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Serena Ho
Serena Ho
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I confess I’m not a chocolate lover. So the idea of a chocolate lava wasn’t very enticing. The first bite caught me by surprise. It wasn’t overly sweet!
This could very well be due to the use of dark chocolate for the filling. It is mixed with white chocolate, which is usually really sweet, but the ratio was just perfect. Never enjoyed a chocolate lava as much as I did with this! The chocolate sponge cake was moist.

This is RM18.

Non-alcohol tiramisu. Instead of it being served in the usual cup/bowl, this came in a crispy tuile (thin cookie) cup. Something very different and it was good! Thin, crispy and not sweet. Adds a crunchy texture when you have it with the mascarpone cream.

One of their signature desserts. Recommend to try.

This is RM18.

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Rich, creamy panna cotta topped with orange coulis. Not overly sweet. Just right. Love this!

This is RM15.

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Flaky grilled salmon. This goes very well with the salsa verde. I’m impartial to the beans ragu.

This is one of their signature dishes.

This is RM52.

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Al dente spaghetti. Perfectly cooked prawns. This has chilli flakes so it might be spicy if your spicy tolerance is very low. Personally not a fan of aglio olio but I enjoyed this.

This is one of their signature dish.

This is RM36.

I’ve heard of beef, chicken or vege lasagne. Lamb? First time. What’s interesting is that it’s lamb rendang! It’s like a east meets west combo AND it works! How interesting!

This is RM28.

Love the thin, crunchy crust. Just the right amount of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Love the taste of the assorted mushrooms(very generous amount) and onion. This is probably the best funghi pizza I’ve tasted so far.

This is RM32.

For a fan of cheese, this was great! It comes topped with apple chutney. It probably remove some of the goat cheese smell, but not really to my liking as I don’t like sweetness in my food.

This might be considered expensive as it only comes with 3 pieces of cheese. But if you love cheese, good to try at least once. Not often you get goat cheese.

This is RM22.

The combo of tomato and lime for the broth. Love! The spiciness doesn’t kick in at the first taste but 2-3 seconds later. When it does, it’s like a quick punch. The amount of seafood was decent. There were black mussels, squid and tiger prawns.

This is one of their signature dishes.

This is RM25.

Rocket is definitely on my least favourite vege list.
This salad however, made it tolerable. The usual smell was absent. The balance between balsamic vinegar and olive oil was good. There’s also roasted mushrooms, tomato confit and parmesan cheese in the mix.

If you like rocket, try this salad.

This is RM18.

Aglio olio minus the pasta. In replacement, we have zucchini shredded into long strands. It is topped with tomato, mushroom, chilli, capers and lemon.

Very interesting taste! The paste was definitely spicier than expected. Then it has a refreshing, sour taste from the lemon juice.

If you’re looking for a light meal, I recommend this.

This is RM18.

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Love this chai! Love the place too! Parking can be a tad challenging if you don’t wanna park in Menara UOA.

Got this at RM5 (still promo!). It’s usually priced at RM8.

Mostly pescatarian

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