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Featuring Som Tam, Sawadee Thai Cuisine, Nara Thai Cuisine (ION Orchard), Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap
Pearlyn Chua
Pearlyn Chua
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Ordered: Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry Chicken, Platter (as pictured) and Stir Fried Butterfly Pea Rice

They ran out of pork that day so I was quite bummed about it considering that it's a Saturday evening, 6pm. It took 30min or so before the first dish was served. The platter of fried food was okay. The butterfly pea rice did blow me away. It's fragrant and the grains were distinct yet not too hard. It's worth trading your white rice for this. The rice left me beaming with high expectations of the other dishes. The green curry came and woah, it's laden with salt. The curry was so-so, chicken has the frozen meat taste 😥 totally not up my alley. Lastly, tom yum goong came in that little fire below, keeping it bubbling. The first spoonful of it didnt left me impressed but wasn't bad as well (just mehhh). But lo and behold, the prawns were mushy and totally not fresh!! They're stale, if i may be dead honest bout it. All the prawns in the pot were like that. Guess they might have been really good back in their heyday but based on my dining experience recently, it's likely to be my first and last visit.

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WE'VE MSW STICKY RICE! not your usual mango sticky rice! Featuring a butterfly pea rice that's not that sticky, not drowned in coconut milk and still has distinctive bite of each grain without being too hard! It's topped with a MASSIVE tower of MSW! Rice : MSW ratio is prolly 1:1. The durian flesh is pure and you could taste the fibre in them. Bitter, with a tinge of sweetness and fragrance from both the fruit and those black sesame atop.

It wasn't love at first bite, but definitely got us hooked. We polished the cup clean!


We've tried so many different items on their menu - grilled kurobuta pork collar, grilled chicken wings, tom yum goong, lychee + roast duck red curry, red curry with crab, som tam etc..


Their dishes exude multidimensional flavours. Even a simple looking mango salad can blow you off with that mega fragrant fried dried shrimps + roasted peanuts. It's never just a flat 1D taste! Highly recommend their red curries and soup. They go so well with thai hom li rice and you'll easily find yourself getting second servings of rice.

We caught an old couple beside us trying their crab springrolls. Shortly after, they ordered a second portion of the same thing!! I CANT WAIT TO TRY IT ON MY NEXT VISIT!

Tip: Prices here are really steep as compared to the usual casual thai restaurants. But the good ambience and fluffy pillows to lean against justify it somehow. Good food of course makes me go back again &again. Buy chope vouchers when they're on sale! Or simply, redeem your chope dollars. Hey Burpple Beyond, pls get Sawadee Thai onboard! (;

The kways are curled up like small short spring rolls. As such, it tastes thicker and slightly chewy compared to the usual chinese style kway.

The broth is slightly herbal-ish and makes the dish so great for supper! The thai fish sausages and siobak makes the meal complete. Savoury and fragrant, while that bowl of comforting soup just make you wanna slurp it all up in a cold, rainy night.

The chicken satay were rly tender but still hit your senses with that lightly grilled aroma. Drizzle some sesame sauce over &it tastes like yakitori!

Som Tam hit all the right notes - good balance of sour &spicy levels. It could have been perfect with the salty aroma from some dried shrimps!

Tom Yum Goong and Oozy Chicken were good too.
&Do pair your food with a beaker of Coconut Mojito! (No, it doesnt contain alcohol but it's rly refreshing!)

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