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Featuring Hyde & Co., Ginza Tendon Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Saveur (Far East Plaza), Kimchi Korean Restaurant, Savoury, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (Mandarin Gallery), Standing Sushi Bar (Marina Bay Link Mall), Birds of Paradise (Jewel Changi Airport), Singapore Turf Club
Priscilla Claudia
Priscilla Claudia
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This restaurant opens very early in the morning so it can be squeezed in to our itinerary just before we left Penang. They have the traditional style of serving and mending the restaurant which is great for some local experience. The pork tastes of the dimsum is super strong and for some of them, they have the gamey smell. I don't really mind it but I wouldn't eat as much as I normally do in other dimsum places. I didn't try other dishes so my opinion is only based on these. #igotfoodcoma #burpple

Multiple franchises come in and establish their territory. Yes, I am joinning the quest to try all bubble tea brands in SG. This one has been around for a while but I just have chance to try it. I like this as the foam is smooth and not too sweet. Opted for their honey pealrs and it makes the whole drink tastes like honey milk tea which i don't mind at all. I will come back to try their chocolate pearls! #igotfoodcoma #burpple

Ordered their mille-feuille pork katsu with cheese and it is good! This dish is quite unique because the pork meat is layered like mille crepes instead of a big chunck of meat on your normal pork katsu. In the middle of the layer they put melted cheese which add so much savouryness to the dish. I love the hospitality there and how complete a meal is. They gave you a mini appetizer and also jelly as dessert. You shiukd try their Kurobuta, I heard that the fat melts in your mouth and the meat is very juicy.

Would I come back? Maybe, this is definitely on the steeper side but I would come back when I feel like spending more. #igotfoodcoma #burpple

Tendon kohaku serves one of the best tendon in SG. This classic tendon bowl is timeless and satisfy your hunger. Worth your money, time, and calories. #igotfoodcoma #burpple

Its a non-alcohol drink, anyone can consume. Its so good and not over rated at all. The foam is really buttery, a game changing for this sweet soda drink. #burpple #igotfoodcoma

The meat is really thick, soft and flaky with super crispy tempura batter. Completed with the drizzle of tempura sauce, that gives balance of sweet salty and a hint of sour taste. The store of this tempura restaurant is in front of nijo market, not wonder the crab is still fresh. What a perfect dish. #igotfoodcoma #burpple

They have unique gelato flavors that will freshen up your day. The gelato has a very smoot texture and packed with flavor! I tried the strawberry basil and sea salt hojicha, they are good! Some people recommend the pistachio flavor too. #igotfoodcoma #burpple

However, for me this Sate Maranggi is not worth your time. The waiting time for this is super super long, got it after 30-40 minutes. And what makes it not worth to wait that long is the flavor. The meat is tender enough, but they put too much coriander and many of the coriander still in whole, makes it overpowering the other flavor. The peanut sauce is not help to enhance but it makes it even worse. For me tomatoes is the savior, it makes the dish a little bit better. Overall, not an enjoy dish to eat. 🙏🏻😢 #burpple #igotfoodcoma

Tried their volcano beef done and this is the game changer for me. Their spicy sauce is not too over powering and you can still taste the sweet Japanese sauce underneath. Let's talk about how affordable this one bowl is. One regular bowl costs $11.90 and for the amount of rice and beef they give you, this is a total steal! Come and let me know if you think the same as I do. #igotfoodcoma #burpple

This is a strawberry moose cake. Overall, this cake is a little bit over sweet for me. The sponge cake in the bottom of the moose is super soft. As you can see from the second picture, the middle of the moose there is a blueberry jam. Its give a bit of acidity to this cake. However i still thinks its a bit over sweet. The consistency of the moose is perfect, its so smooth and creamy. Still enjoy every bite of it. 🍓🍰 #burpple #igotfoodcoma

However, this is an exception, im in love with this banana milk. The banana essence is not too strong, its so light so you can enjoy it really easy. The consistency of the milk is also perfect for me, so creamy. Definitely a must try drinks if you go to Korea. 🥛 #burpple #igotfoodcoma

Too boring right? How about just in an ordinary cafe but with an extraordinary view? Yes, this is starbucks in Toyama, Japan. Located in the middle of Toyama kansui park. Make sure to check the view from the window when you ships your coffee or tea with your loves one. ☕️🌌💕 #igotfoodcoma #burpple

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