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Hawker food

Hawker food

Featuring Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood, Top 1 Home Made Noodles (Beauty World Food Centre), L32 Handmade Noodles (Geylang), Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), Tony Cafe, Bee Kee Wanton Noodles (Market Street Interim Hawker Centre), Marina Food House
Amanda Ong
Amanda Ong

Had this glorious bowl of bak chok mee on A Saturday afternoon.

We had to queue up for 1.5 hours starting from around 1pm. Nearing the end of the wait, my initial plan of getting an $8 bowl was dismissed by my boyfriend and myself.

The bak chok mee was cooked to perfection, with the right amount of vinegar so that it was tangy but not overpowering, The pork was also soft to taste.

It comes with a seaweed soup to cleanse the palette between bites of bak chok mee.

We even got an extra bowl of pork meatballs in soup to share.

The queue was quite long on a Saturday afternoon. Previously, I went on Sunday afternoon around 2pm, and there was no queue but there were still ingredients then.

The curry rice was amazing! We added sotong (squid), curry vegetable and hainanese pork chop. Sadly, they ran out of egg when my boyfriend was ordering.

But still the curry is mildly spicy, sweet and flavorful. The pork chop is sweet with the marinated tomato base and fried till crispy but still tender.

It is quite affordable, amounting to SGD 12+ for the both of us considering we also ordered sotong.

I really love the curry rice here so much. It’s better than the ones at interim market. The sitting area is also very spacious which makes it an enjoyable eating experience.

Will be back for sure!

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We queued for around 1h+ for this Hokkein mee on a Saturday night.

The portion is very generous, and had the wok hei charred bits and flavor.

The noodles are more like the thin bee hoonish kind, as opposed to the thick yellow mee kind.

I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would! Perhaps cos I like thicker noodles. Found it a little bit bland.

The chili is super spicy.


We ordered 10 pieces of chicken satay from this satay stall at ABC Brickworks Market. It was super tasty and the chicken was Q. The sauce isn’t too spicy and went well with the chicken.

It was quite delicious but on the salty side. The shao rou tasted rather porky near the end.

There are ample seats around, some air-conditioned inside.

It is quite crowded during lunch time with a long queue, but the queue moves rather quickly.

I ordered MHG with pork and my boyfriend ordered ban mian with pork. The wait was rather long for a Friday night. But the wait was worth it! The MHG was thin and soft, but the ban mian was super Q and bouncy and soft and delicious! I would go for the ban mian!

Parking may be rather difficult to find and you must expect a waiting time!


Super yummy! The Har Cheong Kai chicken was deliciously fried! And the Qing Long vegetable was very tasty. My mom liked the Ngor hiong and my parents both liked the Assam sting ray very much s


Ordered caifan with 2 chicken wings, vegetables, curry gravy and tau kwa to go. Considering that this is at Adelphi, I think it’s quite value for money!

The queue was super long, around 15-20 people ahead of me, but it moved rather quickly and it was my turn in around 10 mins.

This place is known for their fried chicken, which is only served on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

But since I went on a Tuesday, I only got the soy sauce chicken wings.

However, the portion was just right for lunch, and the soy sauce chicken wings were marinated in a way that they were slightly sweet, the chicken was tender and chewy. I also enjoyed the rest of the items I ordered.


I’m personally not a huge fan of dry ban mian as I love soup noodles so much! But my boyfriend really loved the dry maggi mee he had, with chili. The noodles I had were bouncy, comes with a little mushroom, vegetables, pork balls on the side.

By the time we reached there on a weekday night for dinner, the banmian was already sold out. So come earlier if you would like to try the banmian!

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I ordered this through my mealpal app, to take away for lunch. It was alright, there were fried, boiled wantons, charsiew, vegetables and noodles. The truffle aroma was strong, but couldn’t really taste much truffle in the food. The food was alright, but not exceptional.

Verdict: Stick to non-truffle wanton mee!