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CBD Lunch Haunts

CBD Lunch Haunts

Don’t know where to eat for lunch while working? Here are some recommendations that you can try.
Terence Ong
Terence Ong

Most of the stuff here are hand made which is becoming a rarity among ngoh hiang stalls in Singapore. So many calories in this dish but every item here is so good.

Ah Tan Wings has come to CBD. I really like the pungently tasty har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) cutlet and the tangy chilli sauce.

This place is famous for its South Indian vegetarian food which is good for a place where you pay how much you want. The menu differs every day and they serve different types of bread every day.

Tucked on the 4th Floor of The Working Capitol, this is one of my hideouts if I want to escape from the hustle and bustle of weekday CBD lunches. Brought by the people behind Sarnies, I had the salmon and quinoa bowl ($16) served with an array of pickled vegetables. While I do eat pickles (or gherkins) and have no qualms with them, it may take awhile for non-pickle fans to get accustomed to the food here. Good thing is there is one-for-one with Burpple Beyond here!


It’s hard to get good sausages at brunch in Singapore but what I enjoy here is the homemade Italian-style sausages that makes brunch here a wholesome affair.

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This Wong Pou Sang Meen (Yellow Cloth Crispy Noodles) is a fine example of how simple dishes can be so tasty. Basically, it’s crispy noodle fried with lard and oyster sauce topped with a silky, fluffy omelette and generous servings of chye sim and prawns (although I didn’t eat the prawns). An off the menu item that comes in only one size ($20) but it’s an open secret that this dish is one of its signature dishes at this stall.

Modern, meaty and hearty take on wanton mee. The generous serving of thickly cut roasted pork and char siew really stands out among many of the wanton mee places in Singapore.

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One of the reasons I enjoy eating at The Salad Shop is that it’s fuss free, healthy yet delicious. I usually go for the Human Feed ($13) which comes with one protein, two side salads, three vegetable toppings and a topping. I had the salad mix as my base, spicy chicken thigh as my protein, potato salad and papaya salad as my side salads, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and broccoli as my choice of veggies and added $1.50 for half an avocado. All in all, it’s a very wholesome meal and I have never failed to return after they revamped the menu to its current format.

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