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Featuring Botanica+Co (Bangsar South), Proof Pizza + Wine, MTR 1924, Fittie Sense, The Ganga Cafe (Bangsar), Coley Cocktail Bar, La Juiceria Superfoods Signature (Nadi Bangsar), Naj & Belle (Bangsar), Joy St., Iketeru Japanese Restaurant Hilton,Kuala Lumpur
Serena Ho
Serena Ho

This was recommended by them. It’s milk coffee with brown sugar. You can taste the brown sugar but it doesn’t cover the coffee taste. Feels like drinking bubble tea. Not too sweet either. You can tell them the level of sweetness you want. You can also add bubble pearl for RM1.50, organic pearl jelly for RM2.50 or ice-cream for RM1.50.

This is RM6.50.

Caramel macchiato that isn’t as sweet as Starbucks and with a cheaper price. Why not?

This is RM8.50.

My pick is always the 'Special' with everything; beef slices, tendon & beef ball. What's unique here are the beef balls are pure meat ball and the beef slices are fresh. The pho "fur" is great but the pho broth isn't the 'clear' version. There was herbs after taste but am not convince it is an intense and concentrated broth made out of meats' bones boiling for hours.

This is RM27.

My first time coming across vegetable pho. Vegans and vegetarians, rejoice!

The broth is vegetable-based. There is a slight herb smell to it. There is so much vegetables it looked like a little hotpot! There are Bunashimeji mushrooms, lightly browned tofu, carrot, broccoli, pak choy, and cauliflower. Adding a little fish oil goes a long way too.

This is RM20.

Not your usual Vietnamese rice paper rolls. The shrimp was wrapped in lettuce with some egg and shredded carrots. As a person who dislike coriander, I welcome it. The Vietnamese peanut dipping sauce is sweet, a bit like the chee cheong fun sweet sauce to me.

This is RM15.

This is their signature appetiser. So had to try it. Pretty similar to the Thai mango salad I’d say.

It was pretty sour on its own but if you have it with the dried shrimp, it’s good. They were quite generous with the shrimp and nuts.

This is RM14.

Very rare to find chocolate crème brûlée. Not used to not seeing the caramelised sugar layer on top. It wasn’t too sweet. Interesting twist to the usual one.

This is RM32.

This is a dessert that originated from Sicily, Italy. It looks like a cake but isn’t a cake. The tip of the slice is cream with chopped nuts inside. The 3 layers in green, pink and white is actually ice-cream. It was nice but I feel like I was just eating ice-cream cake.

This is RM36.

Perfectly cooked fresh salmon with grilled vegetables. The salmon was flaky and flavourful but the skin wasn’t very crisp.

This is RM67.

Another one of my go-to at Italian restaurants that has it. Gnocchi in cream cheese with chopped walnuts. The gnocchi was perfectly cooked. The cream cheese was a bit to much for me, probably better if this is shared. I like the walnuts since its not common.

This is RM50.

This place is good for date nights and special occasions. If you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, they provide complimentary balloons and dessert. Just let them know when you’re making your reservation.

The curry isn’t very heavy with santan, which I like, but fragrance is somewhat lacking. Nevertheless, it was still very delicious. There’s a lot ingredients in it; chicken, long beans, quail eggs, 2 big prawns. The sambal on the side could be spicier. You can opt for either yellow noodles or vermicelli. It was a very filling bowl of noodles.

This is RM20.

A rooftop dining venue that I never knew existed so near Changkat Bukit Bintang. Not a very big area on the 23rd floor but has a very nice panoramic view of KL city skyline. Great place for date night or special occasions. They have a hostess on the ground floor, who will serve you an aperitif in a shot glass. Interesting experience.

Mainly a seafood restaurant, they still offer meat dishes. I opted for the sea king prawn. They offer 2 ways of cooking; steamed with bario barley risotto or charcoal grilled with mousseline potatoes. I chose charcoal grilled as the server recommended it.

There are also 5 sauces that you can choose to go with your meal. For the prawn, the server recommended either lobster cream or tarragon lemon butter. I chose the lobster cream.

The prawns were very fresh and succulent. Love that smell and taste you get when its cooked with charcoal. I also LOVED the lobster cream. Goes really well with the prawns. I truly enjoyed the meal.

Price is a little high at RM118. There’s valet parking in the building for RM10. They have 2 different level for dining. I recommend you to do a reservation for the top floor. It’s a better view as the lower floor shares the space with the bar.

Mostly pescatarian IG @lattemeetschai

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