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Crazy Over Chinese

Crazy Over Chinese

Chinese food - the definition of umami 😋
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

Good variety of ingredients in this pot including silver fish, youtiao, sliced fish, peanuts and cuttlefish. Nothing to shout about but still a good bowl of thick and smooth congee with eatigo 50% off!

Eatigo 50% on a weekday made this a super worthwhile lunch treat! Chicken chunks (including 2 chicken drumsticks!!), carrots, black fungus and juicy onions in a thick savoury broth, served still bubbling in a claypot. Yumz 😋

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One more photo because you really gotta see how these babies look on the inside. I struggled so hard to take this photo as the molten salted egg lava was threatening to spill over anytime!! It requires some self control to not immediately lunge at this when it just arrives at your table but it’ll certainly pay off because you don’t wanna burn your tongue with the EXPLODING liu sha (yes, not exaggerating, it really explodes) 😂

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Although this dish doesn’t fare so well in terms of presentation, don’t underestimate how good baked liu sha bao can be!!! 🤗 These buns had the perfect salted egg filling to bun skin ratio and I really liked that the skin was buttery and crispy enough to contain loads of filling!

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One look and you can tell that this Lanzhou rendition is slightly different from the sg style hawker beef noodles that we’re familiar with due to its clear soup. But the broth was nonetheless flavourful and very drinkable. I opted for the thin noodles and I really enjoyed its QQness without being too much of a mouthful.

You can choose to add $4 to make it a set with a braised egg, side dish and drink. Many choices to choose from for the side dish including braised tofu (recommend!!), pickled cucumbers, radish, black fungus and beansprouts etc etc. The braised egg was the outstanding side for me with all the herbal flavours heavily infused.

Super tender and well-marinated chicken. Somehow, can almost taste subtle hints of rose in the chicken? Really enjoyed this dish and the generous portion was worth it for $18.

This was part of the BB set where we got a main, an appetiser/side dish and a drink at one for one! The Thai boat noodles were flavourful, but I wish there was more soup as the noodles seemed to soak up the soup really fast. The pork slices were tender but the pork ball was not chewy enough and could be improved.

For the appetisers, I’d recommended getting the Moo Ping (sweet chicken on skewers)! Although there are only 3 sticks, they are highly delicious 🤤

Our first time trying Ah Chiang’s and we got the pork porridge ($4.80) with sliced meat and minced meat and the mixed pork porridge ($4.80) which is essentially similar to the pork porridge but with pig liver and intestines. The congee was thick and made extra smooth with addition of egg ($0.60) but needed quite a bit of pepper and soya sauce to add flavour.

What really wowed me was the ginger chicken ($6). The ginger gave a just right amount of spicy kick and in fact, had a sweet-salty aftertaste which complemented the tender chicken really well.

I think we ordered too much for 2 people and we were really stuffed after this meal! Which is a good thing cos we initially thought the porridge may not have enough ingredients.

This photo seriously doesn’t do this rice roll enough justice - this was THE bomb! Imagine a rice roll covering so silky smooth it just almost slides off your tongue with a crispy tempura flake interior and right at the centre, a succulent and well-marinated prawn! This was an interesting twist on traditional rice rolls (I know in HK, they have the version with youtiao inside, but this one is hands down better)!

Bought chope vouchers for use at either 5.30pm or 8.30pm and enjoyed my meal here at 50% off!

First time at beauty in the pot and both service and food were top notch! It was the opening special and we enjoyed the dual soup bases (signature beauty collagen and hearty shrimp broth) for free! While queuing, they served us many free snacks like fried fish skin, nuts and drinks too.

Of all the ingredients, I was most impressed by the fried beancurd skin and the handmade fish tofu. The layers of the beancurd skin were so thin and if you heed their advice of just soaking it for 2-3s in the broth, it’ll be just coated with tasty broth on the outside but still crispy on the inside.

It was my daddy’s birthday and they served a complimentary strawberry lychee cake for members after the meal, along with birthday songs in 3 languages. We were really BURSTING (with joy!) from all the food...

On first glance, this may look like crab in the now commonplace salted egg yolk sauce. But NO! This is Joyden’s signature creamy crab steeped in pumpkin purée and milk, made fragrant with curry leaves and chilli padi. The sauce is sweet and flavourful just like it’s lookalike, salted egg sauce, but without that cloying salty aftertaste that salted egg gives you. And that means I could happily mop up loads of that sauce with the crispy fried mantou 🤗

If you like crab, I assure you that the crabs here are fresh and sweet, with meat that isn’t overcooked. If you like your crab with an interesting twist, Joyden is the place to be!!!

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Tried both the dry and soup BKT (thanks to burpple beyond!) and I just can’t decide which I like better! When the dry BKT arrived at our table, the strong claypot wokhei wafted to our noses and indeed, the taste didn’t fail to deliver with a sweet and mildly spicy kick! We had this as a mix of pork ribs, pork belly, pig tail and pig intestines.

The soup BKT was flavourful on a whole new level (or should I say many levels) - first the mildly bitter herbal taste hits you but the sweetness slowly emerges to balance out the former, leaving an overall umami flavour. While the soup was super on point, the pork ribs were a bit on the tougher side.

Youtiao was good and super crispy!! I enjoyed soaking just half of it in the soup so that I get soup bursting out of the youtiao and the crispy crunch of it all in one bite! 😋

Paid $9 per pax for all these with burpple beyond - yet another great deal!

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Always on the lookout for good nomz

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