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For Dad

For Dad

Featuring Zai Shun Curry Fish Head, Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant, Por Kee Eating House, Hup Choon Seafood, Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant, T.K Kitchen (Teban Gardens), Qi Lin Xuan Kitchen
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan
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I thought it will be dry but it turned out the deep fried pork is crispy on the exterior and tender inside. This is flavoured by the aromatic garlic, elevating the whole dimension of the dish.
Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2018/10/hong-kiat-seafood-restaurant-comfort.html
Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant
Comfort Garden
216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1
Singapore 689477
Tel: +65 67630304
Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 4pm - 12midnight

Tze Char for routine family dinner. This is one of my favourite Tze Char places. The medley of dishes deserves your attention.

You can tell from the photo that I absolutely LOVE Yam Rings and this one does not disappoint . ($18)

The Curry Fish Head is rich in flavour and the gravy is the perfect accompaniment for the rice. ($25)

Strong in flavour, the Cuttlefish Kang Kong makes me want to eat my greens. ($18)

The highlight of my meal was definitely the Har Cheong Gai. It was crispy and well marinated yet not too salty. Yummy! ($15)

Hidden at 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, this restaurant serves reasonably priced zichar. It’s a short walk from Jurong East MRT. Cross the overhead bridge near JEM at the MRT station and walk along the covered walkway.

We ordered curry, brinjal, sweet and sour fish, and yu sheng. The dishes had great flavour, and definitely value for money.

If you need a green dish at Zai Shun Curry Fish Head, this Salted Egg Bitter Gourd is recommended. Chicken eggs, bitter gourd and chopped bits of pre-cooked duck egg harmoniously brings this dish to flavour. Amazingly fragrant are the scrambled eggs. Seasoned and savoury, they retain moisture while fully exuding wok hei. The thin slices of gourd, still firm, are moderately bitter. White bits of salted duck egg white lend a sharp, salty edge, highlighting the main ingredient. A well-executed dish this is.
Full Review: http://bit.do/herecomesgin-Zai-Shun

Assam Curry Fish Head is Zai Shun Curry Fish Head's signature fish. The wild-caught red snapper's head is sweeter than it's body. It's flesh is softer at the front of its head and firmer towards the back. So fresh, it is absent of fishiness. The tangy gravy is robust with strong notes of tamarind with a lighter.consistency than your regular curries. Drench your rice over with its addictiveness, with the flavours of pineapples, okra and brinjal and tomatoes stewed in. The fish meat doesn't absorb the curry's essence, however, and is denser and tougher than expected. Perhaps that explains why most tables ordered steamed fish instead.
Full Review: http://bit.do/herecomesgin-Zai-Shun

Formerly known as Tong Kian Kitchen, then Tong Kian Seafood, this heartland Chinese Zi Char has grown to 2 outlets now, and re-branded as T.K. Kitchen.
They serve delicious, hearty meals at wallet-friendly prices, catering to elderly residents and labourers, in the West of Singapore.
This features a fresh, whole crab, stir-fried in white pepper, tender caramelised white onions, and crunchy spring onions.
The gravy is rich and spicy peppery, complementing the sweet flavour of the crab meat. Very addictive with a good kick.
Unlike elsewhere, the crab here is a fixed price, no matter what the size / weight is, because they're making it affordable for the elderly / labourers.
Invited tasting.
T.K. Kitchen
More details in profile & blog

The star dish of the dinner has got to be the the steamed Soon Hock, cooked lightly Teochew style so you can taste the freshness of the fish. The meat was tender yet firm and the broth was really flavourful! I'll also recommend the Champagne short ribs and Homemade Tofu with sea cucumber. 👍🏻😊

This place is packed on weekends and I heard the wait time can be up to an hour for the food. Price is very reasonable considering it’s in Bukit Timah. They’re only open at night (closed on Wednesday). The coffee shop is a dead town in the day. They have several items off the menu, so just ask the Aunty if you’re not sure. I was recommended 2 non menu items. The soup and the salted egg dish. Total damage around $35 for 3 pax 👍🏻

A must-order at Kai xiang's. The other must-order is the prawn ngoh hiang (Hei Zhou in hokkien).

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