egg etc.. and lotsa crispy bits! They dont slice their popiah up, so enjoy eating it like a wrap! The hot tea makes the meal complete.


The soy sauce chicken here tastes different from other ones that I've tried elsewhere. The chicken here has a stronger soya sauce taste as opposed to others that usually exert a lighter soya sauce scent and mixed with rose wine. This is purely soya goodness.

The meat is firm yet tender, really well marinated too!

Ramen, not your usual meekia! The ramen looks like the jap kind but has the chew of those chinese handmade noodles! The broth was on the saltier side but rly flavoursome. The bowl of noodles was topped with a generous serving of soy chicken, half a tamago, kailan &a piece of seaweed. FOR $6.50++. I APPROVE!

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Fragrant rice,
Good chilli,
Crispy peanuts &ikan bilis,

Two pieces of chicken, well-marinated and no one round the table could bear to throw the skin away. TOO GOOD.

The sambal lalas were really sweet, probably some white wine were poured into them (?)
Chendol was a small bowl, NOT MEANT TO BE SHARED. The gula melaka was of the right dosage, not too sweet &it'a simply satisfying to be having a bowl all to yourself in our crazy hot weather.

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