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Serena Ho
Serena Ho

I LOVE crabmeat pasta. This one is pretty spicy (awesome!). It’s balanced out by the sourness. Probably from the tomatoes and I think some lemon juice as I found some lemon seeds in the dish.

This comes in different portion sizes. Make sure you tell the waiter. I did the mistake and the waiter placed the order as the larger of the two options.

The smaller serving is RM35 and the bigger is RM52.

Was expecting it to be on the sweet side since it has condensed milk. But nope. You can still taste that bitter coffee taste. Make sure you stir well though.

This is RM11.90.

Was worries about the coconut milk being too strong a taste. Turns out it wasn’t! Goes well with the cocoa.

This is RM16.90. Price is a pretty high I feel.

This was recommended by them. It’s milk coffee with brown sugar. You can taste the brown sugar but it doesn’t cover the coffee taste. Feels like drinking bubble tea. Not too sweet either. You can tell them the level of sweetness you want. You can also add bubble pearl for RM1.50, organic pearl jelly for RM2.50 or ice-cream for RM1.50.

This is RM6.50.

Caramel macchiato that isn’t as sweet as Starbucks and with a cheaper price. Why not?

This is RM8.50.

My pick is always the 'Special' with everything; beef slices, tendon & beef ball. What's unique here are the beef balls are pure meat ball and the beef slices are fresh. The pho "fur" is great but the pho broth isn't the 'clear' version. There was herbs after taste but am not convince it is an intense and concentrated broth made out of meats' bones boiling for hours.

This is RM27.

My first time coming across vegetable pho. Vegans and vegetarians, rejoice!

The broth is vegetable-based. There is a slight herb smell to it. There is so much vegetables it looked like a little hotpot! There are Bunashimeji mushrooms, lightly browned tofu, carrot, broccoli, pak choy, and cauliflower. Adding a little fish oil goes a long way too.

This is RM20.

Not your usual Vietnamese rice paper rolls. The shrimp was wrapped in lettuce with some egg and shredded carrots. As a person who dislike coriander, I welcome it. The Vietnamese peanut dipping sauce is sweet, a bit like the chee cheong fun sweet sauce to me.

This is RM15.

This is their signature appetiser. So had to try it. Pretty similar to the Thai mango salad I’d say.

It was pretty sour on its own but if you have it with the dried shrimp, it’s good. They were quite generous with the shrimp and nuts.

This is RM14.

Very rare to find chocolate crème brûlée. Not used to not seeing the caramelised sugar layer on top. It wasn’t too sweet. Interesting twist to the usual one.

This is RM32.

This is a dessert that originated from Sicily, Italy. It looks like a cake but isn’t a cake. The tip of the slice is cream with chopped nuts inside. The 3 layers in green, pink and white is actually ice-cream. It was nice but I feel like I was just eating ice-cream cake.

This is RM36.

Perfectly cooked fresh salmon with grilled vegetables. The salmon was flaky and flavourful but the skin wasn’t very crisp.

This is RM67.

Mostly pescatarian IG @lattemeetschai

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